Thursday, July 31, 2008

Britney, Paris, and Obama: A Trio Locked in History!

In a few short days the 2008 Presidential race will finally be finished... over... done... complete! That is when the Monday- morning-quarterbacking will commence as high paid analysts and brainiac historians will studiously pore over each detail of the General election: the good, the bad, and the ugly to determine just how the winner won and the loser lost.

Should Senator John McCain be fortunate enough to pull a win out of the bag, history will reveal that the game changing moment... that one moment (it happens by the way in all campaigns) which turned Obama's world upside-down, is this new "Britney, Paris, and Obama" ad. Indeed, on the surface, the ad appears nonsensical and juvenile, both in worth and presentation. Aw... but therein is the mastery of this ad. And, whoever designed it will be lauded for years-to-come for the ad's long term effectiveness!

Now, the first outcome of the 'ad' was to cause a national raucous to be raised. Bait-takers, such as the Huffington Post, who called the ad 'racist'... and MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and the likes, could be depended on to raise-the-racism trumpet and create that 'noise'. True to form, the 'noise' has been raised, and by design, has caused many to focus on the age-old "Mandingo slave stereotype" or... young blonde, white woman and good looking black man parody. Consequently, many will spend the next 90-days of the election stewing over that... while the real message of the ad lingers in the air.

Then, there are others who are interpreting the ad as meaning Obama, Paris, and Britney are superfluous media creations––void of substance or any other attributable or meaningful contribution to society, to date. For sure... those following that particular vein of thought are also being diverted (for the time being) from grasping the true essence of... and genious of this 'ad'.

Even Senator Obama allowed himself to fall into that "well-set" trap door, as he, by responding to the ad... demonstrated his irritation with its substance. Here are his comments on the ad during a recent campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

"’d think we could have a serious debate," Obama said. "But so far, all we've been hearing about is Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. I mean, I do have to ask my opponent, is that the best you can come up with? Is that really what this election is about? Is that what is worthy of the American people?"

And right there... in Obama's comments... is the point-driving essence of that 'ad'. It's not about the racial aspect... and forget about its painting Obama/ Britney/Paris as 'air-heads'. What this ad really does is shrewdly remind the American public of what Obama so blatantly spoke: how sick, and tired, and weary, and worn-out, and exhausted, and burnt-out they are of hearing about Britney, Paris, and Obama–– all the time.

The media's overblown coverage of those three have made their very names nauseating to the general public. People don't want to hear their names, see their faces or hear about any more of their previous or future escapades... let alone 'any' further information about them. Period! Truth be told, every time that 'ad' plays (and it is sure to play non-stop from now until November) Senator Obama will understand the art-of-that-ad... as his poll numbers will be par to those of Britney and Paris by then.

So, if McCain should win... let the history books reflect that it was the media and the media pundits' attempt to ram Obama down the throats of Internet savvy Americans... that killed the presidency of Barack Obama.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John McCain? How Can it Be???

Pollsters, pundits, and political junkies are scratching their heads in bewilderment as this year's General Election campaign defies rhyme, reason, and rationale. This was to have been a run-away year for Democrats to triumph over Republicans and re-take the coveted prize: the White House. But recent polls, conducted by such noted surveyors as: Gallup, Rasmussen, USA Today, Real Clear Politics and the likes, have this 2008 Presidential election virtually tied... and in a dead heat. How can this be?

How can it be that Senator John McCain, the septuagenarian Republican nominee, is polling neck-and-neck with the middle aged, vibrant Illinois senator, Barack Obama? It doesn't add up.

How can it be that Senator McCain, who is running the most unexciting, discombobulated, boring campaign in the history of politics, is within the margin of error in most of these polls... and even slightly ahead of Obama in others? It just doesn't jive!

How can it be that Senator McCain, who has yet to 'fine-tune' a theme, or present one over arching campaign message to the American people that would give reason to vote for him in 95 days, is so close in a head-to-head match up with Obama? Are the masses being bamboozled by pollsters or what?

How can it be that John McCain, who is scrapping almost daily for any media attention or honorable mention of any kind, compared to the media domination (both in paid advertising and media coverage, interviews, etc. of the Democratic nominee) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fail. And... McCain is still able to be competitive in the polls against Obama? What's up with that???

Someone please answer the question: Who are these poll companies polling? Are any of these surveys being conducted via E-mail? Snail mail? or are they being conducted only by telephone?

