Thursday, August 14, 2008

McCain To Take-On Obama "Mano y Mano"

Barring some unforseen occurrence––such as a last ditch mutiny effort on the part of the powerful PUMAs; the Denver Group; or other Hillary Clinton supporters––Senator Barack Obama seems on his way to becoming the first Black man in the history of this nation to successfully complete the 'initial' hurdle in the U.S. presidential process to secure his party's nomination. Few can argue that he has run a near flawless campaign against one of the most well-oiled political machines of this era––the Clintons.

In less than two weeks, Obama will begin competing to cross the 'second' hurdle in his quest for the highest office in the land. And this General Election playing field, where no Black has ever gone before, will pit an untested, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants Southside Chicago outsider against the been/there done/that, no-holds-barred-Republican... John McCain!

Obama's comments that McCain, and his Grand Old Party members would use 'race' to eclipse his historic run toward the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue address, demonstrates his gross miscalculation of the battle he is about to undertake. The Republicans could not attack Obama from a racial frontal position. That would have been a lose-lose strategy, in that the Republican party... the party of Lincoln... is predominately white.

The Republicans are too shrewd to waste time or energy attacking that meager 12.5% African-Negroid portion of Obama's ethnic make-up. Look for them to take it to Obama just as they would any other White contender–– because he is 50% white. The strategy, more than likely, will be to force Obama–– for the first time in his adult life–– to lay aside the victimhood, affirmative action shtick that many whites feel he has milked extensively to get where he is today. (Remember the words of Geraldine Ferraro in the primary).

John McCain has already telegraphed how he plans to take Obama on: "white man to white man". How deftly did McCain (to the chagrin of party hacks) rebuke colleagues who mentioned Obama's middle name early on in the campaign. And his recent slapping the race card off-the-table for the duration of the contest when Obama tried to use it in Florida and again in Missouri. The general rule appears to be: "No references to race, nor preferences because of race will be tolerated by McCain". Rather... the presumptive Republican nominee will just pretend Obama is a white man with a 'deep tan' and proceed to try and 'annihilate' him as if he were any other competitor.

By making Obama fight the remaining 80-days of this race as white men fight will mean he won't be allowed to whine about the rules of engagement, or complain about the sure-to-come hits below the belt, such as the mountains of scandalous information already on ice and in the deep freezer about Obama/Soetoro waiting to be released. Neither can the media or other entities with no-quarter-in-this-dollar be permitted to jump in to try and save or 'influence' the outcome. Those primary race antics just won't happen!

No... the second and final hurdle in the race for the White House will be won or lost on this plane: "mano y mano".

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