Monday, June 30, 2008

Nader Hits Obama Between the Eyes!

Firing a direct political salvo at presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama... Ralph Nader 'outs' Obama––hitting him right between the eyes.

Whether or not one agrees with the policies or political positions of Nader the 2008 independent presidential candidate, you have to give him credit for calling Obama out and not backing down on his 'call out'. And that boldness is the mark of a true leader!

Like it or not, Nader is one of the few––if not the only–– politician this entire 16-month election process who has had the guts to 'in-your-face' challenge the soon-to-be-Democratic candidate in the arena he [Obama] has dominated... and has rendered unspeakable by anyone else: RACE.

Now, what is unfortunate is that it took a white man [Nader] to actuate the conversation, and to place (front and center in the political debate) these core issues that plague African-Americans in rural and urban communities coast-to-coast. But more disturbing is 'why' Senator Obama fails to address those important issues, as raised here by Nader, i.e.:

"I haven't heard him [Senator Obama] have a strong crackdown on economic exploitation in the ghettos. Payday loans, predatory lending, asbestos, lead. What's keeping him from doing that?" [And...

"...why don't you support single-payer national health insurance, which is supported by a majority of doctors and the American people? Why do you favor expanding the military budget which is replete with waste, fraud and abuse?" [And...

"...why don't you come out and support an immediate increase of the minimum wage to $10 an hour? [And for Obama to address...

"...'cracking down on corporate crime, curbing the violence of toxic environmental racism, and extending clean, affordable public transit, among other issues'. When can we expect the authenticity of hope and change?

Instead of responding to these legitimate questions from Nader, Obama chose to pooh-pooh his response by saying: "Ralph Nader is trying to get attention. ... It's a shame, because if you look at his legacy in terms of consumer protection, it's an extraordinary one. But at this point, he's somebody who's trying to get attention."

So, let's take the 'need-to-get-attention' aspect off the table. Now, Obama needs to answer Nader's questions–– especially with over 95% of Obama's expected votes-to-victory in the Fall coming from African Americans. What is being demanded by Blacks from him for this support? What kinds of promises will he give to African Americans for this overwhelming backing?

Here of late, the junior Senator from Illinois has made his rounds–– making promises to the Jewish community to lay U.S. lives on the line (if need be) for Israel's security. He continues to meet with, and make commitments to white women–– assuring he will be sensitive to equal pay, abortion rights, and other white women issues if they will come back to the Democratic fold. And, what about Michelle Obama, who is on record pledging to the Gay and Lesbian voter base that Barack will unabashedly fight for equal rights for the Gay community.

Well and good, as nobody is 'hating' on what he has to say to other groups to get their votes! But, Nader's right... and his brazen comments should tweak interest in the Black community. Why has Obama been so silent on what Blacks can realistically expect to receive from an Obama presidency? Surely the reason for his silence is not––as Nader has doggedly thrown onto the political landscape, and refuses to back-up-off-this statement:

"Obama is talking white. "He wants to show that he is not a threatening . . . another politically threatening African-American politician," Nader said. "He wants to appeal to white guilt. You appeal to white guilt not by coming on as black is beautiful, black is powerful. Basically he's coming on as someone who is not going to threaten the white power structure, whether it's corporate or whether it's simply oligarchic. And they love it. Whites just eat it up."

Nader's challenge to Obama cannot, and should not, be dismissed as the debate which leads to the road to the White House transpires in coffee houses, living rooms and social gatherings across America.

Senator Obama... Black America needs your response.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama Blazes New Trail … Offers Ride Of a Lifetime!

by Guest Blogger - Marianne Spraggins, Atlanta, GA

It is time to accept the fact that everything Senator Barack Obama is doing is shattering old paradigms and breaking new ground. And while the elders and sages within the Black, White, Jewish, Native American, and Latino communities can give counsel, support, and prayer… this is all new territory, and no one of color has been down this particular road before.

Senator Obama saw–– and has tapped into–– something no one else on the political horizon had recognized. Certainly he has the wind at his back!

