Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Growing "Died-In-the-Wool-We-Want-Hillary-for-President" Sites

Gauging from the number of new "Hillary supporters for John McCain" websites cropping up almost daily on the Internet, it appears a major insurrection within the Democratic ranks is in full swing. In the 39 days since Senator Clinton officially suspended her formal campaign for the Democratic nomination, over 100 died-in-the-wool-we-want-Hillary-for-President sites have been launched.

Some of the more well-known/recognized sites include: "justsaynodeal", "writehillaryin", "hillarysupportersformccain", and the Bigmama of them all PUMA08. These webstops are virtual caucus sites, allowing space and a place for these women and men to stay connected, get more organized, and direct the flow of their massive dollars/fund raising away from the DNC and presumptive nominee Obama. Make no mistake about it, these groups are well financed... and very ANGRY!

This year, assuming that Hillary would be the party's standard bearer, was touted as a sure-bet win for the Democrats. But... all bets seem off as of right now. Sources estimate that approximately 2 million of those eighteen million Hillary-voters have declared publicly, and on these new websites, a change in their voting preference to "Independent". Many have come out boldy and vowed that, should Hillary not get the Democratic nod or get asked to be the #2 on the 2008 Presidential ticket, they may stay home on election day, or vote for McCain. [Wow! 2 million votes in a close, down-to-the-wire race in November... Can anyone say repeat of the 'dimpled and hanging CHAD??]

Hillary has been awfully quiet. What exactly does she, and her army of bitter, typical white person voters, have up their sleeve is the question the Obama camp should be worried about instead of photo-opping in Afghanistan, Germany, France and Iraq. According to a recent Charles Signorile post:

"...although Obama may appear to be the Democratic nominee in November, nothing is written in stone as of yet, and Hillary may very well pull off a political coup at the convention and gain her parties nomination."

The strength of this Democratic insurrection lies mostly with white women who ain't thinking about the Roe v Wade threat Democrats use each election cycle to rattle them and get them to fall in line behind their party. "Not this year, not this time" (to use an Obama phrase) as many feel he [Obama], the Democratic leadership, and the biased and misogynistic main line media pundits collectively 'stealing' the primary election from Hillary is a bigger war than their long-time abortion battle. The daily blogs and postings by the bandwagon-jumper-on crowd to sites such as, is further fueling this 'very real' coup movement.

McCain, who no one could ever accuse of being anything other than a quasi-Democrat in Republican clothes, finds himself the victor of this political nutiny, as he is sits in the 'cat-bird' seat, 'chilling on weekends at his house and quietly––but diligently wooing this... and his Republican base for a win in the Fall.

With five short weeks to the show-down in Denver, Obama would be wise not to discount the prowess of Hillary. Because remember... she IS a Clinton! And lest we forget... those taunting, yet prophetic words she uttered during the primary still hang mockingly over this election: " ain't over until the woman in the pantsuit says its over"!