Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Lies Ahead In the New Year?

When history books are written about the happenings during this time and place in the U.S., September 2008 will be recorded as when-America- officially-lost-its-world-standing... and its people officially lost their ever-loving minds!

Here is a list of the top 10 notables:
1. Gov. Blagojevich (shows unbelievable brazen defiance)
2. Gov. Sarah Palin (sacrificed own daughter for political gain)
3. Chip Saltsman (exposes himself as sophomoric GOP frat boy)
4. Bernie Madoff ('unrepentantly' rips off billions)
5. Cynthia McKinney (misguided missionary making waves with the Jews)
6. Caroline Kennedy (an empty pantsuit trying to walk in Hillary's shoes)
7. OJ Simpson (too stupid to know how to disappear from limelight)
8. Top 3 Auto Executives (displayed extreme avarice: flying high-on-hog to beg for money)
9. Al Franken (LOSER!!... even if he is eventually declared the winner)
10. The main stream media (no further comment needed)

Hopefully this cast of characters will fade into the woodwork, as we turn a new leaf. But we must admit... they have been great fodder for the past few months. Well, onward to 2009!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vivian Berryhill's Christmas Greeting To All...

May the memories and the joy of this season sustain you, and your families, throughout this upcoming year. And may you remember to share the peace and love you have embedded in your hearts this Christmas Day with neighbors, friends, and those less fortunate than you, each day of the New Year.

God bless you. And God, please bless America!

Vivian Berryhill
Soul Voice

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Truth-teller Biden Is America's Last Hope

You have to hand it to Vice-President elect Joe Biden, what comes into his head, indeed comes out of his mouth. And, when you think about it, that is not such a bad thing... because at least so far, he has demonstrated that whether we like it or not, he is 'not' going to yank the publics' chain. He is going to give whatever-the-news... straight and to our faces!

Such is the case regarding his recent comments about the dismal U.S. economy. In a recent ABC interview, Biden said:

“The economy is in much worse shape than we thought it was in. There is no short run other than keeping the economy from absolutely tanking. That’s the only short run.

The single most important thing we have to do as a new administration, to have - to be able to have impact on all of the other things we want to do, from foreign policy to domestic policy, is we’ve got to begin to stem this bleeding here and begin to stop the loss of jobs in the creation of jobs, said Biden to George Stephanopoulos."
Wow... Joe! That's what I call dousing the American public with a dose of ice-cold reality. Biden must be appreciated for being 'man' enough to tell what we here in the heartland of America already knew: "It's bad out here... and about to get worse!"

There is no misunderstanding or mistaking the meaning in this dire warning from Biden. It is quite clear: "Hold on to your hats boys and girls, as all of us (the use-to-be rich, the 'always-been' poor and what's left of the middle class) are now in the same boat: the TITANIC!"

Although Biden has been ridiculed for his gaffes over the years... but if the truth be told, Biden's real criticism is that he will tell the American people what is really going on. And the truth is especially crucial at this challenging time in our history, as the trusted pillars that have been the anchors holding this nation up: the mortgage companies, the auto industry, the insurance business, the banks, and job/employment security, are now crumbling before our eyes! And folks are afraid, and are looking to leaders such as Biden, to tell it like it is.

So, as America waits until after the Christmas holidays to see which shoe will drop next...we can only hope that Joe won't let the powers that be, and those in the news media who have lost all credibility with the American people, put a muzzle on him. We 'need' him more than ever to keep sharing the real deal with his fellow Americans, so we can be as informed as our elected officials are in Washington, DC, and govern our lives accordingly. Because of all the folks in the DC beltway who live to give us the political 'spin'... Joe Biden has never been one of them. Here's hoping he won't start now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't Feed Garbage to the Public

The messy details surrounding the Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama, are beginning to resemble a 'Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown' reality television nightmare. And the sad part about this entire saga is: Americans love reality t.v. We have become a nation who relishes in the dirty, seamy lives of others... especially the rich, famous, and VIPs.

The "Hot Rod" Blagojevich scandal has all of the ingredients for prime-time sleeze t.v. The only difference is instead of a one-hour reality show, scheduled one day per week for the millions who enjoy viewing other people's garbage and trash... CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, et. al, will slow drip this spiel during their 24-hour news cycles, forever!

To use one of Obama's famous phrases––this Blagojevich drama truly is "a distraction". The president-elect needs to be able to present his economic and overall policy agenda for the nation, announce picks to his Administration, have a decent 'honeymoon' with the American public without having to waste valuable time and energy talking about "what-did-he-know-and-when-did-he-know-it"... or being bombarded during the critical first 100-day press conferences with questions about Chicago's culture of corruption, and pay-to-play politics.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald needs this time also to complete his investigation, interview others who may be involved... without the media talking heads polluting the airwaves with uncorroborated debate, uninformed opinions, and wild speculations on "who-did-what". For the past two years, the media has been derelict in their duty, and have failed the American public by not fully vetting our president-elect... so, the media should stay on the sidelines now, and let the legal course of action proceed.

Calling for Blagojevich's resignation, and the loud drumbeat to impeach is premature and only increases the drama. Staking out Rahm Emmanuel's house and harassing him in front of his children only serves to stoke the fire and bring more attention to this debacle.

What should have been a one-day story now has the potential to play on the American scene through the the first six months of next year... unless everyone–– bloggers included–– back off of this drama and don't feed garbage to the public!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Patrick Fitzgerald Goes For Illinois' Jugular Vein

Chicago's corrupt political combine is bleeding profusely, and promises to taint or take down many powerful names before this is over.

In what some are calling just the 'tip' of this filthy corruption iceberg, Illinois Governor "Hot" Rod Blagojevich was led to political slaughter, in handcuffs, during the early morning hours on December 9th on charges of corruption. The most damaging accusations found in the 76-pg affidavit against Blagojevich was his blatant attempt to sell the Senate seat recently vacated by President-Elect Barack Obama. And, although the law deems one innocent until proven guilty, the Illinois Governor's own wire-tapped words demanding money for appointing a replacement to fill the vacancy left by Obama... will more than likely be his undoing.

The small world known as Chicago politics, has recently seen the conviction of Mr. Tony Rezko, a former fund-raiser for Governor Blagojevich, whose scheduled sentencing was reportedly delayed as he is allegedly cooperating with the feds to deliver a bigger fish. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, seems to be crossing names off of his pre-described filth list.

In addition to trying to profit from the Illinois Senate seat, according to excerpts from the affidavit:

"...the main charges focus, however, on events since October when the Government obtained information that Blagojevich and Fundraiser A, who is chairman of Friends of Blagojevich, were accelerating Blagojevichs allegedly corrupt fund-raising activities to accumulate as much money as possible this year before a new state ethics law would severely curtail Blagojevichs ability to raise money from individuals and entities that have existing contracts worth more than $50,000 with the State of Illinois. Agents learned that Blagojevich was seeking approximately $2.5 million in campaign contributions by the end of the year, principally from or through individuals or entities - many of which have received state contacts or appointments - identified on a list maintained by Friends of Blagojevich, which the FBI has obtained". [December 9, 2008]

Chicago politics, notoriously known for its pay-to-play schemes, and renown shake down antics, is a cesspool of slimy political hacks waiting to be exposed to the world... and hopefully the town cleaned up. It appears that Patrick Fitzgerald, who is going for Illinois' jugular vein, just bought himself reappointment in the Obama administration... at least for now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

To President-elect Barack Obama - From Citizen Berryhill

Dear Mr. President-elect Obama,

With out a doubt, your history making ascension to the highest office in the land has brought, and continues to bring, unexplainable pride to millions of people of color, not just in America... but around the globe. People are rooting for you, as they want you to be a good President.

But on the other hand... there are also millions of others who do not like you, respect you, or want to see you confirmed as the 44th President of these United States. Please understand that for some in that category, it's personal. But there are many, who have not accepted your position, operating out of fear because there remain 'questions' about your life that have not been thoroughly answered.

