Monday, August 4, 2008

McCain/Obama: It's About to Get UGLY!

While Americans "say" they prefer campaigns based on issues, meaningful debate, and substance, and many claim they abhor mudslinging gutter politics... don't believe it for one second! Quite to the contrary, the American public–– and this includes Democrats, Independents, and Republicans––salivate and literally feed on dirty ads and low-road campaign tactics.

It's unfortunate, but the more obscene, dirtier, and contemptible campaign ads are of late, the more likely a 'win" for the candidate whose campaigns promote them. With that said, look for the next 90-days to be one of the nastiest, slime-riddled, sewer-resembled presidential elections in history. During an earlier blog post, it was noted that Barack Obama and John McCain already had a vitriolic history, and exhibited disdain for each other long before now:

... my hunch is that the next 6-months is going to be brutal. The prevailing wisdom suggests there remains bad blood from the [McCain/Obama] Ethics Reform break-down and the Flak Jacket heated exchange. And any promise by these two of rising above the usual divisive, negative, detrimentally damaging politics of destruction was just the same-old-same-old Washington, DC political posturing in an effort to look noble! 9, 2008

Well, so much for the pretense and promised pre-General Election political posturing by these two. As in any gladiatorial contest, the fight is to-the-death, with the last man standing (bloody as he may be) the victor. It's sad that the primary reason these vile ads and untoward behaviors by the candidates are unchallenged and allowed to pollute the 'spirit' of the electoral process, is the cheering fans/electorates "love" the mayhem and the gore, and the networks make millions of dollars.

Let's admonish the faint of heart, and political do-gooders right now. It's best to turn your televisions off beginning today, as the contest leading up through November is NOT going to be pretty, whatsoever. Both sides know that too much is at stake for a patty-cake fight this year.

So... just as soon as Obama officially clinches the Democratic nomination, and Senator Hillary Clinton has successfully been removed from even the most remote possibility of being the Democrat's representative in the Fall... look for the Republicans to unleash the 'kitchen', 'bathroom' and 'laundry room' sinks––a furor unmatched in the history of politics––on Obama.

And... not to be out done, the Obama camp,, and others will have to get down in the trenches and get 'blood' on their hands as well, or get mowed down mercilessly by the opposition. The Democratic 527's groups will have no choice but to counter with some of the meanest, filthiest ads of their own, leveled against McCain. All while the voters feign repulsion... but talk around the water coolers about who has the best of the worst ads!

You've been forewarned! Just get ready for a long, hot bath from November to swearing-in day, January '09. But... even then, the stench from this election cycle will be too pungent to be permanently removed from our nation's history for a long time...


Anonymous said...

Gloria K. - Chicago, IL

Yup. It is too bad but You are right. YOUR BLOG IS ONE OF THE BEST!!!

Jack said...

Hi Vivian,

You are correct of course about the bloodiness of the looming fight, but I for one, welcome it.

If the MainStreamMedia were not having such a lovefest we might get the bottom line about Obama and some small converage of...that other guy.

I understand why ladies (particularly pastors wives) would rather things be civilized, but, being a guy, I enjoy a good old fashioned mud-wrestling.

Keep up the good work!

Jack Everest at Dark Skies Blog.

Anonymous said...

All people have to do is turn off the tv and read a book.
-- Spike's Mom

C&Agrandma said...

Sen.McCain is running a campaign right out of Karl Rove's playbook.I am glad to see Sen Obama has decided to take off the gloves and fight back.