Will he make missteps as he blazes this new trail? Surely he will. For as he often says: he is an “imperfect person” and an imperfect candidate. But what is so refreshing is that this presumptive Presidential nominee is open to––and welcomes–– advice, suggestions, ideas … as well as constructive criticism.

Now granted, the recent rolling out of that seal was not a great idea. But, it was a mere 'hiccup' in this process, and he had the wisdom to correct it immediately.

On another note: Senator Obama’s decision not to take public campaign financing was a good strategic move. He would have been unwise to limit his ability to fight back against the forces that will surely gear up against him in the General Election. Time will tell... and in the long run the flak he may now take will be worth it!

This 2008 Presidential race promises to be a major battle… and Senator Obama’s, campaign, must be prepared for what will be one of the most high-stakes political races in recent memory.

Every day, from now through the conclusion of this election, history is being made. And we are all fortunate to be along for what will be an exhilarating… although sometimes bumpy, and yes… sometimes breathtaking–– but foremost and always––history-making ride of our life time!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McCain, Shut Down the Fear-Baiting-Chatter...

It is a sad day in America when a presumptive Presidential nominee’s message and political platform is so weak that senior staffers in his campaign feel that
"a fresh terrorist attack 'certainly would be a big advantage'”
to his winning the White House. And what’s worse... to articulate a comment like that in a public venue!

What would make Charles Black, one of Senator John McCain’s seasoned, senior advisers make such an asinine statement? Is he saying that a terrorist attack–– which could possibly kill and/or maim thousands of innocent Americans... in addition to decimating property, and further destroying the wobbly confidence that looms large among many in the nation seven years post-911–– is all McCain has to offer the voting public, whereby providing him a political edge? My goodness... if this is all the 2008 Republican White House hopeful, and his team, has to hang his bid to the Oval Office on, well he needs to just “piss on the fire and call it a hunt” right now.

Realistically, if truth be told regarding this malapropos comment, any terrorist attack at this juncture in time would give more credence to Senator Barack Obama and his candidacy, than McCain. If the Republicans’ and John McCain’s signature stance and talking point has been––and continues to be–– that they are the trusted, undisputed keepers of “security” for Americans… both on the home front and abroad... but they drop the Homeland Security ball between now and November, even as the eyes of the world are fixed on this election, they will hence forth and forever be rendered irrelevant.

Okay... so McCain was quick to repudiate and renounce Charlie Black’s words. But to be the Straight Talker he professes to be... he needs to go even further.

It would behoove McCain to emphatically “shut down” that type of fear-baiting-chatter among people in his camp. Then, immediately hold an Obama-style-Pennsylvania-race-relations speech–– right near where the Twin Towers once stood and on the 4th of July. He needs to use that speech to assure the American people that if he is elected President of the United States, he will work hard to reduce this toxic “atmosphere of fear” that has festered and seemingly been encouraged to hover over the land since September 11th.

Anything short of that will make Mr. Black’s comments appear staged and (‘wink-wink-nod-nod’) approved by the McCain campaign for political gain.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Was Rev Wright to Obama What Karl Rove Was to Bush?

One has to question–– with all the recent gaffes, blunders and mistakes Senator Barack Obama has been making of late... was Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Obama what Karl Rove was to Bush? People often said that Rove was Bush's brain. So, did Obama get rid of his brain when he got rid of former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

Say what you will about Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his influence on Obama for 20 years... but as the voting public compares the actions, decisions and carefully crafted image of Obama "BW" (Before Wright) to the bumbling, flip-flopping, pandering behavior Obama now depicts "AW" (After Wright) is like night and day.

As the wife of a clergy, it goes without saying that the importance of sound counsel by a spiritual mentor is priceless. And for Obama, it appears he needs whatever counsel he was using that got him to this point–– especially now more than ever.