If the telephone is the mode for gathering survey data ... then what is key, especially with the increased number of folks who now use "cell phones only", is how are pollsters sampling those who don't have or use a conventional land line phone? How, pray tell, are these polls being executed–– particularly since they reflect such a tight, close race?

Who is being selected or targeted for these political surveys... and how can it be that no one has ever contacted me... or for that matter, anyone that I know... to get input on this year's election.

If McCain (who appears to be using Senator Hillary Clinton's failed talking points and the handbook she used in the Democratic primary) is not already blown-out of this year's race... considering all the money, message, and media Obama has to his credit... then perhaps there is something wrong with the polling. But then again, maybe McCain's got a mo-jo that really works, and he is really working it.

Your feedback is welcomed!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama: Pimping His Private Prayer...

Let me be the first to eat crow!

Indeed I was one of the hundreds of thousands of people across the globe outraged and calling for an apology, and a boycott, of the Israeli newspaper, Ma'ariv, for printing the contents of the personal prayer to God by Democratic nominee Barack Obama, during his recent trip to the Western Wall. For those not familiar with the story, Obama wrote the following prayer to God and slid it into the holy wall in Israel:

"Lord - protect my family and me. Forgive my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will."

Because prayers are so sacred, Jews and Christians alike, from all corners of the world, called (what was reported to be the stolen and later printed copy of that prayer for all the world to read) a "sacrilegious", "dastardly", "abominable", "unprincipled", "heinously vile" breach between a man and his God.

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who supervises the Western Wall, joined the chorus by saying:
"This sacrilegious action deserves sharp condemnation and represents a desecration of the holy site. Notes which are placed in the Western Wall are between the person and his Maker; Heaven forbid that one should read them or use them in any way!"

Jewish lawyers jumped on the bandwagon–– having gone as far as to petition the attorney general to order a police investigation into the removal and subsequent publication of the personal note left in a crack by the junior Senator from Illinois. []

Well, the facts of this cynical story... facts that are coming out in the international media... is that it was Senator Obama who provided copies of his personal prayer to God to the media for distribution.

"Ma'ariv [newspaper] issued a response Sunday, saying that 'Obama's note was published in Ma'ariv and other international publications following Obama's authorization to make the content of the note public. Obama submitted a copy of the note to media outlets when he left his hotel in Jerusalem. Moreover, since Obama is not Jewish, there is no violation of privacy as there would be for a Jewish person who places a note in the Western Wall.'"

Providing his personal prayer to the media??? Aside from the much drama, hullabaloo and commotion, both legally and in faith communities across the globe, this has caused... just why Obama would distribute, what should have been a sincere conversation to his maker, to the press? That is problematic in its own regard. But, in addition, why... why would he keep silent (allowing a media circus to ensue for all of these days), knowing that he was the one who authorized the pimping of his private prayer to God to the media for Judo-Christian- credibility-points... is troubling, to say the least.

I've eaten my 'crow'on the front end. Now, Senator Obama owes the Jewish holy men, Christians and people all over the world (who thought he had been wronged and came to his defense), the media... and his God, a sincere, contrite apology. If he doesn't, then every comment unknowingly directed at Ma'ariv news: "sacrilegious", "dastardly", "abominable", "unprincipled", "heinously vile" breach... should be directed to him until he does. Shame on him!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phil Graham Called Us Whiners... Was He Right?

by Guest blogger – Mrs. Frances Smith;
Louisiana Republican State Committee Member District 100

Senator Phil Graham, former adviser to Republican nominee John McCain's presidential campaign, recently called Americans "a nation of whiners?" Although he was sorely reproved for his comments... the question that begs to be answered: "Was he truthful"?

Without a doubt... the answer is a resounding: Yes! Absolutely. Now granted, Graham did not demonstrate much compassion in his expression. But it is high time truth is placed squarely in the public debate!

Today, Americans are faced with so much debt and inflationary costs, primarily because we have not demanded accountability from our political leaders. But, more so because many have not, and will not exercise fiscal discipline with our own household budgets.

Americans have been sucked into a "buy now pay later" mentality... and most of today's purchases are for unnecessary "junk and stuff". Unfortunately, when monthly bills become due, too many Americans are forced to delay payments... opting to pay those debts–– with additional late charges–– some time in the future.

