Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McCain, Shut Down the Fear-Baiting-Chatter...

It is a sad day in America when a presumptive Presidential nominee’s message and political platform is so weak that senior staffers in his campaign feel that
"a fresh terrorist attack 'certainly would be a big advantage'”
to his winning the White House. And what’s worse... to articulate a comment like that in a public venue!

What would make Charles Black, one of Senator John McCain’s seasoned, senior advisers make such an asinine statement? Is he saying that a terrorist attack–– which could possibly kill and/or maim thousands of innocent Americans... in addition to decimating property, and further destroying the wobbly confidence that looms large among many in the nation seven years post-911–– is all McCain has to offer the voting public, whereby providing him a political edge? My goodness... if this is all the 2008 Republican White House hopeful, and his team, has to hang his bid to the Oval Office on, well he needs to just “piss on the fire and call it a hunt” right now.

Realistically, if truth be told regarding this malapropos comment, any terrorist attack at this juncture in time would give more credence to Senator Barack Obama and his candidacy, than McCain. If the Republicans’ and John McCain’s signature stance and talking point has been––and continues to be–– that they are the trusted, undisputed keepers of “security” for Americans… both on the home front and abroad... but they drop the Homeland Security ball between now and November, even as the eyes of the world are fixed on this election, they will hence forth and forever be rendered irrelevant.

Okay... so McCain was quick to repudiate and renounce Charlie Black’s words. But to be the Straight Talker he professes to be... he needs to go even further.

It would behoove McCain to emphatically “shut down” that type of fear-baiting-chatter among people in his camp. Then, immediately hold an Obama-style-Pennsylvania-race-relations speech–– right near where the Twin Towers once stood and on the 4th of July. He needs to use that speech to assure the American people that if he is elected President of the United States, he will work hard to reduce this toxic “atmosphere of fear” that has festered and seemingly been encouraged to hover over the land since September 11th.

Anything short of that will make Mr. Black’s comments appear staged and (‘wink-wink-nod-nod’) approved by the McCain campaign for political gain.

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