I am writing this open letter to you today on behalf of both sides. Mr. President-elect, surely you know that there is a 'tempest in the teapot' brewing regarding the vault version of your birth certificate. And, only you, Sir, can bring closure to this issue.

For months now across bloggersville, and... now the issue is surfacing in main line media outlets as well, American citizens–– yes, the ones who voted for you... and the ones who did not–– are 'bewildered' that you feel the need to pay money (in the midst of a recession) to three major law firms to make sure that the American people, who you wish to serve, cannot have access to your birth records in Hawaii or your college transcripts. Speculation is running rampant that you received aid as a foreign student. So, instead of relishing in your victory, those who supported you are having to confront these allegations daily...without documentation or ammunition to counter the claims.

Americans believe you when you say you 'love this country'. However, to allow this birth certificate brouhaha to reach the Supreme Court on December 5, causes many to question your love for the country you want to lead. Why would you allow this issue to proceed to the Supreme Court, knowing the national scab has not fully healed from the Bush vs Gore election which was decided at the SCOTUS level? Unfortunately, Mr. President-elect, whichever decision is handed down by the Justices, will not make this issue go away. And, quite frankly, a Constitutional crisis may be imminent... which could further divide an already divided nation.

I know this birth certificate issue may seem trivial in the scheme of things: National Security briefings, world threats, picking a cabinet, an economic crisis looming large... but to many of our fellow Americans, 'nothing' is more important than the Constitution of the United States. Consequently, you Sir, are the only one who can bring closure to the issue at this juncture.

So, please Mr. Obama... for the sake of all the people who supported and voted for you... and, also to quiet (once, and for all) the skeptics, naysayers, and people who already deem your presidency 'illegitimate', do like Senator John McCain did, and present your birth certificate to the American people today.

Our prayer is that you will do the right thing, put an end to this nonsense... so America can come together and tackle the real issues that face this country.

God bless you. And, God bless America!

Vivian Berryhill, Citizen

Monday, December 1, 2008

What 'Trump' Card Does Hillary Hold Over Obama?

Tongues are wagging from coast-to-coast as President-elect Barack Obama makes it official: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will serve as U.S. Secretary of State... for as long as she wants that job. Many of Obama's Clinton-hating supporters are seething with anger and feel his "Hope, Change" slogan––that so many believed in––were just 'mere words'.

How did Senator Clinton manage to pull off this 'plumb job' in the Obama Administration, is the question on many lips. This question is particularly troublesome when avid Obama supporters, like Senator John Kerry, Gov. Bill Richardson, and Dr. Susan Rice, were looked over, while 'arch-enemy' Hillary walks away with the second best job in the nation, and the most highly visible position in the world!

During the press conference announcement of his National Security team, Obama was confronted by one reporter with the following question... the one question that is being asked by 'any' and every anti-war supporter on the street:
"You talked about the importance just now of having different voices and robust debate within your administration. But, again, going back to the campaign, you were asked and talked about the qualifications of the -- your now -- your nominee for secretary of State, and you belittled her travels around the world, equating it to having teas with foreign leaders; and your new White House counsel said that her resume was grossly exaggerated when it came to foreign policy.

I'm wondering whether you could talk about the evolution of your views of her credentials since the spring." [Peter Baker, December 1, 2008]
And, while the newly elected Obama initially tried to make light of the reporter's question, it didn't take him long to realize that reporter Baker wasn't backing down. It was then that Obama tried to square-that-round-hole he dug for himself during the course of the brutal campaign against Clinton. But, conventional wisdom says not many folks are buying his nuanced, flip-flop explanation.

The customary honeymoon given most new presidents, may be shorter lived than usual for Mr. Obama. His base is really mad about the Clinton appointment in particular... and they don't appear to want give him a pass on this one, or to go away silently.

Oh well. Whatever 'trump' card Hillary is holding over Obama's head, must be a doozy. But, it won't be long before time brings it all to light!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blacks From Across the Nation Are DC-Bound!

by GUEST BLOGGER: cheri wells - Memphis, Tennessee

There has been lots of talk concerning the upcoming events surrounding the inauguration of the first African-American President of the United States: Barack Obama. Much like The Million Man March people are converging on Washington, DC in throngs . . . in droves . . . in buses . . . in SUVs . . . in cars . . . in trains . . . in planes. And, much like with The Million Man March, many of these people have no place to stay.

Political pundits question the judgment of Black pastors across the country, who are bringing bus-loads of parishioners, congregants, and people in the neighborhoods, to witness this historic and unprecedented event. Talking heads on various talk radio shows continue to pose those pesky, prevailing questions:
"Why on earth would people ride hours and days to attend an event, where they may or may not have tickets to planned activities? Where will all of these people sleep, as hotel rooms have sold out long ago? Are many of these presidential-history-seekers aware that they probably will not get close enough to see President elect Obama? Why are so many youth, the elderly, women with small children, and the likes, subjecting themselves to what is sure to be challenging circumstances in the nation's Capitol"?
The answer is simple: After more than four hundred years in this country, many African-Americans finally feel a part of the electoral process. Although Black people have dutifully participated in the election process over the years... even amid promises- albeit empty... that things would get better for Black people and their communities. But now, with the ascension of President-elect Barack Obama, many feel that finally the table has turned.

African-Americans now actually 'feel' a part... as many gladly sent in that $1, $5, or $50 contribution. Countless Blacks, who had never registered to vote... not only registered, but proudly stood in those long lines, in rural and urban America, to cast the 'one' vote that sent Obama over-the-top. Who can dispute that their one vote was 'NOT' the vote responsible for sending a Black man to the White House?

No... for some, watching this event on television will not suffice... that is too impersonal. It doesn’t matter about securing tickets to the high-priced inaugural balls, luncheons or other events. For many African-Americans, the pleasure of only being there is all that really matters.

Indeed, the pride being emoted in African-American homes, churches, and neigborhoods is infectious. People of African desent have a swagger in their walk, and are holding their heads up high... knowing that as a cohesive group, they pulled together... and with a collective vote, unity of purpose, and pooling together the little monies to give, African-Americans now know that they had a major hand in helping shape history.

Therefore, if riding a bus 24-hours, or walking five miles in unpleasant weather conditions for the 'opportunity' to see the first man-of-color sworn-in to the highest office in the land is the final leg of this journey... so be it. Blacks from across the nation are Washington, DC bound!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama Dissed By al-Qaeda #2 Zawahiri

President elect Barack Obama hasn't even received the final electoral college votes to certify him as the official U.S. Commander-in-Chief before being globally dissed by al-Qaeda's number two leader, Ayman Zawahiri. In an audio message posted on militant websites across the world, Zawahiri, often referred to as the 'brains' behind the al-Qaeda organization, hurled the ultimate insult at Obama by referring to him as the equivalent of a 'house nigger'.

This was the first direct message from Osama bin Laden's spiritual mentor and mouthpiece since Obama put all terrorists, and those who mean to harm U.S. interests on notice, during his presidential acceptance speech on November 4th.

Zawahiri boldly criticized Obama for turning his back on his Islamic roots and for siding with the 'enemies' of Muslims and supporting Israel, according to the Telegraph.co.uk web news link. The Telegraph went on to report the Zawahiri message to Obama as follows:
"The [Zawahiri] tape features audio extracts from Malcolm X’s speech in Selma, Alabama, in 1965, in which he unfavourably compared the “house negro” — a docile slave ingratiating himself with his master — with the embittered “field negro” who laboured outdoors. Still images on the video that accompanied the audio message showed a picture of Malcolm X, an advocate of black power who was also a Muslim convert.

Zawahiri’s message, entitled “The departure of Bush and arrival of Obama”, warned Mr Obama of a “heavy legacy of failure” awaiting him in office. It also juxtaposed a portrait of Zawahiri wearing a white turban next to Mr. Obama praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem during a pre-election visit to Israel.