It is unthinkable that... had Obama called his long-time trusted sounding board, Rev. Wright, to "bounce" the idea of whether to launch his new Presidential seal before his meeting last week with the group of Governors... perhaps he would not be ridiculed and the laughing stock of the nation right now. See, Pastor Wright, who served honorably in the U.S. military and understands the significance of 'symbols' in America, would have undoubtedly counseled his trusted former member and convinced him to veto that ludicrous, egomaniacal seal–– and fire whoever concocted the idea. Believe it... that photo of Obama behind his new-branded Presidential seal, will forever be embedded in America's mental Hall of Fame... just like Michael Dukakis' photo in that military tank.

Also, Pastor Wright, had he remained in Obama's kitchen cabinet, would perhaps have advised the presumptive Democratic nominee differently regarding his decision to opt out of the public campaign finance system.

Yes, Pastor Wright knows that a man's word–– and his honor–– is all he really has. If a man's word means nothing, HE means nothing! Indeed, by Obama willfully and unashamedly choosing to renege on his word––both verbally and in writing––relative to participating in the public finance system (flawed as it may be) he has lost way more than he could ever gain from the potential kazillion dollars that he may... or may not raise for the General Election. He has lost his honor.

Both of these missteps are major errors in judgment. It's probably too late... but Obama may have needed to keep his "crazy old uncle" Jeremiah somewhere within his reach, as he is floundering badly with this new advisory team he has surrounded himself with.

Oh well! To quote an old saying my grandma used to say: "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver. The other is gold."

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Media Types, Get Out of the Tank... Do Your Jobs!

Bloggers Rock! With the recent death of NBC's Tim Russert, it is becoming more evident with each passing day that main stream media news––and especially these unprofessionally biased newscasters–– are becoming irrelevant. And if they don't watch out... they too will be relics of yesterday. Without a doubt, bloggers have taken their spots, as these bloggers have stepped up to the plate and eclipsed main line media to dominate the new airwaves: CYBERSPACE!

Needless to say that the custom has been: bloggers break a story in the 'virtual' political discourse arena, and the news media guys and gals are being forced to follow-up on the story–– after it has become yesterday's news. Is it risky to give green lights to these thousands of untrained journalists/bloggers? Maybe. But it's the internet news junkies who continue to set the tone and drive the vetting process of this 2008 Presidential election's information train. This trend began early on in this election cycle when the decision makers at CNN, MSNBC, Fox, et. al, turned a blind eye to their station's talking heads, and allowed them to abdicate their journalistic duties.

And what are their duties? To investigate and report to the American public factual information on the candidates... be it negative or assist the voters in choosing which candidate best meets the challenges of this crucial moment in history. Instead, these pundits, who too often out-talk their guests, offer conjecture, and spend priceless interview time spinning the story to champion their particular candidates talking points... blew it.

It is widely reported that Obama says McCain has gotten a free pass from the media... while McCain says that Obama's misspeaks go totally ignored by the media. And, sad as it may be... both camps are dead on!!

Today's media types would do themselves well if they would "get out of the tank for their respective candidates"–– particularly while on camera... and just do their jobs.

To quote one of the highest insult/compliments recently received from a respondent to this blog: "I read your blog each time you post. One day I think you are for McCain, the next time I think you must be supporting Obama. It is hard for me to tell because you attack them both the same."

That is what true journalism is all about. And that my friend, says I'm doing my job. Bloggers Rock!

We welcome all comments.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'08 ... Is All About Character, Judgment and Transparency

One irrefutable lesson learned from the Clinton/Obama Democratic primary is that in this election cycle the American public care more about "character, judgment and tranparency" than "Experience". Senator Hillary Clinton test-drove the tired old experience model for several months against Senator Obama's bright, shiny new "Change/Hope" machine and was resoundingly rebuffed. (So, why would the McCain camp double-back with that same old rejected "experience" template in the General Election–– especially after seeing where it got Clinton?) What? So, if a man says he has "experience" it will somehow resonate better than if a woman says it?

Anyway, the experience dog is dead. Bury it!

The mood in the nation now is who–– between McCain and Obama–– has, and will, demonstrate true character, judgment and transparency. Voters on both sides of the political fence are tired of its leaders lying to them... pretending to be one way when they are not... saying one thing to a particular group, then, act or say something totally different to another crowd. People are weary of these behaviors, which is perhaps the reason Senator Obama has not gotten the expected "bump" in his poll numbers since clinching his party's nomination.