Our spending habits have gone too far out of whack, and it is time we (as a nation) admit that our spending is out of control and get to work to get out of debt. Many of us are our own biggest problem–– having made 'bad' purchases, and continue indiscriminate buying... and actuated some ill-thought-out financial decisions in the past. The seriousness of today's fiscal situation calls for drastic measures to be taken which will lead to long-term solutions.

During a recent speech, I shared with the audience this fascinating perspective from noted writer, Eric Snow:

"...empires experience similar cultural developments. [And] Each stage helps lead to the next, as the values of the people change over time as influenced by military, political, religious, and economic developments". [The Life Cycles of Empires and America's Destiny; Snow]

The audience added education to that list.

So, let's put this into context. Senator Graham's comments, harsh as they may have seemed, was an accurate assessment of where we are right now today–– using the above referenced "developmental stages" model. It is time for the instant gratification generation, who want what they want... when they want it... regardless of if they can afford it... to stop whining and get a grip! If this generation does not begin immediately exercising discipline and individual responsibility in the area of personal finance... then what financial carnage will we leave to the next generation?

The government can only do so much. It is time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and sacrifice to knock down our individual and national debt, as the financial well being of all of of us, lies within exercising sound fiscal decisions by each of us!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VP Picks For '08: A No-Brainer...

With 103-days remaining until American voters go to the polls to select who will lead this nation for the next four years, the chatter has begun on who will be the Democratic and Republican choices for Vice President. The selection of VP is of particular importance this election... more so than any in recent history. Truth-be-told... neither Senators McCain or Obama have any governing or administrative experience. And, unfortunately, executing an election campaign (no matter how well ... or ill-run it is) is no substitute for GOVERNING!

McCain nor Obama has ever run a company (where they would have gained valuable experience (and stress) in meeting a weekly or monthly payroll). Neither one of them have ever governed at the City, County or State levels. Consequently, neither have any hands-on knowledge of how to oversee massive budgets, deal with tax/financial shortfalls, or 'how' and when to dispatch the National Guard in an emergency situation. These are basic leadership skills needed by anyone who aspires to preside over the largest budget and greatest military in the world.

And although both men are engaged in this pointless 'roar-the-loudest' exercise–– in an attempt to convince the American public they are most qualified–– the reality is neither of them has ever had to lead, supervise, boss, head, or be that person where the "buck-stops-here" in their adult "elected official" lives. Therefore, it is incumbent upon both Senators to pick a former Governor as their Veep to compensate for the lack of experience in that area.

To that end, the Republican presidential hopeful will more than likely select former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. There is no getting around it for McCain. It's Romney... or back to the Senate.

Indeed the pundits will say Romney didn't campaign well in the GOP primaries. Regardless of how soundly the voting public rejected Romney during the primaries (he can't have everything: too rich, too handsome, too successful, too smart, perfect family, etc.) Americans are funny people. Voters couldn't purposely and knowingly give him yet another plus or advantage in life: the nod for the top-job-in-the-land. But, well... it's okay if he's relegated to the number two place on the ticket. Yes, placement here somehow dismisses the perception that: Mitt Romney's 'all-that-and-some-CHIPS'!

On the other hand, if presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama hopes to have any chance to win this election in the Fall... he is going to have to pick Senator Hillary Clinton as his running mate. The latest Rasmussen poll numbers show McCain up 10+ in Pennsylvania! Say what you will, those white, rural, working-class, blue collar men and women (18 million and counting) who will never vote for a man of color... love Hillary and Bill and will vote for either one of them if they ran tomorrow! And, like it or not... those are the very votes Obama will need... or he loses.

So... exactly where is Hillary's 'governing experience'? It's no secret... and, she couldn't really say it during the primary campaign... but, everybody knows she was co-Governor of Arkansas, and co-President during the Clinton White House years. Hillary said it throughout her campaign... that she really would be ready on "Day One"!

The Vice Presidential picks for 2008 are really a no-brainer. The match-ups will probably be: Obama/Clinton '08 versus McCain/Romney '08. Now, that will be a close race... a photo finish for sure!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Did Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki Deliver Fatal Blow to McCain's Campaign?

Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, unequivocally interjected himself into the 2008 U.S. Presidential debate... causing a political upheaval of tsunami proportions to the teetering McCain campaign. In an obvious disagreement with the Republican presidential candidate's Iraq policy, Prime Minister Maliki has not only discounted the Arizona Senator's main talking point–– the "surge" is making Iraq more secure–– but, by all intense and purposes, publicly backed Senator Obama's Iraq troop withdrawal plan.