He scolded Mr Obama for “choosing to be an enemy of Islam and Muslims”, saying that the Muslim “nation had bitterly received” the President-elect’s pledge of support to Israel.

"It is true about you and people like you ... what Malcolm X said about the house negros,” he said, naming Colin Powell, the former US secretary of state, and, Condoleezza Rice, the incumbent."
Isambard Wilkinson, Nov. 20, 2008
Quick to defend Obama and the United States' honor, government spokesperson, Sean McCormack, of the state department condemned the “despicable” comments by saying:
“If anybody needed more of a contrast between what the West and the United States stand for, in terms of democracy and what these terrorists stand for, I don’t think you need to go any further than those comments.”
Obama has chosen 'not' to respond to this blatant taunt at this time. And... while his composed restraint is admirable, as a Black man who lived on Chicago's Southside for the past 20-years, Obama knows he can't let this verbal challenge to him––and all African-American people who support America and the war against terror––go unanswered too much longer. Just like he came out after Pastor Jeremiah Wright crossed the line and dissed him at the National Press Club earlier this year... Obama needs to recognize that Zawahiri's recent statements warrant the same level of indignation.

Now, as a world leader, it would not be expedient for Obama to flip-the-bird to Zawahiri and al-Qaeda, as he did Clinton and McCain when they insulted him on the campaign trail. But he is going to have to say something in response to this verbal affront... lest he, and America likewise... becomes the global 'whipping boys' for the next few years.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate Still Being Challenged?

Conspiracy theorists and many people in bloggersville, continue to chase, promote, and waste valuable time and energy on the Obama 'birth certificate' story.

Quite frankly, it is hard to believe that there are people across this nation, still legally and otherwise, challenging the eligibility of President-elect Barack Obama. Not withstanding that his commemorative coins have already been minted and are being offered on television. And... that he has had the official welcome by President and Mrs. Bush to the White House last week. Also, and most importantly... he receives those sensitive 'intelligence' briefings, daily. In addition, Obama has received congratulatory letters from all the world leaders (including Ahmadinejad of Iran). So... why is it that people like Alan Keys, Phillip Berg, Andy Martin and others, can't just leave the birth certificate urban legend tale alone?

Think about it. Why would Obama risk his reputation and his family's embarrassment, to lead the 'financially strapped' nation––he claims to love–– through an expensive Constitutional challenge NIGHTMARE if he KNOWS he is 'not' eligible for POTUS? He has to be smarter than that.

Obama must have a Birth Certificate that is Constitutionally in order and undisputably shows his U.S. Citizenship. He is probably waiting to produce it at the right moment––presenting a big old 'gotcha' moment for all the naysayers.

Is there anybody in their right mind who thinks that this same Supreme Court, that many Americans feel unfairly handed President George W. Bush the White House in 2000, will be allowed to intervene in another election process, and take this historic victory from Obama, the blacks, the youth, the Africans in Africa, the Muslims across the world, and the elite whites (without mass pandemonium such as was witnessed by Obama's cousin Odinga in Kenya earlier this year)? Calling back an Obama presidency at this juncture just is not going to happen.

Okay... is Obama hiding something? Yes, it would appear so. Is what he's hiding significant enough to warrant disqualification from a job he has long aspired for? Please. No way! Does whatever it is that appears on the elusive Obama birth certificate pose a major embarrassment to Obama, blacks, Africans in the Motherland, his mama, and his family? You can probably take that to the bank!

But, at this stage in the political ball-game, there is too much national and international emotion and feelings attached to this Obama win to do anything about the birth certificate situation now. It would be easier to change the Constitution to accommodate a discrepancy in Obama's birth records at this point!

No... it is time to admit it. Obama has out strategized the white establishment and all the powers that be. Those who voted against him or who are determined to drag his eligibility through the court process for the next four years should just "Let it go"... and hope to have better strategies against him and his deft team in 2012.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Republican Brand In Tatters...

The aftermath of a grueling 2008 election finds the Republican party in tatters... and teeter-tottering on the edge of the abyss. Not only did Republicans lose key House and Senate seats, but the thumping they received on November 4th, were voters soundly rejecting the broken brand of the Grand Old Party.

The expected finger pointing and blame-game antics are running amuck amongst the party rank and file. Unfortunately, there is very 'little' time for such futile Monday morning quarterback exercises, as the 2010 mid-term elections are literally 'around the corner'. Realizing that reality... the Republican VIPs and party leaders are busy holding meetings across this nation in an effort to re-tool or reinvent their brand... and find the new face of the party. Voters in this election cycle seemed to overwhelmingly repudiate the image of the older White-gray-haired-men's club that the Republican party continues to promote... and are demanding more diversity.

To that end, former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, an African American, is being batted around as the potential RNC Chairman. Other names being considered include Vice Presidential nominee and Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, who proved to be quite a fund-raising, base galvanizing force, and also Mrs. Renee Amoore, Pennsylvania State Deputy Chair, a powerful African American woman.

According to Mrs. Amoore, in order for the Republican party to move forward and reconnect with the American people, it first has some deep soul-searching to do, and will need to begin the process by addressing the following questions:
"Who is the real Republican party? Where are we now? Where do go from here and how do we get there? [Renee Amoore, Nov. 12, 2008]

That President-elect Barack Obama and the Democrats were able to syphon off a sizeable number of Evangelical electorates, and quite a large block of the Hispanic/Latino voters during this historic race, is an indication the Republican's message has been muted and is no longer resonating with those groups that have long made up the party's base.

These eye-opening losses which occurred this year should open the door for new party leaders such as Governors Jindal of Louisiana and Sarah Palin, and Jewish American Eric Cantor, a Congressman from Virginia, emerging to the forefront to help shape the party's agenda for the future. If not... then it will be a long drought before Republicans can see any meaningful change in the grim picture being presented today.

The people have spoken. And, it would be wise for those in Red State America to adhere to GOP presidential nominee John McCain's words, as he clearly and appropriately explained this year's massacre during a recent visit to the Jay Leno Show:
"...our party has a lot of work to do. We just got back from the woodshed". [John McCain, Nov 11, 2008]

Friday, November 7, 2008

Expectations For President-elect Obama May Be Unrealistic

President-elect Barack Obama addressed the nation by holding his first news conference. And by no means was he shy in conveying the bleak economic situation the United States finds herself in. According to the recently elected, but not-yet-certified 44th U.S. President:
"The country is facing the greatest economic challenge of our lifetime and we're going to have to act swiftly to resolve it. We need a rescue plan for the middle class that invests in immediate efforts to create jobs and provides relief to families that are watching their paychecks shrink and their life savings disappear."
By all indications, Obama and his democratically controlled Congress, will have a very narrow window of opportunity available to them to fix this global financial crisis. Probably more than any other president-elect in history, the expectations are extremely, and possibly unrealistically high for him to do something.

Expressing the urgency of the situation, Mr. William Galston, a former White House domestic policy assistant in President Clinton's first term said:

"We're in a race against time to prevent a global financial meltdown, and I think everybody knows it."
Well... maybe everybody in the Washington, DC beltway knows it... but is that message really coming across clearly to the "I-want-my-money... and-I-want-it-now" populace? And, in spite of Obama telegraphing during his acceptance speech, and again during the press conference that he is not yet the president, and when he becomes president, the process to get out-of-this-mess will be slow and painful... the hurting masses who voted for him, aren't hearing him, and many are looking to him to turn the economy around, pronto!

Look for him to name his Treasury Secretary post-haste. That may give him a little breathing room... but not much.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The 44th President of the United States: Barack H. Obama

History has been made in the election of the 44th President of the United States of America: Barack Hussein Obama, a Black man. This fete is especially noteworthy as it was in 1865 that slavery officially ended in this nation. And now, 143 years later, an African American man will take the reins as the leader of the most powerful country in the free world.