These lackluster poll numbers indicate there are questions in the minds of the people as it pertains to Obama. Questions about his 'Character and Judgment' are a major factor. What other reason would explain his losses in white, rural, working class communities, such as Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and South Dakota; and his dramatic loss of appeal in Jewish areas and white suburban bedroom towns since early March.

From feed-back received to this blog, the voting public want more transparency as it relates to this presumptive Democratic nominee. For instance... the blogging community wants to see any, and all, of Senator Obama's Illinois State Senate daily logs, pertinent papers, records, etc.

Because the Senator has literally come out of no where onto the national stage... a request of his State Senate diaries, logs, and records is fair. The excuses from his camp continue to mount... and still limited amount of his records have been produced, and is raising eyebrows and casting doubt. The Republicans are going to hound Obama on this issue until he produces them. So... go ahead and bring the files out now!

And, there are others who repeatedly request he produce an original, authentic, officially-signed birth certificate for the world to see. What's the big deal... and why won't he come clean and show it? All of the "it's-none-of-your-business-drama" surrounding that request is a smoke-screen.

What will the actual birth certificate reveal? That Obama was born illegitimate? So what. He is not the first... nor will he be the last illegitimate birth in the world. That his race maybe listed as 'Caucasian'? Non-issue! His skin tone reflects he's Black... Put the real birth certificate out there–– sooner rather than later–– and let the chips fall where they may.

Transparency is important. And, while Obama's brother, sister, childhood acquaintances, teachers, and veiled references by his own account in his much acclaimed books indicate he was raised Muslim...he says he was not. Therein is a 'red flag' raised. These are the questions folks in bread-basket America want to know before they feel comfortable giving him their trust.

Obama is applying for the highest job in the land, and the American public–– who is his boss and will be his employer (should he be elected) has every right to demand to see and verify any and everything pertinent to the would-be employee. Hemming, hawing, and stalling only fuels rumors... and no amount of smear-debunk websites can kill a rumor once it has legs and starts moving.

Consequently, Obama's policy positions on taxes, energy, education, and would-be appointments to the Supreme court will continue to fall on deaf ears until the character, judgment and transparency issues have been put to rest to the satisfaction of his perspective bosses: the American people.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Plight of Black Republicans... GOPs Need To Worry

The national spotlight is quickly focusing on what has customarily been an ignored ... and often "unappreciated" constituent base: Black Republicans. With Senator Barack Obama's foot literally on the doorstep of the White House, some Black Republicans find themselves betwixt and between in this election cycle.

In a nutshell, here is the complexity of the situation: How do Black Republicans reconcile supporting the liberal Obama/Democratic platforms that basically go against every long standing, deep-rooted, typical "Black Church", social value of Black conservatism, i.e.: don't kill your babies just because you become pregnant; general opposition to gay marriages (remember what the preacher said, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"); and an overall toughness on crime: (if you do the crime you do the time... and even your mama will turn you in!)

Long term GOP talk radio host, Armstrong Williams, articulated the present Black Republican conundrum in regards to Obama in this manner, “I don’t necessarily like his policies; I don’t like much that he advocates, but for the first time in my life, history thrusts me to really seriously think about it,” Williams explains. He adds: “I can honestly say I have no idea who I’m going to pull that [lever] for in November. And to me, that’s incredible.” (

The angst so many Black Republicans now face is: 1) not wanting to be on the wrong side of history by not casting their vote for someone who looks like them and whose very cultural roots are entwined... and, 2) not wanting to be viewed––––any worse than already labeled by Black Democrats–– as "Uncle Toms".

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, and one of the highest ranking Black Republicans in the world, issued a 'tease' over the weekend, stating that he had not ruled out voting for Senator Obama in November. Powell, who served in both President Bush 41 and 43's administrations quickly clarified that IF he votes for the Black senator from Illinois, it would not be simply because both are Black. "I will vote for the individual I think that brings the best set of tools to the problems of 21st century America and the 21st century world, regardless of party," Colin Powell said.