According to Maliki:
Obama is right when he talks about 16 months. Assuming that positive developments continue, this is about the same time period that corresponds to our wishes.”

This game-changing statement officially neuters any further conversation from McCain regarding Obama's naïveté... and squelches any future challenges to the Democratic nominees' judgment relative to the war in Iraq. The number one problem for McCain lies in the fact that his entire presidential bid for the most part, has been built upon his being the person America can most trust to execute the Iraq war sensibly as its Commander-in-Chief. However, Maliki's recent comment has literally yanked the "war authority" rug right from under him... and gives credence to Obama's 'wisdom and judgment' argument.

That back-hand slap to McCain via Maliki was especially embarrassing as the White House mistakenly distributed these comments across the width of the media, and knowing all eyes across the globe are fixed on Obama as he makes his McCain-prodded-Mideast-and-European world tour! Can you say 'Check Mate'?

In addition to these combined missteps, the McCain's camp's biggest error in this Maliki/Obama-drama was how slow they were to respond to the Maliki statement. By the time McCain finally got around to issuing a statement to bat-down or counter what amounts to Maliki's quasi-endorsement of Obama as President of the United States, it was already too late as the delay gave bloggers a several hour 'spin advantage'. Just enough time to hail Senator Obama as the "man-with-the-plan-that-world-understands"... and McCain as "a man without plan, much less a clue".

Being slow-on-the-draw... as Senator McCain was in this instance, was a "colossal" mistake... particularly in a 24-hour news, 'You-tube', 'blog post', instant text messaging society. The irreparable damage to his campaign can be witnessed by surfing the weekend postings in bloggersville.

Indeed, the statement by Maliki, which is being echoed around the world... coupled with the lethargic, delayed response by McCain, who by his own admission is not computer literate or internet savvy, may just be (when we look back) that defining moment in history, which was the fatal blow which sidelined his presidential bid.

We welcome your comments.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hmmm... Obama Sounds Like His Daddy To Me

As an African American woman, an issue that is most puzzling to me regarding Senator Obama is found in the 'telling' Los Angeles Times story, Titled: Obama not quite his father's son... by Edmond Sanders: (,0,3008980.story?page=3)

I don't claim to know a lot... but, there is some truth to the old adage: The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Using that premise let's juxtapose a few statments contained in Mr. Sanders' LA Times article (click on the link above and read it):

The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree:
"In a 2006 speech in Nairobi, Sen. Obama [JR] speculated that his father was unable to reconcile his African roots with the Western ideals he'd come to respect. "He related to women as his father had, expecting them to obey him no matter what he did," he, Sen. Obama [JR], said".

(HMMM… O, Jr. who stabs Alice Palmer in the back to get into politics… disrespects Hillary Clinton during primaries, allows comedian Bernie Mac-Daddy to call women 'Hos' at a recent Chicago fundraiser… pays women in his office less than he pays men…. Uses derogatory Rap song [99 reasons… but a b***ch ain’t one] as his theme song during the primaries. But expects women voters, especially the PUMAs, to “obey him no matter what"??????? Hmm... Sounds like his daddy to me!)

The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree:
"Obama Sr., who got a job as a government economist, had: 1) little patience for politics; 2) or aptitude for diplomacy; 3) publicly contradicting superiors; 4) belittling co-workers and exposing fraud".

(HMMMM… so O, Jr. 1) lacks patience: State Senate (got bored) Ran for Congress (lost) U.S. Senate (got bored after 150 days) Running for President (will he get bored after 1st 100 days and aspire to be Emperor?) Could O, Jr [like SR] be restless and lack patience… He has been running for some office or another for last several years, but seemingly without commitment to serve the people in the office… just step stones; 2) Nor aptitude for diplomacy: O, Jr. moved DNC to Chicago without consulting DC workers, “typical white person, bitter gun, bible clinging comments” "get over it-Hillary lost", "merci beaucoup", "chides Black people to stop feeding your kids Popeyes Chicken"... etc... 3) Contradicts superiors: Moved acceptance speech to Football stadium but Pelosi and gang not informed on front end, Claims surge not working (contradicting Generals on ground) Claims oil drilling is futile (contradicting experts who say explore) Claims capital gains tax is way to go (contradicting noted economists)… 4) Belittles co-worker and exposing fraud: Belittles and exposes anyone who criticizes him. O Jr (through minions and surrogates) allegedly uses full frontal assault on critics... even to the point of 'EXPOSING'/accusing anyone of racism or being an Uncle Tom. "Hmm... Sounds like his daddy to me"!)

