Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton used her moment at the 2008 Democratic Convention to transpose herself into a modern day freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman. Hillary is now the new Harriet.

Speaking on the 88th anniversary of Women's right to vote, Clinton, whose biggest applause came with those code words to her supporters to "Never Give Up"... she left the door wide-open for her comeback in 2012. The shrewd politician that she is, Clinton rendered the bare minimum "rah-rah" vote-Obama-in- November. She mentioned Obama's name only ten times during her speech, and that mostly as an after thought–– tagging his name on at the end of a sentence where she championed her accomplishments, and basically challenged him to do what she has done.

An odd moment in Clinton's presentation was her reference to, and tepid assault on war hero, "friend" and "colleague" John McCain. It was unusual that she never once refuted her statements which are being used in the popular McCain 3am ads, that Senator Obama is not ready to be Commander-in-Chief. That she didn't pull that claim back... knowing that millions would be tuned in to hear her speech, leaves those words hanging in the air and offers further authenticity to the McCain campaign!

But, overall, this was one of the best speeches Hillary has delivered in her career. It will be remembered for what 'was' and what 'wasn't' said...

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