Tuesday, March 24, 2009

President Obama Still Can't Close The Sale

President Barack Obama is in desperate need of recapturing the magic, the spark... the 'mojo' that catapulted him to the highest office in the land, if he has any hopes of selling his huge multi-trillion dollar budget to the public. His professorial-style presentation of the issues and facts during his second White House press conference did not help his cause, as he came off repetitive and boring.

Obama is an extremely intelligent and articulate man, who undoubtedly has command of the issues. But just as he demonstrated so many times throughout the 2008 Democratic primaries, this President continues to have a problem closing the sale.

He tried to sell his plan through the yukking-it-up approach on Jay Leno. The take-away from that encounter was the foot-in-mouth Special Olympics gaffe. He also tried the town hall meeting in an attempt to replicate his reach-out to the average Joe-the-Plumber format that was so effective during the campaign. But, his unfortunate comparison of Wall Street bankers to terrorist/suicide bombers with their fingers on the detonators, overshadowed his message.

And... then President Obama's attempt to convey his economic message and finally close the sale on CBS' 60-Minutes was a complete and total set-back for him, as his inappropriate laughter while discussing such a serious subject was a complete turn off to millions of Americans. He is being excoriated in bloggersville because of that behavior in that interview.

How badly he needed to connect to voters during the press conference held in the East Room of the White House. Right now, he is losing steam and momentum each day he fails to make his point on why he needs all of this money in his budget, where the regular folks can understand and 'get it'. Time will tell if he has what it takes. But time may not be his friend!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Michelle Obama Plants Garden At White House

All Americans need to take notice and do as First Lady Obama has done: PLANT YOURSELF A GARDEN!!!

The White House garden is aimed to be a symbolic confrontation to childhood obesity, a fast-growing health concern in the US where many are increasingly exasperated by the overwhelming presence of fast food restaurants.

How impressive. You go Michelle...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cousin Dick Cheney: Obama Honeymoon Is Over!

What happened to the 100-day honeymoon traditionally allotted to all new U.S. Presidents? It seems that the approximate 45+ days remaining in the Obama honeymoon has been nixed. Yes, the love fest between the American people and President Barack Obama has come to a screeching halt.

The media shills, who just a few months ago were loudly exclaiming 'hosanna to Obama', are now beginning to yell 'crucify' him, as many are openly criticizing the 44th President's every move. It is unfathomable that media pundits and talking heads, such as David Gergen, Chris Matthews and David S. Broder are currently leading the chorus to declare the Obama presidency annulled.

Online news source, The Examiner, noted that in a recent Washington Post op-ed:
"[David S.] Broder points out that the main challenge is now coming from the mainstream media as well as the conservative wing. He thinks that some thoughtful congressional Democrats worry that Obama has bitten off more than he can chew. All of this may signal that the honeymoon is over long before the first 100 days have past." www.examiner.com

Other notables, such as Townhall's Mark Hillman, in this recent piece all but called President Obama a 'cry-baby'...admonishing him to quit blaming Bush and 'suck-it-up':
"Bush didn't spend the next few months claiming that he "inherited" a national security mess, nor did he complain about the economy which faltered in two of the final three quarters under President Clinton before contracting again in Bush's first year.

Likewise, President Reagan didn't whine about the soaring unemployment and burgeoning inflation that awaited him after President Carter's tenure.

These men understood that they campaigned for the opportunity to serve as President and to lead by making difficult, sometimes unpopular decisions.

That's why President Obama's transformation from a candidate of hope and change to a president of gloom, blame and opportunism is so disappointing - even for those who didn't buy what he was selling as a candidate. His ability to truly inspire 53% of the voters seemed, at least, refreshing.

Now, the Obama team takes every opportunity to complain that they "inherited" a deficit, an "economic crisis," and "a big mess."

No hope, just bellyaching".

And what about the massive tea-party-protests being played out across the nation? Voters appear to be experiencing buyers remorse and taking to the streets to complain about the stimulus package and the increased taxes that the new President and Congress have proposed. Whoever heard of protesting a president half-way through his first 100-days?

But the coup de grĂ¢ce, which truly signaled that Obama is out of good graces and the divorce is all but a done-deal... was the appearance on a recent Sunday morning news show of the 'father of the bride', former Vice President Dick Cheney, where he unequivocally accused President Obama of "making the nation less safe".

