Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bill Clinton Is Still a Slick-'un!

As they say here in the South... "watch that Bill Clinton... he is a slick-'un"! How best was this phrase demonstrated than during his recent interview on ABC news... where his comments continue to generate incessant rumors at the grass root level, regarding Senator Obama's constitutional qualifications for the office of President. Clinton, the masterful dean and inventor of message innuendo said, when asked by ABC correspondent Snow about Obama being completely qualified to be President:

"The Constitution sets qualifications for the president, and then the people decide who they think would be the better president".
Why didn't #42 just state a resounding "Yes, he is" ... or a conclusive "No, he's not", when asked that question? Surely Bill Clinton understands that this statement would further fuel the constant, nagging drag on Obama––and subsequent tanking poll numbers of Obama––because of the junior Senator from Illinois' refusal to produce his original, signed, certified birth certificate. Was President Clinton signaling a hidden meaning in his "... Constitution sets qualifications for the president..." remark that he has also bought into the wide-spread notion that Obama is hiding something by not being transparent and revealing his birth records?

While it's true the former president is busy championing his cause in Africa... but is he, or his aides, aware that he fed right into "web chatter"? Did he not know that bloggersville is abuzz with these 'daily' and 'hourly' conspiratorial posts:
Was Obama born in the US... Does he have dual citizenship in Indonesia and US... Was he legally adopted by his Indonesian step-father whereby his legal name on his birth certificate is Barry Soerto... Was his mama legally married to his daddy at birth... Or was he born illegitimate (as Michelle O hinted a few weeks back)... Is he part Arab by nationality... Was he listed as Muslim by religion...?
Clinton had to know that these are "real time" questions that dominate cyberspace–– and cyberspace is where this year's electorates are getting their information and forming their opinions for the General Election. It also should be noted that presumptive GOP nominee, John McCain, whose qualifications for the presidency were also questioned early-on in the contest, presented his original birth certificate to the media, and received an official ruling that his birth in the Panama Canal does not disqualify his run for the highest office in the land.

For sure... the shrewdness of Clinton's now-famous 'Constitution/qualification' remark did not help an already-wary-public put to rest these Obama birth certificate rumors. As a matter of fact, by virtue of his authority... he gave futher credence to them. Well, if this birth-certificate-'Constitution/qualification' issue is not sorted out before the Democratic Convention in two weeks, Obama can believe that the Republicans (who won't let the birth certificate issue go uncontested... nor let it hang like an overcast cloud) will mop the 50-State map up with him every day until he produces it, then, move on to the main blood bath through November 4th.

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