Thursday, June 5, 2008

Democrats and Republicans...Keep Our Wits and Let the Games Begin

It amazes me how the voting public takes the game of politics so seriously. Notice I said the game of politics. Because that is what it is... a game... a sport. And, those who would be spectators (voters) must view politics just as any other competitive, win-lose game, i.e. basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.

Case in point. Most sports enthusiasts already understand that there will only be one winner in the 2008 basketball finals which pits the Lakers against the Celtics. Don't play! You already know the day you buy your tickets that somebody is going to go home the victor, and someone is going home... the loser. But you buy your tickets anyway!

Such will be with the upcoming head-to-head, Presidential match up with Senator McCain versus Senator Obama. And similar to the NBA play-offs, you already know that somebody is going to win, and someone is going to lose, whether you get involved, buy a or not.

Now, voters/fans, put your feelings in your pocket on the front end. Be it the Lakers vs Celtics or McCain vs Obama, you may as well get ready for the trash-talking-in-your-face-taunts by these two capable opponents. And yes, look for some nasty below-the-belt fouls to be exchanged during the course of the competition. Don't sulk, pout, torch the basketball arena, claw the opposing fans eyeballs out in the parking lot... or even worse, tear up and divide our nation because your team or candidate doesn't win. No, no! Just as there is an unspoken civility in the sports world... likewise there must be civility in the political theater as well. Remember, it's not personal... it's all part of the game.

And voters/fans, don't throw rocks and hurl insults at the media. You already know the media's job is to hype-up the drama. Because like in the playoffs... it's the hype that sells tickets and gets butts in the seats (or in this case, gets the spectators/voters off their couches and into the voting booths).

The Lakers/Celtics; McCain/Obama teams are going to swear to keep the games clean. But as fans/voters, we know on the front end that once there is "skin in the game"'s bound to get ugly and dirty before the fat lady sings. However, we, as Democratic and Republican gentlemen and gentlewomen must keep our wits about us, and enjoy the games for what they are.

With that said...Let the games begin!

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