Regardless of political persuasions, Republican or Democrat, the night of November 4, 2008 ushers in a new era of pride for people of color everywhere. Black Americans can stand tall, head held high, because once and for all the door to equality has been kicked opened, allowing Black men, women, boys and girls to take their rightful place at the table of prosperity and recognition.

Around the world, the symbolism of an Obama-win is meaningful and will be viewed for years to come as most significant. Without a doubt, an Obama presidency finally elevates brown men from all the nations in South America, throughout the mid-East, and within the rich continent of Africa, to their rightful places of power and respect––par with their European brothers and sisters.

President Obama’s message of change will now be actualized.

As he now moves toward the monumental job of governing and delivering on his campaign promises… particularly ending the unpopular war in Iraq and bringing the troops home… the stakes for Obama are high and the preverbal honeymoon between him and the nation may be short-lived.

But, the nation has spoken… and the world is celebrating. Best wishes and congratulations to the new President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Road to White House: Beware The Tortoise McCain

Presidential nominee John McCain has more lives than the proverbial cat! Just under a week remains in this year's 2008 Presidential race. And... the pundits, pollsters, and political prognosticators once again in unison declared his race for the White House all but dead. But the American people seem to be defiantly saying "not so soon".

The Arizona Senator must be one of the luckiest men on the planet, or he has a finger in God's eye. From the day McCain's plane was shot down in Viet Nam and he was miraculously 'saved' to live another day, to his many bouts with skin cancer where he keeps bouncing back stronger... until the recent discovery of Joe "the plumber", who has rescued his flailing message and has allowed McCain to live a while longer... McCain seems to defy death--politically and naturally.

With no concise message, no real money, no Mitt Romney as Veep, and a media bent on destroying his chances to become the Commander-in-chief, arm-chair analysts are confounded that McCain is merely 4-12% down (depending on whichever poll) with four days remaining to V-day.

Who can forget back in August 2007, when McCain's campaign was first announced "Dead On Arrival". Underfunded and boasting of sleeping at the Holiday Inn Express to conserve needed cash, the sly-old-war-hero McCain, used pure grit and bested all of the Republican competitors in the primary to secure the title and nomination.

Facing an uncommitted and leery Republican base, who viewed McCain's allegiance to core GOP values and platforms as counterfeit–– to say the least, he was able to survive yet again. Pulling out of his "nine-lives-bag" once again, McCain picked an unlikely Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin who... regardless of what the main stream media says... has galvanized an uncommitted GOP base and rural, small town White Americans to his ticket.

Another test of his tenacity and sheer will-to-live was shown during the first debate in Mississippi. On the heels of suspending his campaign to go back to Washington and do his real 'day job' as Senator, naysayers scoffed at this move... all pronouncing him dead again. By the 2nd debate in Tennessee, the talk show critics had embalmed him and were proceeding to bury him once and for all. But "Mr.-I-Won't-Die-Til-I'm- Ready-McCain", escaped the political graveyard once more... and is making a credible last-ditch fight for the Oval Office.

Senator Obama and his camp have demonstrated they 'know' how to play on the field with the big boys. But by and large, the Democratic presidential hopeful has had pretty smooth sailing since clinching his party's nomination. He has the media advantage, more money than the recent bail-out package dollars given to Wall Street, and committed ground troops and Truth Squads with direct orders by Obama to "get in folks' faces" to get his message out. Obama better beware. This determined-to-be-President McCain just won't go away!

Four days is quite a long time in politics. Obama need not take the old-boy McCain for granted, as he has amassed a quiet ground game of seething PUMAs, and email-forwarding grassroot supporters who are disseminating the information on Obama that the media woefully failed to report. These millions of Independents, Evangelicals, Catholics, Reagan Democrats and surprisingly, some Black voters, are purposefully lying to pollsters that they will vote Obama.

McCain maybe old, but he didn't survive the Hanoi Hilton being a fool. Those same tactics he employed back then which allowed him to live another day, are being used by him and his silent majority today, to usher the tortoise McCain straight down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Palin Brags Of Being A 'Redneck'... Put A Sock In It!

Well, goll -lee... whatz wrong with that-thare Sairah Pailin comin' out braggin' 'bout bein' a redneck and all? That statement caught many by surprise and wondering aloud: 'What exactly is she saying... and who was she telegraphing this declaration to'?

Now when critics pounded Governor Palin's parenting skills, brother-in-law trooper firing drama, mishandling of the Katie Couric interview, etc., Republicans circled the wagons and tried to put up a pretense-defense on her behalf. But, she may have stepped-over-the line during a recent campaign stop, when the feisty, maverick Governor veered off-message and made the following statement that continues to raise eyebrows of some moderates in the GOP:
"Someone called me a redneck woman once and you know what I said back? I said, ‘Why thank you.’” [Gov. Sarah Palin, October 22, 2008; Ohio]
The governor really has some 'splainin' to do regarding that bold comment. In some circles, the very term 'redneck' is considered offensive. It is no secret that Americans characterize 'rednecks' as being hicks, uneducated, yahoos, backward thinkers... and not particularly accepting or fond of Blacks and other minorities. Is that really the description the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee wants the electorates to have of her? The hockey mom Palin needs to explain further what about-being a 'redneck' she finds complimentary to the degree she would respond by saying "thank-you".

With less than two weeks remaining in this very divisive, polarizing, culture war-like political environment called the 2008 Presidential election... enquiring minds want to know was Palin's 'redneck' statement some type of 'code message' she was signaling to other "wanna-be" rednecks that she, too, is one of them? What exactly did she mean?

Her statement is particularly troubling, as over the past few months Senator McCain has been trying to tamp-down racial and ethnic slurs within this hard-fought contest. McCain recognizes that divisive rhetoric such as this have a potential to threaten major clashes between the races by, or on, election day... especially depending on this year's outcome.

Unfortunately, boastful comments by Palin of being proud to be a 'redneck' woman, goes against the McCain brand and message. She needs to put a sock in it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

13 Days Left: Andy Martin Tries To Take Down Obama

The Chicago street brawl that has apparently been brewing between Senator Barack Obama and his chief nemesis, Andy Martin, for quite a few years... is no longer just a neighborhood gang war. This long running feud between these two has spilled over unto the national presidential politics level... with no good end in sight for either. Exactly what has the calm, mild mannered Obama done to cause Chicago attorney and founder of the 'Stop Obama Coalition' national movement, Andy Martin, to be so furious?

What is the root of anger that would direct Martin, author of "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask", to dispatch an investigative team of dirt diggers to Obama's hometown in Hawaii with only thirteen days remaining in the contest? And, moreover... what is it that Obama fears of this man's dirt digging findings that would cause him to suspend his campaign for 2-days and go to Hawaii? That seems odd, and raises questions in the minds of middle Americans.

Now... the main stream media may attribute Martin's actions to racism, since he is white... and Obama is part white, Arabian, and African. But, what if racism is not the underlying cause of this acrimonious behaviour? It's convenient for most people to want to criticize, dismiss or even be skeptical of Martin. Indeed, he has been labeled a 'crack pot' and a nut case by many in the media for his relentless pursuit to take-down and destroy Obama.

But on the heels of one of the most important elections of this generation, wouldn't it be fair for Americans to want to examine this hypothesis:
"Perhaps Martin knows something that the rest of the nation needs to know about this man who would be the leader of the free world before the November 4th election".
Are we Americans not broad enough in our thinking to say what if, in this one instance, Martin's motivations are not driven because of his need to settle an old personal Chicago-street score... but could he possibly be compelled to unearth information about a virtually unvetted candidate that may actually be for Obama's good... and the good of the nation in the long run?

Leave the Martins, Attorney Bergs, and others who it may appear, are out to uproot the Obama train... alone. If there is nothing there to find... they can't find anything. However... if there is something that has gone missing, it's better to know what's out there on the front end... than to find out on the back end, and risk prompting a Constitutional crisis that may split this fragmented nation in two.