Well, that is a noble statement by Secretary Powell... but most Black Republicans–– while torn between what Obama's liberal positions will do "to" and/or "for" this country–– still face the question of whether to support this brother-- primarily because he is Black. PERIOD.

The flip side of this complex issue for Black Republicans... and which may make the decision easier, as they toy with the possibility of voting for Obama... is that many feel this Republican administration has not, and did not, share the financial spoils, such as major contracts, subcontracts, and grants to African Americans (Democrat or Republican) in an equitable manner. Consequently, would they fare better by putting their "hope"/vote with Obama? Indeed, President Bush appointed some key cabinet posts to "individual" African Americans. But overall, Black Republicans, who worked hard and voted in big numbers in 2000 and 2004 to deliver the highest African American voting percentage ever to a Republican candidate, admit being chafed over the past seven years, as their support, by and large, went ignored.

So, with that in mind, maybe... just maybe, as Black conservatives ponder who to give their votes to over the next few months, a Black Obama maybe an option that remains on the table. The GOP may need to be worried....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

McCain/Obama, Stop the School Boy Antics

There are approximately 140+ days remaining in this 2008 General Election cycle. Only a mere ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY DAYS before the American voting public will go to their respective polling places and decide who will lead this nation from the abyss we now face... and lead the free world, as the remaining Super power, for the next four years.

Contrary to popular belief on Capitol Hill... we, "the people", are the bosses, and control this country. Consequently, it is time Senators McCain and Obama stop jacking the American public around by engaging in these petty, silly trivialities that they (and their surrogates) play with each other every day.

Quite frankly, the voting public doesn't care who has or knows the most lobbyists; who made the worst verbal gaffe of the day; who looks too old or who is too Black; whose wife is most toxic or which one has the most baggage. It doesn't matter about style or who can can read from a teleprompter better than the other.

Stop it already! The voters are sick of these juvenile, school boy antics, and demand that both candidates begin providing substantive answers on the issues that matter most. For the next few upcoming blogs, issues which are critical to "Ms. Shanay-nay", "Mr. John Q.", "Mrs. Buffy", and "me" will be outlined here... beginning with the number one issue impacting the nation at this moment in time: Gas prices.

Today, gasoline costs 4-dollars-plus a gallon in most places! People are hurting because gas prices are draining their pocketbooks. Many are having to choose between putting gas in their cars to drive to work (or go look for work), or buying groceries, washing powder or toiletries. While both presidential nominees are 'rich' compared to the working... or nonworking masses, we need to hear from them what they plan to do about this pressing problem.

Truck drivers, who haul our food and other goods over-the-road each night, are suffering. Exorbitant diesel fuel costs continue to cut into their profit, which in turn causes higher prices to be passed on to the consumer in the purchases of milk, bread, cereal, etc. If the reason for this increase in gas prices is greedy speculators driving the prices up for personal profit, then what is your plan as president McCain/Obama to remedy this? Which one of you will be bold enough to reach across the partisan aisle and encourage legislation to curb this kind of action?

But more importantly, what long-term plans will be executed in a McCain/Obama Administration to provide alternate fuel sources in the next 4-5 years? Who has the guts to stand up to the special interests groups and begin drilling for oil in those places that have formerly been off-limits? What about hydro? Coal? Nuclear energy? Tell us before we elect you what is your plan. And, don't placate us with dodgy answers or stump speech rhetoric. But rather... outline your plan––in simple terms––in town-hall style debates, on national television during prime time, as many older people and those in poorer neighborhoods don't have computers or access to Internet, thus, can't go to your websites and READ your complex plans.

This election year will certainly be different from all others in the past, as neither presidential hopeful has secured the backing or confidence of their traditional base voters. Why? Because voters are tired of being hoodwinked every four years and have decided this year to liberate themselves from labels, those tried and true party scare-tactic-platforms, and from their usual party affiliations.