The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree:
"Before [in the beginning], he Obama [SR] was everyone's role model," Orwa said. "With that big beautiful voice, we all wanted to be like him. Later, everybody was asking what happened."

(HMMM…. Can we say: Democratic women voters,, his Trinity United Church members, Netroots, Muslims, HAMAs, Black people on Chicago's Southside, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, FISA supporters, anti-Gun supporter, SuperDs, Jews, etc., etc... Hmm... Sounds like his daddy to me!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Growing "Died-In-the-Wool-We-Want-Hillary-For-President" Sites

Gauging from the number of new "Hillary supporters for John McCain" websites cropping up almost daily on the Internet, it appears a major insurrection within the Democratic ranks is in full swing. In the 39 days since Senator Clinton officially suspended her formal campaign for the Democratic nomination, over 100 died-in-the-wool-we-want-Hillary-for-President sites have been launched.

Sites such as 'alwaysforhillary.blogspot', 'clintons4mccain', 'writehillaryin'... and the Bigmama of them all... PUMA08 appear to be methodically organized, interconnected one with the other, and well financed. The one distinguishing characteristic of those posting and executing these new websites is: they are very, very ANGRY.

This election year... assuming that Hillary would be the party's standard bearer... was touted as a sure-bet win for the Democrats. But... all bets seem off as of right now. Sources estimate that approximately 2 million of those eighteen million Hillary-voters have declared publicly, and on these new websites, a change in their voting preference to "Independent". Many have come out boldy and vowed that, should Hillary not get the Democratic nod or get asked to be the #2 on the 2008 Presidential ticket, they may stay home on election day, or vote for McCain. [Wow! 2 million votes in a close, down-to-the-wire race in November... Can anyone say repeat of the 'dimpled and hanging CHAD??]

The collective efforts by sites such as: definitely assure saturation in cyberspace of massive fundraising and anti-Obama messages... all day, everyday! These women and men have two main goals as their focus: giving the DNC the blues, and galvanizing their base–– keeping them engaged until what is sure to be a 'showdown in Denver'. According to a recent Charles Signorile post:

"... although Obama may appear to be the Democratic nominee in November, nothing is written in stone as of yet, and Hillary may very well pull off a political coup at the convention and gain her parties nomination".

The climate that makes this potential coup/movement so real is evidenced by these Clinton supporters willingness to table the longstanding Roe v Wade battle this year... a hot-button flagship platform that Democrats have used each election cycle to stir up women in hopes that they would line up behind their party's bandwagon. But, with the advent of these pro-Hillary websites... these voters aren't thinking about the abortion issue... "Not this time, not this year" (to use an Obama quote) as many of these site promoters feel he [Obama], the Democratic leadership and the biased misogynistic main line media stole the election from Senator Clinton, and have set their sites on fighting this bigger war: to stop Obama in '08.

And McCain, who no one has ever accused of being anything other than a quasi-Democrat in Republican clothes, is set to be the victor of this 2008 political mutiny. He stands to benefit most from this coup/movement as he sits in the cat-bird seat, chillin' on weekends at his house... and quietly, and diligently wooing this powerful base, and his Republican base as well, for a win in the Fall.

As for Hillary, well... she remains awfully quiet. What she, and her army of bitter, typical white person voters have up their sleeves is what the Obama camp should be worried about for the next 5-weeks leading up to the Convention... instead of photo-opping in Afghanistan, Germany, France, with the Palestinians, and in Iraq.

Someone may want to telegraph to Obama to not discount the prowess of Hillary. After all ... she IS a Clinton. And it behooves us all to never forget those taunting and prophetic words she uttered back during the primaries... words which mockingly still hang over this election: "It ain't over until the lady in the pantsuit says it's over!"

Monday, July 14, 2008

McKinney: 1st Black Woman Nominee for POTUS

The 2008 Presidential election has produced yet another milestone in African American history. On Saturday, July 12th, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney secured the Green Party nomination... making her their official standard bearer for the office of the President of the United States of America.

Being a ground breaker is not new for her, as McKinney was the first African American woman to represent Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives. This former Democrat served six terms in Congress before losing her 2006 bid for re-election.