There is an old adage that seems appropriate in this case. It says:
"If the dirt in your linen doesn't come out in the wash cycle, it will come out in the rinse cycle. But better the dirt comes out "before" hanging the laundry on the clothes line. Then all the world will see your nasty stains."

With 13-days left in this election process, anything is bound to happen!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Joe The Plumber Represents U.S.'s Silent Majority

In case the main stream media has not noticed, their newest creation, "Joe the plumber", will NOT be going back to his place in the silent majority crowd anytime soon. In a short seven days, this single dad from Ohio has been pulverized and humiliated by the media, by Senator Obama's campaign surrogates, and many blog sites. His only crime: being in the wrong place (his front yard) at the wrong time (when presidential hopeful Obama stopped by)... and asking the wrong person (a relatively still unknown, Obama) the wrong question (how will Obama's tax plan "to spread the wealth around for everybody" affect him).

Instead of Obama's impromptu answer getting scrutiny... old "Joe the plumber" has been the recipient of some very viscious scrutiny. Hope Joe knows that his life, as an unassuming, "every-day-member" of the silent majority is over! And... depending on if his story continues to gain momentum, which could possibly sway the outcome of this 2008 Presidential election, " Joe the plumber" may well go down in the history books as "Joe the racist" who foiled an African American man's attempt to be President of the United States.

With two weeks out from voting day, the new variable in this race is: How many voters actually see themselves as regular Joes? Truth be told, Joe the plumber represents millions of Americans who are behind on their taxes, or who are jack-legging or boot-legging, without formal license, in their specific trade... but are decent people who are committed to working every day, trying to make a living just to stay afloat.

Take note. This uprising by the silent majority 'Joes' is becoming more evident each day, as many have decided to come out of the shadows and be heard. Look at the closing poll numbers, even though Obama is out spending McCain 5 to 1. And as recently noted, the number of angry Joes and Josephines who are attending McCain/Palin rallies in support of Joe the plumber, and obviously against the media, vis-à-vis Obama:

"Joe the Plumber resonates with the crowds is what his experience says about the media. Everybody here seems acutely aware of the once-over Wurzelbacher received from the press after his chance encounter with Obama was reported, first on Fox News, and then mentioned by McCain at last week’s presidential debate. Wurzelbacher found himself splashed across newspapers and cable shows, many of which reported that he didn’t have a plumber’s license, that he wasn’t a member of the plumbers’ union, that he had a lien against him for $1,182 in state taxes, and that he failed to comprehend what many commentators apparently felt was the indisputable fact that Barack Obama would lower his taxes, not raise them. As the people here in Woodbridge saw it, Joe was a guy who asked Barack Obama an inconvenient question — and for his troubles suddenly found himself under investigation by the media.

In the audience Saturday, there were plenty of people who were mad about it. There was real anger at this rally, but it wasn’t, as some erroneous press reports from other McCain rallies have suggested, aimed at Obama. It was aimed at the press." Byron York, National Review Online 10/19/08

Now will some of these undecideds jump on the old Joe the plumber bandwagon as their excuse NOT to vote for Obama? Probably so. But Obama has no one but himself to blame, as he was the one who went to Joe's house and stuck his foot in his mouth, advocating a "spreading the wealth around" philosophy to an electorate who really doesn't know who he is and what he stands for.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe Plumber Won 3rd Debate

Well.. say it ain't so. The winner of the third Presidential debate of 2008 was Joe Wurzelbacher, or "Joe the Plumber." This young Ohioan named Joe, whose recent exchange with Senator Obama regarding his tax options under an Obama administration, was thrust front and center and into the national spotlight. Obama's answer to old Joe's question about his taxes being increased caused quite a stir:
Obama said, "My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody. If you’ve got a plumbing business, you’re gonna be better off if you’re gonna be better off if you’ve got a whole bunch of customers who can afford to hire you, and right now everybody’s so pinched that business is bad for everybody and I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody."
Seems as if old Joe's interaction with Obama has made him the 'face' of middle America. His plight actually focuses a huge laser beam on what ails this country, and who can be trusted to fix it.

How each candidate dealt with the subject of old Joe and the person of old Joe during this third and final debate, was quite telling and gave a vivid indication how each will govern if elected to serve the people.

First off, it was John McCain who initially made mention of old Joe... as a matter of fact, calling him out by his full name: Joe Wurzelbacher. McCain, in much detail, painted the picture for the listening audience of how Senator Obama's tax plan would hurt American dreams... such as Joes. And, in typical McCain style, he offered a direct and frontal approach, even going as far as to address old Joe square-faced to the television camera, assuring old Joe more money in his own pocket come January 2009, so he and his family could have increased opportunity to actualize the American dream.

Obama, on the other hand, addressed old Joe in a more colloquial manner... calling him "Joe the plumber"... and talking in more nuanced terms––coming off almost tepid in his response. Senator Obama lumped the dreams of old Joe with those of a hypothetical nurse, firefighter, teacher and others... into one big dream-pot. Obama then went on to speak, quite eloquently, of how his vision is for old Joe, and all the rest of those he mentioned, to be equal and be on equal footing as a result of his proposed spread the wealth around for everybody tax plan.

Two men... two very stark differences in approaches and positions. Who wins the election this year will more than likely boil down to how Americans see themselves in old Joe. Will voters continue to hold fast to the capitalist ideology: 'all my pie for me and mine'... or are Americans willing to move toward the Obama 'hope', 'change' paradigm: "I'll share my hard earned pie with others so that no one starves or goes without."

Facing the tough economic challenges that are sure on the horizon in this nation... are we ready to sacrifice-for-the-good-of-all, as that is what this election is all about in a nutshell. Everybody... think hard and long, then VOTE!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama/McCain: The Devil They Do Know vs The Devil They Don't Know

You can take this to the bank: Elections are won or lost in back-rooms and living room discussions. Electorates may look at the slick, smooth political ads which are produced for television by the respective campaigns designed to sway opinion... but all in all, most people vote on candidates based on information they hear from church members; bowling team, card-playing, square-dance-going-partners; trusted drinking buddies, and folks they 'hang around with'.

If an effective 'whisper campaign' can catch hold in the public domain... it matters not how much money candidates spend on radio or television ads, most folks will believe the 'whisper campaign' information as gospel truth if it is uttered from the lips of someone they trust... before they will believe the contents of a McCain or Obama advertisement.

This is particularly true as the majority of the American public focuses attention on this year's Presidential election. In Small-town U.S.A. and suburban communities–– where elections are generally won/lost... people are just now talking, and the following theme is emerging as the conclusion of this 2008 U.S. Presidential election cycle is immenent: 'Obama is not electable because of too many unanswered questions about his past that he has been untruthful about or less than fully transparent about'.

In spite of his truth squad teams patrolling communities 'setting the record straight' about the junior Senator from Illinois, the chatter surrounding the electability of Obama–– from every day folks–– continues... and no amount of information on Obama's "fight the smears" website can change it.

This underlying thread of this year's 'whisper campaign' remains largely unnoticed and undetected by the main line media and to those useless daily poll trackers. It's no secret that folks in bread-basket American don't read, listen or believe-for-one-minute the data from pollsters or pundits, as it has been proven time and again that most voters 'intentionally lie' to them. To most Americans, these poll takers are outsiders... and it is none of their business how a voter is leaning.

The truth of the matter is that the following "hush-hush" undercurrent is running rampant about Obama which will cost him the election::
1. He's lying about being a Muslim; 2. he needs to come clean on how long and how deep in-bed he is with former terrorist William Ayres; 3. he's the Oak Tree from which the ACORN organization was hatched and allowed to fester; 4. he's a Manchurian candidate; 5. he is a by-product of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, regardless of his speech that he never heard any of those controversial sermons; 6. why won't he release his elongated birth certificate, or his Columbia college transcripts, etc., etc., etc."
Like it or not... these are real issues for regular folks. And, contrary to what some Democrats believe... many voters will not give up the last hope they have, which is the foundation of this great country... and 'sell-out' their vote on a pocketbook or an economic platform only! But rather... broke folks, who have been broke all their lives, and are used to being broke... and who know how to make it in lean times if they have to, will NOT vote for a leader with as many "iffy variables" hanging over their head as Senator Obama has right now.

