Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can Obama or McCain Think Outside the Box?

The rumor mills are rife as to who this year's presidential candidates will select to fill the coveted Vice Presidential positions on their tickets. As the national Democratic and Republican conventions are fastly approaching, speculations continue to swirl that both Senators Obama and McCain may make unprecedented moves and reach across the aisle to select a running mate.

A Republican senator from Nebraska, Chuck Hagel's name is being tossed about as being on the short list of Democratic hopeful Obama... while long-time friend, confidant and Connecticut senator, Joe Lieberman's name is being bantered about as GOP nominee McCain's choice. Talk about throwing the 2008 Presidential election into a tailspin and risking Blue States turning Red and Red States possibly turning Blue! If such a scenario should indeed happen, it would be a political quagmire and throw the electorate into a perplexing conundrum.

Just how would an Obama/Hagel versus McCain/Lieberman showdown really be received to a voting population who says they prefer an end to partisan bickering and unity of this nation? And... more importantly, how would a very liberal Obama work with a staunch conservative like Hagel... and can a semi-conservative McCain realistically share power with the quasi-liberal Lieberman? Either of these pairings would be viewed as an insult by the loyalists in their respective parties, but seen as a bold move–– signaling a forward 'thinkingness' on the part of Obama or McCain to the all-too capricious independent and swing voters.

This being an unusual election year, and with a growing divide in the country at this time, the candidate with the chutzpah to couple with someone of a totally different political persuasion may be able to pull off such a feat... and also win points among those in the heartland of America.

While such a daring reach-across-the-aisle move is not new and has been tried unsuccessfully before (history buffs often refer to the ill-defined administration of President John Adams/Vice President Thomas Jefferson) this noble effort could make this 'history-making' election season even more unique and controversial.

Without a doubt, it would take a self-assured, confident leader––one who could withstand the harsh and relentless criticism from all sides–– to put forth a bi-partisan, Democrat/Republican, power sharing Presidential ticket for the first time in this generation. Well, who knows... McCain or Obama may be that sort of leader.

Far-fetched as it may seem... this may be the time for one (or both) of these Presidential wanna-bes to "think outside the box" ... and this may just be what is needed to coalesce this nation to move an agenda forward for the good of the people!

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