That means all chips are on the table this season. And this election will be decided on which candidate is most trustworthy, and can––and will deliver on all the promises they now make. It is that man who will gain the favor of the people, and be entrusted to govern this nation from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Obama Didn’t Leave His Church Sooner?

by Frances Dean, Dallas, TX; Guest Blogger

During a recent televised broadcast of the Trinity United Church of Christ, the newly elected pastor Rev Otis Moss, III, delivered a profound message entitled, "I'm Included".

Pastor Moss spoke on how there is “good, bad and ugly” in our families, but how God included everyone by having the writers of the bible list the genealogy throughout its history. This prompted me to think about our country––America––and how there are some who consistently want to write off "Black Americans".

After listening to the Trinity broadcast, I flipped over to C-Span where an author was there criticizing Senator Barack Obama for not leaving his church. This author’s prevailing question was, “how could Senator Obama stay at Trinity for so long?”

Well, this sparked me to submit this entry to this blog site and pose the following question to White America: "How could you live in a country that allowed slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, lynching of Black Americans, unfair wages to African Americans during times of war, sub-standard housing, unfair wages to African Americans who did the same type of jobs as Whites, denying Black Americans the Right to Vote, and all the other ills that were done in this nation?

The constant asking of the question ‘why Senator Obama didn't leave his church of 20 years’ is crazy because White Americans didn't leave America. How many of you, and your forefathers, stayed here–– even though this country is not, and has not been perfect? Even though she transgressed against a group of people by stripping them of their homeland, language, history and culture?

No… Whites didn't leave or abandon America… even after the tragic assassination of the leaders of this land, i.e., President John F. Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Many of you watched and wept for these tragedies …but how many have repented for the evils of the past?

Many of you watched and wept during the Civil Rights era as dogs ripped into the skin of Black youths, Black churches were bombed or burned down, and Dr. King was killed for defending the rights of all Americans, including hungry white children from the Appalachian mountains, and garbage men in Memphis who wanted to receive fair wages. White Americans… you didn't leave America, as a result of these acts. You stayed. And, even through the hatred and evil times of integration of public schools and busing… you watched and you wept, but you didn't leave America.

So, to ask Senator Obama to leave his church because of its imperfections is inconsistent. But moreover, after he finally left… the question now being asked is “why did he stay so long?” Well, White Americans may find the answer to this Obama question if you can answer the question: “why you stay in America with its imperfections”.

Whether many of you like it or not, Black Americans are not visitors in this country–– we are family too. Even though America has not yet lived up to its reputation that “all men are created equal”, we are still family too

Looking back over the past history of this country, some may ask the question to Black Americans: “If this country is so bad, why don’t we leave? Why do Blacks remain in this country? The only reason I can think of is this: Love. Yes, love of our country. Black Americans love this nation… no matter what it has said or done to us or to our descendants. We still love America.

Now, to put the “why Obama stayed in his church so long” question into perspective. Perhaps Obama felt he needed to understand the Black experience better… to get a better grasp on what his Afro-centric side had been through so that he could become the leader that he is today.

Just maybe… without the sounds of Trinity United Church, Senator Obama would have been a different type of person. So, please lay off of the political rhetoric and let's get down to the real issues that affect us as Americans.

We're all still here and we need change so that America can march on ‘til Victory is Won!

Your comments are welcome.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Could John "Da' Terror" McCain Beat Barack "Big Brown" Obama For Real?!?

The recent headlines around the globe may say it all too well: "Big Brown Finishes Last, Far Behind Winner Da' Tara". Or this one: "Da' Tara Wins, Big Brown Barely Made It Across Finish Line". Is this an omen? Is this an indication of what's to come in November when Barack Big Brown Obama takes on John Da' Terror McCain?

For weeks now, news about Big Brown's invincibility, his indomitability has dominated the main stream media. Big Brown was even given the title by some as the 'wonder' horse. Pundits had declared him the odds-on-favorite to win––without even breaking a sweat––the Belmont Stakes, to become the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years. This notion was being articulated in certain circles as a foregone conclusion... especially after the nation watched in horror as Big Brown mercilessly ran that filly, Hillary Eight Bell Clinton, literally to death in the recent Kentucky Derby.
[see Blog Archive - May; Hillary The Filly, May 7, 2008]

But, what if...