So, the time for presidential nominee Obama to come clean, produce those essential documents that John Q. Public wants to see... and answer those 'whisper campaign' questions that linger in the minds of the American people... is now. If not...reminiscent of the elections of 2000 and 2004, voters will march in droves to the ballot box on November 4th, and pull that lever for John McCain: the devil they do know instead of the devil they don't know!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate #2: Obama Hold His Own to Win

The second Presidential debate, which was held in Nashville, Tennessee, can be summed up in one word: B-O-R-I-N-G.

The 'town hall' format was supposed to be Republican nominee John McCain's strong suit. However... to the contrary, Democratic nominee Barack Obama, who was able to hold his own in this setting, did not commit any major gaffes, and thus would have to be declared the winner of this debate.

McCain, who desperately needed a game changing night, tossed the bad-mortgage-purchase idea into the public debate. Indeed that was a daring move on the Arizona Senator's part. Already the pundits are readily jumping on that comment:

"I thought Senator McCain started out very strong when he said we have to address this financial crisis by having a plan to buy up all of the bad mortgages in the country showed real compassion and empathy there..." George Stephanopoulos of ABC News (10/07/08)

Other than that gutsy declaration, McCain did not offer any further innovative ideas or policies, appearing hesitant on what measures he would put forth to invigorate and jump start this dismal economic climate. His argument that he "knows how to fix the economy", and that he has a "history of reaching across the aisle to work in a bi-partisan manner", did not offer enough passion or specifics that were necessary, at this juncture in history, to reassure a hurting and frightened nation that he has a real plan.

The memorable portion of this snooze-inducing debate was McCain's reference to billionaire Warren Buffet, an Obama supporter, as a possible Treasury Secretary in his administration. What a slap in the face to Governor Mitt Romney and other economic-guru supporters of his ticket and his presidential bid.

Obama, who also put forth Warren Buffet as his possible Treasury Secretary... presented the more credible position on domestic issues, seemed to have a better grasp of what he needed to say to "win"the hearts and grab the attention of the masses and those critical swing voters. Although it is still not clear how Obama plans to pay for his health care and education programs... especially when forecasters have predicted there will be very little money in the federal coffers as the U.S. is in full recession and meltdown mode. Obama deserves credit, as he was deft enough to stick to his stump speech and talking points... to survive another day.

Round two goes to Obama. Tally total: McCain 1 /Obama 1

Friday, October 3, 2008

Folksy Palin Wins Debate 'Dog Gawnnit'...

In the only Vice Presidential debate between Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee charmed her way to a grand slam victory. Repeatedly looking directly into the television camera... and in a folksy, "gee-gosh-I-am-just-like-all-of-you-red-blooded-Americans" style, Governor Palin was able to connect to voters in an undeniable way.

Having been the brunt of many media jokes and critiques the last few weeks, Palin was able to put to rest doubts of many naysayers as to whether or not she could hold her own in the national spotlight, and could operate a heart beat away from the presidency. Senator Biden, although more knowledgeable on foreign policy, came across far too angry and dated. He seem stuck in a Bush/Cheney era time warp.

Palin's eye winking, nose twitching, and 'gosh darn it' mannerisms added to her charisma and authenticity... and probably played well to those fence-sitting, 'gun toting, bible thumping', swing voters who will determine this year's election. Palin delivered several one-line zingers and attacked both Obama and Biden's record... all with that sly smile on her face. This disarming technique threw Biden off his nice-guy game plan, and helped to re-galvanized the Republican base, which had been in the doldrums of late.

As the only candidate in this race with any executive experience, Governor Palin boasted her managerial bona fides as she spoke of having to deal with State budgets, and working with legislators to get successful outcomes for the people under her leadership in Alaska. Indeed, she is no 'Einstein', but she is able to own the conversation and light up a room.

In comparison to the boring Obama/McCain debate in Mississippi last week, Biden/Palin's show down in St. Louie yielded more substantive information on the campaign's contrasts and positions... and by far was a much more spirited dialogue. A repeat performance would be a plus.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maverick McCain's Future Hangs in Balance With Bailout Bill

Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, has staked his political brand on a reputation of being a fighter for the American people... both literally and figuratively. Throughout this entire 2008 Presidential campaign he has toured the nation... touting his maverick record. Not a day has passed that Americans have not heard McCain boasting to voters how he has, over the years in both the House and Senate, gone against leaders in his party... and how he is not afraid to buck the status quo.

Well, to many... that was yesterday. And yesterday's victories won't win today's wars! Without a doubt, today, October 1st is clock-reset-day. It's reckoning day for Senator McCain, as he faces the most crucial vote of his entire 25-year political career. Many hard working Americans who live in the heartland of this nation, fiscal conservatives who want to believe McCain is indeed one of them...along with many others who oppose this massive 700 billion dollar bailout, are waiting with bated breath to see––not how Obama or Biden will vote–– but how McCain will vote.

This one issue is indeed complicated and promises ominous repercussions for every household. Unfortunately, to 'bail out' or not "bail out" is further dividing an already shamefully divided nation. And folks don't know who to trust.

More and more tax payers are demonstrating a noticeable distrust of those who have been elected to represent them in Washington, D.C. Talk shows and popular blog sites are being overwhelmed with voices of Mr./Mrs. John Q. Public who are adamant that this bill not pass in its current state. Many see it as rewarding poor performance and aiding bad practices. All across the country, Congressional House leaders, who had the guts to stand up and vote down this bill are being heralded as champions.

People are looking for someone... anyone, who will show true leadership in this crisis, and not fold by co-signing this blank check to Paulson and Company, without regard for everyday Americans. Now... perhaps it may just be a matter of not having enough information passed along to Main Streeters to raise their comfort levels, or maybe more time is needed to allow the public to wrap their minds around giving away "1 TRILLION DOLLARS" of their hard-earned money, that may or may not fix the problem long-term. Whatever it is... there is an obvious disconnect between lawmakers and the regular folks that needs to be reconciled before a vote is taken.

While tonight's vote is regarded as the most important vote for the three U.S. Senators who grace this year's Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket... of the three, John McCain's political future weighs most heavily in the balance.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate: Obama Agrees With McCain Lots

The much anticipated 2008 Presidential Debate has concluded, with Senator John McCain barely edging a victory over Senator Barack Obama on national security/foreign policy, while Obama was the clear victor on the economy.

Obama dominated the first hour, as he demonstrated a sincere passion for the plight of the poor and middle class, and articulated quite clearly, the policies he would put forth to aid suffering to those in America's heartland. Although his smirky facial expressions at times 'took away' from his attempt to appear "presidential", that he had no major blunders compensated for that.

McCain, on the other hand, scored big points and took Obama to school on foreign policy. His tendency to 'talk-down' to Obama may have cost him a few points as it cast him as 'snarky'.

The most telling point of the entire debate, and one sure to raise doubt in the minds of independents and swing voters, was the number of times Obama had to admit that he agreed with McCain on specific points/topics. What contrast was shown that would encourage an undecided voter to pick Obama over McCain if they agree on so many positions and their views run on the same track?

With two additional debates on the horizon between these presidential hopefuls, Americans will have ample opportunity to decide which of them is best to lead America and the free world.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Presidential nominee John McCain has put his presidential bid on hold and plans to return to Washington, DC to lead America through this financial meltdown. Calling on Senator Obama to join him and the rest of their legislative colleagues, to work together until the Wall Street/Main Street crisis is over.

A very somber McCain, who forewarned Congress back in 2006 of this impending financial debacle, has put the onus on every member of Congress who were set to recess on Friday and return to their respective cities, to now remain in Washington and actually work through this crisis for the good of the American public.

