Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is An Obama/Clinton Head-Fake In the Making?

The long, drawn-out process to select the Democratic nominee for the office of President of the United States of America will finally conclude next week in Denver. This 4-day gathering brings together all of the party faithful, Super Delegates, and many national, state, and local level Democratic elected officials under one big tent. At the conclusion of this 2008 Covention, presumptive nominee, Senator Barack Obama, is expected to walk away as the big kahuna. (Note the keyword "expected". Because as long as there is breath in Hillary Clinton's body, she still has a possibility to snatch this nomination right from under him, or be on the ticket as V.P.)

In this political year, where nothing seems to be what it is––Up is now down; Black is white; the best candidate is painted as the worst and vice versa–– conspiracy theories abound. And claims that there is a dead rat somewhere in the mix, are rampantly circulating.

Take for instance the unusual and unexplained 'ceremonial' roll call vote Obama is granting Hillary Cinton on the night he is to accept his party's nomination. Unless she is the selected V.P. on this year's ticket... ceding that much ground to her and Bill is not justified.

Then, supposedly after this non-binding first round vote call is complete, Clinton in turn is expected to play nice, and keep her word and cast any and all her delegates from this play-acting vote, back to Obama? Everybody leaves unified, happy and ready to rumble! That is either the biggest hoax or... to quote Bill Clinton, a big "fairy tale."

Coming off a disastrous non-debate at Saddleback Church against Republican nominee John McCain, lackluster performances at recent town hall/campaign rallies, and a continual drop in his poll numbers since mid-March–– where McCain is up by 5 points today... Obama must choose that someone who can bring back excitement to his campaign. And, none of the current Veeps leaked to the media as being on Obama's short list: Kaine, Biden, Bayh or Sebelius, have the necessary 'juice' to aid in a victory for the Democratic team in November. Obama, who didn't get where he is by being naive or stupid, has probably known from day one that Hillary goes on the ticket, or he loses in the Fall.

Was that the game plan all along? Presidential contender Ralph Nader, who has long been dubbed a political spoiler, may have been telegraphing the "planned" Democratic ruse in the following news release:

"Obama may dislike Hillary, but will conclude he has no choice but to get over it if he hopes to leave next week’s convention in Denver with a unified party and a decent shot against John McCain in the fall: The polls show 25 percent of her supporters have not gotten on board.”

Chiming in to echo Nader's claim, is longtime Clinton loyalist and choice supporter, Lynn Forester/Lady de Rothschild, who was quoted in an international newspaper as saying:
"My loyalty is to the Democrats winning. Barack Obama is going to have a serious problem getting elected, for good reason. The party needs to face the fact that without Hillary Clinton on the ticket, the Democrats will probably lose.”

So, if the Obama/Clinton strategy from the onset was to play out this enemy/adversary or "good cop, bad cop" drama all the way to the end... only to come together, display a huge show of unity at the convention, and leave Denver as a cohesive team... that would be a brilliant, well-executed strategy. Then, the Denver speaking line-up would begin to actually make sense: spotlight on Michelle Obama on Monday, Hillary on Tuesday, Bill Clinton on Wednesday, and Obama on Thursday. Talk about the 2008 Presidential/Vice Presidential team on display right before our very eyes each night! All that's left is to drop the Red, White and Blue balloons.

If this has been the strategy for the Democrats to win back the White House, it would be the biggest bamboozlement, in-your-face to the Republican party in modern history–– and would catch the GOP totally off-guard. Or, as Dan Gerstein, a Democratic consultant from New York so aptly phrased it:

“If he [Obama] determines that Hillary after all is the best choice to help him to win and to govern, they are capable of pulling off what would be the greatest head fake in American political history.”