McKinney's history-making feat also allows... for the first time in this nation... two Black candidate's names (McKinney and Senator Obama) to be placed on the election ballot in most––if not all–– the States in the Fall. Regardless of anti-war McKinney's irrefutable reputation in the past of being a bit over-the-top, or hot-tempered... her victory gives way for all Americans, particularly African American women, men, boys and girls to celebrate this high-point in our culture/country. Like it or not, McKinney will be noted in the annals of time as the first African American woman in Presidential history to represent a major party in pursuit of the highest office in the nation.

With that said, let us relish in the pride of the moment and applaud McKinney for doing what several other African American women: Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm (1972), Dr. Isabelle Masters (1984, 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004), Leonora B. Fulani (1988 and 1992) and Senator Carole Moseley Braun (2004) attempted to do... but failed.

Now, there are those who will attempt to verbally assail her as a "spoiler" or an "Obama hater" for jumping into the race at this juncture. But we live on a rapidly expanding 'global' playground... and African Americans can no longer be pigeonholed to one party nor viewed as one-dimensional or monolithic on the political landscape. Indeed, having an African American man and woman participating on the national and international stage, debating alongside Senator John McCain, on critical issues and platforms to make America better... will make great theater.

With both Barack Obama and Cynthia McKinney's names on this year's presidential ballot will make available a 'choice' that has not been afforded to Blacks in this country EVER, and may not ever happen like this again in our lifetime.

So, hats off to Green Party Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney... may the best man or woman win!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Reasons to Vote Barack Obama…

by Guest blogger - E. Barbara Phillips; Berkeley, CA

There are 10 reasons why I will vote for the winner––Barack Obama— this year. It will be the first time, in my long voting career, that I will have voted for a winner. In the past, I have voted my conscience, starting with not voting for John F. Kennedy, but then taking my first professional job with one of his appointees, Edward R. Murrow, who served as head of the United States Information Agency.

Over the years I have rued the two-party system in this country, or to describe it in a more appropriate term: “Tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum” as coined by deaf-and-dumb… but very astute… Helen Keller). And while on occasion I voted for 3rd party alternatives, I kept my integrity, as I was often times appalled at these election results—e.g., Nixon and the Bushes pere et fils, (French for father and son).

However, this time I have picked a winner. No, I may not like Senator Obama’s zigging and zagging trying to get to the center. (I sometimes wonder if a Clinton is advising him). But, like it or not… I have resigned myself to hold my nose and vote for him.

For those who want to know why… here are my top 10 reasons. These reasons reflect a combination of emotional as well as logical:

10. He’s not Bush or McCain. (And, I hope he’s not ‘Clinton-lite’… or Clinton-dark… pardon the pun).

9. He is smart and savvy, and committed to public/private service. He worked in Chicago as a community organizer, eschewing top jobs on Wall Street to work at the grass root level: the streets.

8. His wife, Michelle, is smart and savvy too. How could she not be with a father who was a precinct captain during the first Daley regime!

7. The global standing and reputation of the United States is at an all-time low. I believe the very presence of Barack Obama, as head of the most powerful nation in the world, will improve our standing globally, as people across the world will pay attention and give him a chance.

6. His message of ‘Hope’, ‘audacity’, and ‘getting involved to make this country better’ is a much more appealing message than killing, capitalist greed, and other policies of the past umpteen years.

5. Once and for all, the Rev. Jesse Jackson will leave the national scene.

4. Barack Obama is classy. For example, he did not mention his mother’s living on food stamps during the primaries… and he could well have done that. But instead, he kept his composure as Hillary Clinton transformed herself into the standard-bearer of the working-class (although she hailed from Park Ridge, IL … not poor and well-educated. Really!)

3. Senator John McCain, by his own admission, is an economic light-weight. And… while General Wesley Clark took a hit for saying what he did (i.e., being a POW doesn’t make you a foreign policy expert), he was right in my view. McCain has cozied up to some very bad folks over the years, starting with the famous Keating of the Savings and Loan scandal, who bankrolled his first Arizona Senate campaign. Granted, a person’s private life should not be related to his or her public service at all, but… when politicians bill themselves as the candidate of morality, then they should demonstrate that same standard in all dealings and transactions!

