Sunday, August 24, 2008


The suspense is over! Joseph Biden, Jr. has been tapped to round out the 2008 Democratic ticket. Presumptive presidential nominee, Barack Obama's selection of Biden as his Vice Presidential choice signals his attempt to hopefully bring those white, blue collar Appalachia corridor voters to his side.

Biden, the 66-year old Senator from Delaware, has been a pillar in Washington, DC politics for more than 35 years. Best known for off-the-cuff, one-line/one-word 'zingers', (many of which have gotten him in hot water in the past) Biden's foreign policy experience is what he is most respected for.

Having run for the highest office in the land twice before, in 1988 and 2008, Biden's unsuccessful attempts to offer his services as President of the United States can largely be attributed to his message mangling and then media muckraking. Biden, a Roman Catholic who is married to "drop-dead gorgeous wife", Jill, and is the father of three, will accept his party's nomination on Wednesday night of the convention.

A man who has prided himself on 'saying what he means and standing by what he says', an unscripted Biden has often been a magnet for media irritation. It will be interesting to see how he will be subject to Obama.

More telling will be how Obama's selection of Biden––although the best choice he could have made considering his V.P. short list possibilities–– will now require he and his team to revamp his entire message/theme during these final 70+ days of this election. By choosing the beltway-insider, long term senator, Biden... Obama has officially desecrated his "Change" and "Hope" mantra, which was the single and only mojo he had working for his campaign... and what had really propelled him to the political sphere he has been operating from the past 18 months.

The eyes of the nation will watch closely this week during the Convention to hear and see what the new brand will be for the Obama/Biden ticket.

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