McCain addressed the American public with the following comments:

"Tomorrow morning I'll suspend my campaign and return to Washington. I have spoken to Senator Obama and informed him of my decision, I have asked him to join me.

I am calling on the president to convene a leadership meeting from both houses of Congress including Senator Obama and myself -- it is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem. We must meet until this crisis is resolved. I am directing my campaign to work with the Obama campaign and the commission on presidential debates to delay Friday night's scheduled debate on foreign policy in Mississippi. I am confident that before the markets open on Monday, we can achieve consensus on legislation that will stabilize our financial markets, protect taxpayers and homeowners and earn the confidence of the American people.

All we must do to achieve this is to temporarily set politics aside."

McCain warned that America was facing an historic crisis and Congress must pass legislation quickly. If we do not act every corner of our country will be impacted, we cannot allow this to happen," McCain said

Monday, September 22, 2008

Biden/Clintons Killing Obama's Presidential Bid

Presidential nominee Barack Obama really doesn't need enemies as long as he has team mates like Vice Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and President Bill and Senator Hillary Clinton as his out front surrogates. Makes one question the superior 'judgement' that has been the lynch pin Obama has staked his claim for qualification to the White House on.

It seems that Axelrod/Obama's obvious decision to put all of the Black leaders/surrogates in the background and tuck them away in a closet, is proving not to have been a good judgement call after all. People in African American communities are looking... and wondering why Reverends Jackson, Sharpton, Congressman Maxine Waters, and civil rights icon John Lewis... and now even Michelle Obama have noticeably been hid away and kept in abeyance this historic election period. If the fear is that these prominent African Americans may make gaffes or "embarrass" Obama... causing him to lose the White vote... well the Biden/Clinton team are masterfully doing that job...hands down!

Make no mistake about it, Biden/Clinton team are killing Obama's presidential bid among Independents, Whites and women, in addition to successfully unmasking and proving faulty his 'excellent judgement' creds.

Every day that Biden remains on this ticket, and Bill Clinton openly campaigns and does television interviews, Obama loses. Take for instance this recent Biden gaffe:

Joe Biden said in an interview that he thought one of his campaign's own ads was "terrible" and hadn't known about it in advance.

Asked by CBS's Katie Couric about an ad Obama released earlier this month mocking John McCain for not being able to use a computer, Biden criticized the commercial and suggested it had been aired without his knowledge.

"I thought that was terrible by the way. I didn't know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it." Biden said.
And here is yet another Biden blunder, where he contradicts Obama's energy platform:

"Biden, during a recent encounter on an Ohio rope line said: He supports clean coal for China, but not for the United States.

"No coal plants here in America, he said. Build them, if they're going to build them, over there. Make them clean. We’re not supporting clean coal," he said of himself and Obama. But... they do, on paper, support clean coal
Then there is Bill Cinton, who is out on the front line making the national television rounds overtly, and justifiably praising Presidential nominee McCain for his impeccable war record, and leadership down through the years as a maverick and an stalwart example of bipartisan statesmanship. In true Clintonesque fashion, he puts in context Hillary's position on not being selected Obama's Veep:

"Hillary (Clinton) never wanted to be vice president. "Not really, no... she didn't," Clinton said on "The View" when asked if Hillary really wanted to be VP. But she would have agreed to run as Barack Obama's ticketmate had Obama ever asked, Clinton said.
With fence sitters, and undecideds predicted to be the deciding factors in this year's race, McCain may only have to continually replay Biden/Clinton team words to the voting public for the next 40 days, and be a shoo-in come November 5th!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Americans Are Sick and Tired!

Americans are sick and tired of the juvenile games being played by both Barack Obama and John McCain in this election cycle. Both candidates need to Stop talking about what the other guy is NOT doing or hasn't done... and tell the American people what he will do, what is his value add, and why we need to vote for him!

Americans are sick and tired of the 'race card' being played. Racism exists in this country, and it is not about to go away because Barack Obama jumped in the Presidential race. Everybody knows that Obama is part Black. Some people in this country will not vote for him PERIOD because of that fact, and some people in this country are voting for him ONLY because of that fact. Tossing racism accusations/charges around has gotten old and trite. Put a sock in it from now until November!

Americans are sick and tired
of the main line media trying to influence this Presidential election. The more attempts by main stream media to ram Obama down the throats of the American people... the more votes he loses. Haven't they figured that out yet? The more these news anchors attack Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and magnify the small, home-town, family saga "trooper-gate" story, and dig into her children's dirty drawers... but NOT dig further into and report on what influence did and does Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayres, Saul Alinsky and others have on Barack Obama, the more the voting public will write Obama off.

Americans are sick and tired of the whole McCain P.O.W. shtick. Give it a rest already. McCain is a hero. Anybody who does not know the sacrifice John McCain has made for this nation has been living in a cave for the past 18 months. Everyone knows it and everyone appreciates him for it. But right now, today, people in real time America want McCain to give them a 'good' reason why they need to vote for him as the next President of the United States, beyond the fact that he spent those years in the Hanoi Hilton.

Americans are sick and tired
of this do-nothing Congress-- of which Obama/Biden and McCain have been an integral part of. It was under their watch (Obama/Biden and McCain) that this Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, mortgage meltdown, bank closures, Wall Street greed, out-of-control spending, lobbyist driven take-down of the American financial system has been allowed to fester. It doesn't matter if you have been in Congress one day or 100,000 days... Obama/Biden and McCain are equally to blame to those of us in middle America. So stop the finger pointing and give the voters your plan to get us out of this mess. (As of this blog entry, McCain has offered his plan... Obama called a press conference to announce that he was not prepared to announce his plan). Oh well.

And lastly... the first face-to-face debate between the two candidates will occur this week. Americans are sick and tired of hearing canned phrases and regurgitated "stump speeches" in place of real, authentic answers from your hearts. Leave the politico-speak for sound bites... and give the electorate honest, frank, forthright answers to the debate questions! Voters will be tuned in and listening.

So... President McCain or President Obama consider this your one and only job interview, and give us your best. Remember you work for us... we don't work for you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is O.J. Causing Obama To Tank?

There seems to be a correlation between the ongoing robbery trial of O.J. Simpson, which is unfolding before our eyes... and the presidential trial of Democratic nominee Barack Obama. How ironic that everyday O.J.'s smirking face is on television... as he sits in that Las Vegas courtroom facing robbery, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and coercion charges... Obama's poll numbers keep tanking. What??? New York and New Jersey are now in play!

Say what you will, but the 1995 O.J. Simpson murder trial was one of the most racially divisive events in the history of this nation. The lingering effects of that trial's verdict can still be felt, as racial tensions hover across America like a wet blanket.

In light of that reality... who scheduled this 'new' Simpson trial to run concurrent with the final 47-days of the Obama presidential campaign? Did no one think to postpone O.J.'s memorabilia 'thug' trial until after November––especially considering O.J. and Obama both are experiencing national ire for the perception of one (literally) and the other [figuratively] having killed-off a blond, talented white women... and a hero White male?

Not good timing!

Let's think about it. How many Whites remain chafed, angry, and will not ever vote for Obama because they feel he (with the help of the biased media) smugly and arrogantly gamed the system, and got away with robbing Hillary of her place in history... and now, has the audacity to set his sights on taking out America's war hero John McCain as well?

Then, how many of those same Whites, harbor subliminal anger, as they are reminded each day via television, of how another good-looking African American man, (who with the help of the late Johnny 'if it don't fit, you must acquit' Cochran) smugly and arrogantly gamed the system and got away with the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman?

Those once media darlings, O.J. and Obama, although not by their own choosing, are on simultaneous tracks, as both are now on trial and are currently being judged by their peers. Will one walk and one win? Now, that would be utopia for both.

