Friday, August 29, 2008

**Extra! Extra!** McCain Taps Palin, Woos Clinton Women

Presumptive presidential nominee, John McCain, may have hit pay dirt in his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice President. Only a maverick as John McCain has the irrefutable reputation and chutzpah to pull off this historic feat: placing the 1st woman ever on the Republican party ticket.

This was an especially energizing and powerful move on the part of McCain, as it was actuated during the week celebrating the anniversary of Women's suffrage in this country. In addition, McCain muzzles any criticism of his choice from the Obama camp on her readiness to hold the highest office in the world, foreign policy experience, or her not being properly vetted or introduced to the American public.

Known as Sarah "Barracuda" Palin, this tough, no nonsense, 44-year old mother of 5 children (including a Downs Syndrome son less than six months old, and a son slated for imminent deployment to Iraq) puts the women's vote back in play... big time! A journalism major, with a minor in politics, she holds a degree from the University of Idaho. She is married (for 20 years) to a native Yup’ik Eskimo, named Todd, and brings a compelling, grassroots, small town story to the political discussion.

Coming out the starting gate giving a hat tip to the women whose shoulders she stands on and who paved the way for her getting the nod: former Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro and Senator Hillary Clinton... was a brilliant political move by this self-declared 'hockey mom'. Ferraro immediately released this statement, in what could be viewed as a semi-endorsement of McCain/Palin choice:

"There are a lot of women who are disaffected by how Hillary was treated by the media, by how she was treated by the Obama campaign, by how she was treated by the Democratic National Committee — [Democratic party chairman] Howard Dean not speaking up when sexism raised its ugly head in the media. They’ll be looking to see what happens now".

Now the question is, can and will women––regardless of their party affiliation, and their position on Roe vs Wade––ban together to break through the glass ceiling that Clinton left 18 million cracks in this year? Polls show that 1 in 5 women who supported Hillary Clinton, are committed to voting for McCain in the Fall.

McCain, whose shocking, unexpected pick of Palin seems to have stumped the main line media and pundits. Now, as he begins to release names of potential Cabinet selections in a McCain administration, will bring a comfort level to some men who may be apprehensive to a woman being a 'heartbeat' away from the Oval Office.

This possible smart choice shows that the Arizona Senator is not afraid to challenge Democratic nominee Barack Obama for the much touted "change" mantle, while offering himself as the long time change agent in Washington.

Round 2 goes to McCain!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the choice was smart or maybe not. Will the every day women who are not members of NOW or other groups feel good about a woman leaving her special needs child under 6 months to run for office away from home. The choice may very well back fire.

Will women desert their party just to elect a woman. They must remember they are also electing McCain and the policies that come with him.

The republicans have been good at keeping up the pity party for senator Clinton. She ran one of the most negative campaigns short of being a republican. She did not lose because of the media but because of the kind of campaign she ran.

Anonymous said...

Will the women continue to be wooed by Gov. Palin when they stop and question her jugdement? Do women really want Roe vs Wade overturned as we hear the governor wants done? How will women perceive the "judgement of a women who leaves an infant to go off campaigning for office?