Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama's Win Emotes Pride For African-Americans

Barack Obama has claimed the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination. What a sense of pride for Black Americans. Here in a nation where––not too long ago––Blacks were classified as property, and seen merely as chattel... and forced to serve the whims of another race, a Black man has a chance to lead the most powerful country in the world.

June 3, 2008 is a milestone in Black history. And, whether you're an African American Republican or Democrat––and regardless of whether your vote will be cast in November for him or not... the symbolism of Obama's clinching his party's nomination emotes a pride down deep in our souls.

With that said, I challenge African American youth to seize this moment. Rise to the occasion and know that you, like Obama, can be anything you want to be. Redirect your focus from amusement to education; from reckless behavior to discipline. Use this Obama pride moment to return to the morals and principles that made us a great race.

African American men, recalibrate your mindset. Now is the time to exert yourselves as the chiefs, the leaders, and the strong Black men you were created to be in the face of this historic hour. Look the part... walk the part. Pull those baggy pants up and hold your heads up high. History has been made. Obama has kicked opened the door for Black men to be recognized and respected and take their rightful place at the table of prosperity. Reflect on that!

And finally, African American women... stick those chests out and be proud! Indeed, Obama's momentous fete bolsters the credibility of all our Black sons, brothers, husbands, nephews, and fathers. So, using this pride-filled moment in time, let's tell our young Black girls to act like ladies and the queens they are. Remind our children every day––from now until the General Election––that the eyes of the world are now on every Black person in America. Keep it in the forefront of their minds that how we, as African Americans, present ourselves: in our character, actions and demeanor... is how Obama, and all Black people, will be judged around the globe.

Yes, the pride of African Americans has come full circle with Obama's ascension as the standard bearer of a major political party. I'm sure those ancestors who bled, suffered and died before realizing such an historic moment such as this are surely looking down from heaven... sharing this pride.

Hats off to Barack Obama.

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