What if New York Times' William C. Rhoden's interpretation of the dismal loss by Big Brown is a foretelling of Obama's upcoming run for the White House? Rhoden's take in the June 8, 2008 issue may be prophetic:

[Big Brown] blew away the field at the Kentucky Derby. He made the Preakness field look like circus ponies. But on the day that would solidify his legacy and give racing a respite from intense scrutiny, Big Brown crumbled. He crumbled so badly that one could legitimately wonder whether he was nothing but a chemical horse, a paper tiger propped up — and propelled — by steroids.

So to transpose the above comments by Rhoden to political lingo... it may read like this:

[Big Brown Obama] bested all of the candidates to win the 2008 Presidential nomination. He moon walked to victory in his first uncontested U.S. Senate run–– showing up his chief rival, Alan Keys, as the rookie he was. But on the way to solidifying his legacy, he made too many major gaffes, i.e.: pissed off the Democratic women, AND the Palestinians, AND the Jews, AND the white working class voters, AND Black newspaper publishers because he won't purchase ads in Black papers, AND abandoned his Trinity United Church base, AND flip flopped on meeting with despots unconditionally, etc., etc., etc... Consequently, Big Brown Obama crumbled. He crumbled so badly that one could legitimately wonder whether he was nothing but an empty suit, a paper tiger propped up — and propelled — by the media and the Democratic leadership.

One would say it's something to think about. This bears saving. We will revisit this on November 5th!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Democrats and Republicans...Keep Our Wits and Let the Games Begin

It amazes me how the voting public takes the game of politics so seriously. Notice I said the game of politics. Because that is what it is... a game... a sport. And, those who would be spectators (voters) must view politics just as any other competitive, win-lose game, i.e. basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.

Case in point. Most sports enthusiasts already understand that there will only be one winner in the 2008 basketball finals which pits the Lakers against the Celtics. Don't play! You already know the day you buy your tickets that somebody is going to go home the victor, and someone is going home... the loser. But you buy your tickets anyway!

Such will be with the upcoming head-to-head, Presidential match up with Senator McCain versus Senator Obama. And similar to the NBA play-offs, you already know that somebody is going to win, and someone is going to lose, whether you get involved, buy a or not.

Now, voters/fans, put your feelings in your pocket on the front end. Be it the Lakers vs Celtics or McCain vs Obama, you may as well get ready for the trash-talking-in-your-face-taunts by these two capable opponents. And yes, look for some nasty below-the-belt fouls to be exchanged during the course of the competition. Don't sulk, pout, torch the basketball arena, claw the opposing fans eyeballs out in the parking lot... or even worse, tear up and divide our nation because your team or candidate doesn't win. No, no! Just as there is an unspoken civility in the sports world... likewise there must be civility in the political theater as well. Remember, it's not personal... it's all part of the game.

And voters/fans, don't throw rocks and hurl insults at the media. You already know the media's job is to hype-up the drama. Because like in the playoffs... it's the hype that sells tickets and gets butts in the seats (or in this case, gets the spectators/voters off their couches and into the voting booths).

The Lakers/Celtics; McCain/Obama teams are going to swear to keep the games clean. But as fans/voters, we know on the front end that once there is "skin in the game"'s bound to get ugly and dirty before the fat lady sings. However, we, as Democratic and Republican gentlemen and gentlewomen must keep our wits about us, and enjoy the games for what they are.

With that said...Let the games begin!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama's Win Emotes Pride For African-Americans

Barack Obama has claimed the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination. What a sense of pride for Black Americans. Here in a nation where––not too long ago––Blacks were classified as property, and seen merely as chattel... and forced to serve the whims of another race, a Black man has a chance to lead the most powerful country in the world.