But I wouldn't bet the farm. There remains the chance that O.J. and Obama will each go down in defeat... big time! The jury is still out on both.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obama's "Bubba" Hurdle

The 2008 Presidential General Election is in full swing. For the remaining 52 days, all eyes now will focus on the Electoral College map... and specifically, the key battleground States.

It was just a bunch of 'wolf-talking' hooey the Obama campaign's lofty calculations of a 50-State strategy, and putting States in play that could shift the political landscape. No one really believed his unrealistic predictions of turning Red-States-to-Blue, and possible Red-States-Purple. As a matter of fact, this year's Electoral College map closely resembles the 2004 Bush vs Kerry match-up, with very little deviation by States.

No, just as in the past three election cycles, this race will boil down to the meat-and-potatoes States which are must-wins for any candidate wishing to secure the presidency, and they are: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida. Now Obama's hurdle is that in three out of those 4 States he will go up against the notorious "Bubba" factor... a major determinant to whether he wins of loses.

In an effort to reach out to those bible clinging, gun-toting, small rural town Bubbas, the United Kingdom's Times Online reports:

The Obama team hopes the “Bubba factor”––Clinton’s appeal to white, working-class voters–– will revitalize its campaign and staunch defections to Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee. [Sept. 14, 2008]

Now the true coup de grâce for Obama's hemorrhaging campaign is if he can dump Senator Joe Biden as Vice President and replace him with Senator Hillary Clinton. There is absolutely no way Obama can (or will) carry those essential States without Hillary on the ticket. Remember, Hillary overwhelmingly won all four of them in the primaries. Yes, it is true that some of those Bubba's in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania may or may not vote for a Black man... even with Clinton on the ticket. But, in light of the present Electoral College map match up... Obama may not have a choice... and will make the huge gamble of adding Hillary now, or go home a loser in six short weeks.

Keep those eyes on the map!

Senator McCain and the Republicans have got to be loving this.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wrap Your Mind Around a Sarah Palin Vice Presidency

All the talk of late is about the role of the U.S. Vice President. Is Biden ready... is Palin experienced enough? The question posed by Sarah Palin a while ago regarding her interest in the job, although flippant, it was telling, as she asked: "What does a Vice President really do"?

But first before examining the actual job responsibilities, let's juxtapose Governor Palin's readiness-to-be Vice President answer to Senator Joe Biden's recent statement on his Vice Presidential preparedness, as a possible indicator of who is... or is not set to serve:

"I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can't blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we're on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can't blink. So I didn't blink then even when asked to run as his running mate". Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin; Sept. 11, 2008

"Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice-president of the United States of America. Let's get that straight. She's a truly close personal friend...quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me." Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden; Sept. 10, 2008

Quite a contrast to say the least.

So, what does a Vice President do? Traditionally, the duties of the Vice President have been mostly 'ceremonial': attending funerals for world leaders, presiding over the House and Senate, and providing the tie-breaking vote if needed. But also to support the well-being, and the policies and ideas of the President of the U.S.A. Indeed, Dick Cheney has been the most hands on, powerful Vice President in the history of this nation. But his role for the past 8-years is more the exception... not the 'rule'.

Fellow country men who have served in the position of V.P. included Charles W. Fairbanks (Roosevelt); Alben W. Barkley (Truman); Albert Gore, Jr. (Clinton). And none of them had the responsibility or the expectation of overtly running anything in their V.P. capacity. And voters can rest assured, and sleep comfortably at night, knowing that Sarah Palin won't either.

The Veep job is the equivalent of being the second-string quarterback... the back-up... the "stand-by-just-in-case"! Although many are treating Palin as such, but, let's be clear: Sarah Palin is NOT running for President! She will only be the #2. And... quiet as it's kept, the odds of her ever having to step in and assume the role of President will not be any higher than has been in the past.

Yes, being a heartbeat away from President is important... but not nearly as crucial as many in they media purport it to be. With a cadre of advisors, Cabinet Secretaries, military consultants and other appointees, IF Palin should elevate to the role of President, she would not have absolute authority nor be able to override the will of the people.

Historic as her being elected Vice President would be for this country, she will basically be the proto-type... to help the American people wrap their minds around the prospect of a woman "one-day" being the Commander-in-chief. Now... while change sounds good, Americans won't be pushed into changing "too fast", too soon.

So... Sarah Palin, as V.P., will be in check, and a highly regarded figure-head, whose only claim-to-fame is access to the man with the power and the bully pulpit. No more, no less!

50+ days and counting...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCain, Obama! You Call Yourselves World Leaders?

The road to the White House is increasingly being littered with carcases of what we Americans once held sacred in this country: women, children and disabled people. Where did civil decency in this country go? What happened to America's value system which included a respect and a safe-zone for the innocent and those who can't fight back for themselves?

This 2008 Presidential election cycle will indeed go down in history as the nastiest, most vile and negative in American history. And... if we don't pull it back NOW, and left unchecked, this negative, acerbic, acidulous climate––which is being fueled on the Internet and by biased main stream media pundits–– will result in a volatile environment which could rent this country in two at the conclusion of this race.

Just recently, in what some on the right are calling a 'direct' swipe at pitbull lipstick-wearing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin... Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama verbalized this crass, less-than-presidential remark during a stop in Virginia:

"You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig".

Name calling... insulting, degradative remarks... and crude public attacks are beneath the dignity of both of these national campaigners. And hurling attacks, especially on the wives and children of candidates has really gone too far, and has no place in decent, civil public discourse. Regardless of what one thinks about the views and positions of Obama or McCain or Palin or Biden... what public good does it serve to refer to Michelle Obama as the "N" word, Cindy McCain as the "B" word... or the most contemptible of all: circulating the most dastardly jokes about 5-month old Trig Palin, the Downs Syndrome baby of Governor Sarah Palin? What kind of nation are we becoming where ridicule of women, babies and children is acceptable and promoted?

It is the responsibility of the candidates to keep out of the gutter, and stay above the fray. Likewise, the voting public must exercise respect for themselves and this country, and stop circulating–– via emails––those unsubstantiated, uncorroborated and blantly false tales from unprofessional individuals on both sides.

Presidential candidates McCain and Obama need to remember that one of them will eventually have to govern and lead all Americans after this election is over. And trying to lead angry folks will make for a steep hill to climb. McCain, Obama... act like the world leaders you hope to be, and get back to debating issues!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama's Muslim Verbal Slip Hurts Him

With 12-15% of the voting public still convinced that Barack Obama is, was, and always will be a Muslim, and the seventh anniversary of 911 terrorist attacks imminently looming, the combination may spell serious news for him. The Democratic presidential nominee made what will be chronicled in the annals of the 2008 election post-reviews as the biggest faux pas of his political career on Sunday September 7, 2008.

During an ABC News' interview with George Stephanopoulos, Obama made the following statement:

"Let's not play games. What I was suggesting -- you're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith".

Clearly oblivious of the misapplied words he uttered about 'his Muslim faith'... Obama kept on talking until host Stephanopoulos jumped in to try and help the Illinois Senator clean up the huge gaffe. Stephanopoulos' suggestion that he may have meant to say his "Christian faith" was too little, too late as the-cows-were-already-out-of-barn door and the news was running across bloggersville!

Gaffes such as this have been known to sink a many political campaigns. And the particularly detrimental aspect to that segment of the interview, and what will surely raise further questions and doubts regarding Obama's Christian profession, was the cavalier/''oh, yeah... right' manner in which Obama interchanged the words 'Christian faith' in place of "Muslim faith'–– as if mixing up the two faiths is no big deal. Obama should have been a bit more apologetic or appeared more shaken to the core at saying 'my Muslim faith' instead of 'my Christian faith' while addressing this prickly issue.

In this right-now/You tube age of information dissemination, clips from the Stephanopoulos/Obama exchange are all over the Internet, and will be fodder for 527s in the upcoming weeks.

Obama's poll numbers will be closely watched in the next few weeks to determine just how bad...or not, the damage.