2. I’d rather take my chances with a pig-in-a-poke such as Obama… than proceed with eyes-wide-open… knowing what I’d be getting with McCain (more of the same old stuff… when new ideas are called for!) I’ll take David Axelrod, from Chicago, over McCain’s constantly-changing staff …any day. (And no, I’m not happy about Obama’s selection of Jason Furman as his key economic guy… but we shall see). And finally…

1. The vision of Sasha and Malia Obama sashaying around the White House makes me smile!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama Gets 'Whacked' From All Sides

What's happening to Barack Obama? That's the 'buzz' question circulating both in cyberspace and across the nation. An admitted fact that the former Chicago South side Community organizer was skinny from the outset... he does look thinner these days, a bit frayed of late, and his hair appears to be getting a tad more gray each day.

Even though he touts himself as being 'tough'... Obama's countenance looks tired and he seems 'gaunt' and in need of rest. Truth be told... this should come as no surprise to anyone, as he has been getting 'whacked' pretty hard from all sides since he was declared the Democratic nominee just over a month ago. Perhaps that's why McCain is content with not being tagged the front runner right now.

Not only has Obama had to rebutt, re-explain and re-define his position over-and-over again on every flip-flopping charge the media mirrors back at him daily, but he also has to bat-down each and every attack and counterattack lobbed at him by Senator John McCain and his camp... 24/7.

It stands to reason why rumors are swirling that Obama has resorted to smoking cigarettes. Just in the past 30-days, Obama has had to deal with: the Women- in-scarves-fiasco (angering the Muslims); him calling that White female reporter "sweetie" (angering the women); General Wesley Clark's dissing of McCain's POW record (angering the Vets); the "it's not-my-job-to-vet-the- vetters" debacle (angering the Super Ds); and alienating his base with his blatant U-turn on FISA.

In addition to reneging on his campaign finance reform pledge, openly agreeing to expand Bush's Faith-based Initiatives, watering down his Gun control stance, opposition to the recent Supreme Court's 'rape' decision, his reversal and re-reversal on his signature Iraq troop withdrawal in 16-months (all of which angered the Move.on crowd and the rest of the left-wing Netroots), the mounting chorus of "why-won't-he- show-his- authentic-birth-certificate" charges (angering the Patriots); and... not to mention Hillary's rich, white, money folks closing their pocketbooks to him, all while the PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) group blowing up the internet to recruit those 18 MILLION Clinton Women/Men voters to support McCain in November. What???

And that does not include 'whacks' from Momar Khadafi, alleging that Obama was 'less-than-a-man-of-African-descent' in his recent (over the top) kowtowing to the Israeli audience; Independent Presidential nominee Ralph Nader all-but calling him an 'Uncle Tom' for not addressing Black issues in his campaign; Green party presidential hopeful Cynthia McKinney coming out-of-the-gate referring to Obama as a 'spineless' fake and fraud; and even Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr piled on... challenging Obama's leadership skills and referring to him as either "Tweedle dee or Tweedle dum":

"When it comes to protecting the people's fundamental liberties, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum," observes Barr. "If Sen. Obama will not confront the Bush administration over years of lawless conduct, why is he running for president?"

All of this... and he hasn't even stepped foot in Iraq and Afghanistan yet. There is no telling what gaffes await him when he arrives there.

Odds makers continue to predict Obama, and his camp, will implode... similar to the likes of racing's wonder horse "Big Brown". Well, one thing is for sure, the General Election climate will be far more gruesome and way nastier than it has ever been in presidential political history. And by then, today's 'whacks' will look like 'love-taps' before it's over!

Monday, July 7, 2008

McKinney Poised to Challenge Obama For Left-Wing and Black Voters

As Senator Barack Obama continues pivoting away from those primary-election positions and promises that once galvanized his Democratic base, he may have a new worry looming on the horizon in the person of Cynthia McKinney. A former Georgia Congresswoman, McKinney is said to be a shoo-in as the Green Party's 2008 presidential nominee when their convention is held in Chicago, July 10-12.

Securing the Green Party's 2008 standard-bearer position would bestow on McKinney the historic title of 'first' African American woman to be on the ballot as a viable candidate of a major party for President of the United States. That title alone will not only lessen the aura surrounding Barack Obama's position as the 'first' African American male presidential nominee, but she may also siphon off just-enough left-wing, African American, and women voters, to sink both their chances for victory in the Fall.