June 3, 2008 is a milestone in Black history. And, whether you're an African American Republican or Democrat––and regardless of whether your vote will be cast in November for him or not... the symbolism of Obama's clinching his party's nomination emotes a pride down deep in our souls.

With that said, I challenge African American youth to seize this moment. Rise to the occasion and know that you, like Obama, can be anything you want to be. Redirect your focus from amusement to education; from reckless behavior to discipline. Use this Obama pride moment to return to the morals and principles that made us a great race.

African American men, recalibrate your mindset. Now is the time to exert yourselves as the chiefs, the leaders, and the strong Black men you were created to be in the face of this historic hour. Look the part... walk the part. Pull those baggy pants up and hold your heads up high. History has been made. Obama has kicked opened the door for Black men to be recognized and respected and take their rightful place at the table of prosperity. Reflect on that!

And finally, African American women... stick those chests out and be proud! Indeed, Obama's momentous fete bolsters the credibility of all our Black sons, brothers, husbands, nephews, and fathers. So, using this pride-filled moment in time, let's tell our young Black girls to act like ladies and the queens they are. Remind our children every day––from now until the General Election––that the eyes of the world are now on every Black person in America. Keep it in the forefront of their minds that how we, as African Americans, present ourselves: in our character, actions and demeanor... is how Obama, and all Black people, will be judged around the globe.

Yes, the pride of African Americans has come full circle with Obama's ascension as the standard bearer of a major political party. I'm sure those ancestors who bled, suffered and died before realizing such an historic moment such as this are surely looking down from heaven... sharing this pride.

Hats off to Barack Obama.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Clinton Knows the Super-Delegate Okey Doke...

Here is the million dollar question of the day: Is the 2008 Democratic primary going to end any time soon? Well... a couple of scenarios must be taken into serious consideration in order to conclude that answer. And... the bottom line is that all scenarios connect back in someway to the Super Delegates... as neither Senators Clinton or Obama can legitimately claim the nomination as the math stands today.

Let's examine where the situation stands at this moment in time.

#1 - People keep going to the polls in droves... voting for Senator Hillary Clinton...and she continues winning! The Super Delegates are paying attention to these wins: Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, and Puerto Rico (states––minus Puerto Rico–– that any winner must carry in the Fall if they hope for any chance at the White House). The Super Delegates could end this race right now... but they must be wondering: Is Clinton the stronger candidate? What do the approximately 18 million voters who have cast their nod to Clinton have against Senator Barack Obama that they are not voting for him? Where will all those Clinton votes go in the General Election should she not make it to this year's Presidential ticket?

What a conundrum this is. My guess is that many of the SDs are not moving in mass... choosing rather to keep their powder dry to see what lies on the horizon.

#2 - Hillary Clinton knows the real deal on the Super Delegate okey doke. She understands quite well that undecided and decided Super Delegates are terms used by pundits and party loyalists... but these interchangeable terms––and people–– are relevant only for the moment!

Consequently, Clinton can afford to sit idly by as Obama's camp parades these "supposedly-decided-for-the-moment" Super Delegates who have vowed to endorse Obama, across our television screens one-by-one, every hour of every day from now 'til August... it means nothing. It's all just "hype", "drama", "theater". Clinton knows that until they get to the floor of the Democratic Convention in Denver (in August) and actually cast their one Super Delegate vote for her or Obama... this daily endorsement hullaballoo is mere 'words'... 'promises'... and political posturing.

Armed with that knowledge, Clinton may play this primary game for another 60-days, which allows her time to coax, cajole, and, yes, convince these Super Delegate deal breakers that she has the most popular votes, she can beat McCain in the General, she is the go-to-gal if they are serious about taking back the White House, she's won the BIG states, she is the whatever... fill in the blanks!

What a joke this is. Conventional wisdom says Clinton stays in the race for that one, last big Super Delegate dice roll at the Convention. The stakes are too high ...and the prize is too big for her to come this far and walk away now. What does she have to lose? Friends or favor in the Democratic party? PLEEZE!

So, my answer to the million dollar question is stay tuned... this primary is no where near over!