What? Did Dick Cheney really say that Obama cannot protect his new wife: the United States of America? Unheard of!

Now... these actions by the media are indeed unprecedented. But for Obama's own cousin, Vice President Dick Cheney, to come out during the 100-day honeymoon period to tell the nation and the world that Obama is making the country less safe... that is the remarkable! The marriage is officially on the rocks...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rush vs Obama Is Irrelevant!

How in the world has Rush Limbaugh versus President Obama become such a huge story in this nation? With America on the 'edge of the abyss' and so many major catastrophes threatening to take America out the back door, how is Rush challenging Obama to a debate even relevant?

For most voters in middle America, the petty and foolish 'jaw jacking' between the Obama White House and the Rush Limbaugh daily radio show... is both ridiculous and irrelevant in comparison to what is important in our lives and to our survival.

Most of us living in the nation's bread basket states don't have time for these tit-for-tat-school-boy-taunts and male pissing-matches any longer. Not when breaking news reports indicate:
South Korea and the US believe North Korea could be preparing to test-fire a long-range missile under the guise of a satellite launch. With tensions between the two Koreas extremely high, North Korea has warned that any attempt to shoot down a satellite it says it plans to launch will result in war.
That's WAR... Ladies and gentlemen!!!

And other distressing news such as:
600,000+ Americans lost their jobs last month. The job picture is becoming so bleak that nearly 700 people applied for a single job as a school janitor recently in Ohio. People are out of work and the numbers are growing daily!!
Hmmm... while Rush Limbaugh is laughing all the way to the bank?!?!!

And even more dire news that:
The U.S. stock market continues dropping like a rock. People are losing their shirts and their 401k values... their nest eggs are evaporating. The latest report that the Dow Jones is currently under 6700 points with no bottom in sight any time soon... is quite disturbing out here in America's heartland.

This is not fun or funny any longer, as Mr. Robert Gibbs jokingly said about the Rush-Obama-drama during a recent White House press briefing.

We need for the President and his staffers to ignore Rush Limbaugh and stop elevating him to the level of the prestige the office of the President represents.

We need President Obama to order Tim Geithner to cease with the procrastinating mumbo-jumbo... and present a comprehensive plan to the American people on how this Administration is going to get the U.S. economic bus out of the ditch. Remember...It's the ECONOMY STUPID...

Now is 'not' really a good time for this Administration to open up the polarizing stem cell research debate in this country... or crack open the pork versus no-pork can-of-worms as was demonstrated in Congress last week. Americans are broke, afraid, and hurting... and these hot-button issues will further inflame an already angry nation, causing further division and possible civil unrest.

Rush Limbaugh is a distraction! What we need are bi-partisan leaders who will make tough decisions and get this country back on track.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Partying At The White House Posing Problems for President

If it were any other time in America's history, headlines such as: "Obama kicks up White House entertaining"... "President Hosts Super Bowl Party At White House"... "White House Party's ROCK!" would not be so offensive. But with President Obama constantly reminding the American people how dire the economic forecast is and will be for the next several years, and the stock market falling like a rock... and with people losing homes and jobs in record numbers each month–– and quite angry about it to boot... this may 'NOT' be the best time for hosting weekly parties at the White House.

While over 60% of Americans want this president to succeed... HE has to want to succeed as well. People believed President Obama when he asked John-Q-Public to rethink the gas-guzzling SUVs they drive, and to turn the thermostats in their homes down to 70 degrees as part of a unified national sacrifice. Many Americans jumped on Obama's bandwagon when he lambasted President Bush as "clueless" for his answer to the financial crises by telling people to "go shopping".

Where is that Obama––the one who pledged to sacrifice his presidential perks along with the rest of us for purpose of country?

Across bloggersville, persons who supported Obama and those who did not, are voicing strong dislike and distrust because President Obama appears to be "fiddling while Rome is burning". These are difficult times and, unless the Obamas are paying for these parties out of his monthly salary or his 'own' money... the American people want the President to stop with these parties already! He looks hypocritical. The message he is telegraphing to voters is: 'do as I say... not as I do'.

When the economy gets better and money is flowing back in breadbasket America so that tax payers can also party like it's 1999...then Obama too can party with Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire all night long if he wants. But until then...continuing to party at the White House will pose real problems for the President!