Obama, in his quest to appeal to Reagan Republicans and Independents, is gravitating toward a more 'centrist' position of late, which is causing serious ire among many of his followers, and those who supported and believed in his pre-General election message. And McKinney, being the shrewed politician she has always been, is set to capitalize on the Obama backlash. Recently issuing the following statement, McKinney's camp unashamedly challenges progressives/liberals who are disappointed in Obama:

"There can be no effective reasoning with those African Americans who want only that a member of 'The Race' occupy the Oval Office - no matter the character and politics of that Black individual. But self-described progressives of all races cannot excuse their own docility in the face of Obama's rightward lunge - especially when there exists one last opportunity to threaten the Democratic nominee-to-be with a backlash against his betrayals of progressive principles - one last chance to affect Obama's behavior before Election Day, November 4, and beyond. Cynthia McKinney.

It's time for people claiming to be progressives who supported Obama, to accept that they were bamboozled by a champion slickster. Actually, that's putting the best face on the situation, since most of Obama's progressive credentials were simply wished into existence by folks who were tired of even pretending to fight. Obama now dares to drop all pretense of progressivism, trusting that there will be no ramifications on the Left, especially among the otherwise most dependable progressive constituency, African Americans".


It appears that, barring any unforeseen political calamity, McKinney should lock-down the Green Party nomination this week. No doubt she will immediately begin calling attention to and "disrobing" Obama's about-face on those core left-wing issues... in addition to aggressively courting the disgruntled Obama-primary-voters who voice their discontent of the presumptive Democratic nominee (daily and by the thousands) where it counts most: Bloggersville.

Will Obama be forced to scoot-back to the left and keep his base, as Arianna Huffington recommended recently on the Huffington Post site? Or will he continue down the path of appealing to the right... and land somewhere in the center before November? He needs to make that decision sooner rather than later (and perhaps before he casts his controversial FISA vote] as Cynthia McKinney––whose 'say anything' political attacks by-the-way, will make Obama wish for the days when Hillary Clinton was his competitor.

Keep an eye on McKinney. She is poised to challenge Obama for a share of his voters, and... will indeed give him a run for his money!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wesley Clark Gives McCain Keys to White House

If the Arizona Senator, and presumptive Republican nominee does not appoint General Wesley Clark (to any cabinet post he chooses in a McCain Administration) it won't be because McCain doesn't owe him, as he has given McCain the keys to the White House. General Clark, a surrogate for Senator Barack Obama's campaign, opened a 'huge' Pandora's box with these statements about John McCain, shared recently on Face the Nation:

“I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.”

Now them's fighting words to the millions of bitter, flag-waving, gun-loving, bible-clinging U.S. citizens!

And that 18-word statement uttered by Clark... either purposely or not, now places the conversation about "qualifications" smack-dab in the middle of the Oval Office room. The problem is... a conversation about "qualifications" is not one team Obama wants, or needs to have center stage at this juncture in the election process.

Talk about a gift to McCain! Surely Clark, a highly decorated military man, must have understood–– as those fateful words fell from his lips–– that America's fascination with... and love for "heroes", be they fictional or real-life characters, would prompt national rally-'round-the-flagpole support of war hero John "Wayne" McCain... in every small-town across these United States for the remaining 125 days of this election. Heck, if I were McCain, I'd go on vacation to Mexico for a week too.

What was General Clark thinking––shooting off his mouth with those explosive "Ready, Aim, Fire" divisive comments? Did he not know that as a representative of the Obama camp, to publicly challenge McCain's vaunted POW status and literally discount his universally-respected service and sacrifice to this country... 5 DAYS BEFORE the biggest flag day in America: Independence Day ... and a month before the 2008 Olympics (where U.S. athlete hero stories will be spun and chimed across the airwaves daily) would be tantamount to an official declaration of war? Now, you talk about a gift to McCain.

Yes... those 18-little-words have formally ushered in, and brought to the forefront, that which has been brewing in the undercurrent and in cyberspace for months now: a virtual war for the 'soul of America'. Albeit a 'silent, non-confrontational war, but a war just the same.

Although it's not politically correct to talk about it... both sides have already staked out their positions, and was merely awaiting a Wesley-Clark-type-moment to officially move into places: the left-wingbats versus the right-wing conspirators; the blue collar, mom-baseball-apple pie middle Americans facing the latte-drinking, jazz loving, arugula-eating metropolitans; and the anti-war peaceniks against the give-'em-hell patriots.

This orderly class war commences every four years around this same time and culminates on the first Tuesday in November at the local ballot box near you.

Thanks to General Clark's precipitous words, McCain will have the clear "qualifications" ammunition advantage!

Your comments are welcomed.