Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Does Race Have To Do With Running a Country?

During this historic election, how often has the question been asked, “Are Americans really ready for a Black president?” And how many times has the answer to the statement been: “Yes We Are Ready... It’s time!”

While this is a great conversational question... a more appropriate question, and one which hasn’t been 'asked' or answered frequently enough in this political debate is: “What does race have to do with running a country?”

Most Americans, whether old, young, Black, White, Latino, Jew, Christian, Islam, etc., wake-up every morning to confront some very real personal issues and concerns in their lives. Thus, our next President’s ethnicity or nationality doesn’t even register a blip on most voter’s radar screen.

With that question as the premise: “What does race have to do with running a mortgage company?” With a deepening mortgage crisis threatening the very core of our nation... does the mortgage company care the race of the mortgage holder? No! Lenders could care less about race. Most just want the note paid, and paid on time... or, if not, move.

Also... “What does race have to do with running a gas station?” Tell Mr. and Mrs. John/Jane Q. Public–– many of whom are robbing "Peter-to-pay-Paul" just to keep gas in the car. When these voters pull their automobiles into the local gas stations, where gas prices are edging $4 per gallon... does the gasoline station attendant, oil producers, or petroleum companies really care the ethnic origin of 'that' consumer? NOT! (As a matter of fact, at the gas pump everybody is equal: equally being treated or (mistreated) the same).

Wake up American baby boomers, seniors, and generation X’ers! We are at a pivotal time in this nation. And far too much energy is being spent on the subject of 'race', 'race-baiting', and 'race-hating'. This is our country! And, if the United States goes under on our watch, then all of us, regardless of our race, creed, or color, are going to drown together!

Let's focus on resuscitating our failing economy, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and lifting this nation back to the great country we have long been known-to-be. Now, to do that requires us all putting aside racial, and other differences–– sacrificing and working together as a cohesive group... as 'one' people united for the common good.

In addition, we must select a leader from the candidates currently running. Will McCain or Obama be the most competent, efficient Captain to lead America through this difficult period? Who––of the two major party candidates–– can and will take the helm of this ship and navigate us through the stormy waters we find ourselves in? Who will Americans trust this fragile nation to the next 4 years? That's the question... and, race should not be of any relevance whatsoever!”

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