Thursday, June 12, 2008

McCain/Obama, Stop the School Boy Antics

There are approximately 140+ days remaining in this 2008 General Election cycle. Only a mere ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY DAYS before the American voting public will go to their respective polling places and decide who will lead this nation from the abyss we now face... and lead the free world, as the remaining Super power, for the next four years.

Contrary to popular belief on Capitol Hill... we, "the people", are the bosses, and control this country. Consequently, it is time Senators McCain and Obama stop jacking the American public around by engaging in these petty, silly trivialities that they (and their surrogates) play with each other every day.

Quite frankly, the voting public doesn't care who has or knows the most lobbyists; who made the worst verbal gaffe of the day; who looks too old or who is too Black; whose wife is most toxic or which one has the most baggage. It doesn't matter about style or who can can read from a teleprompter better than the other.

Stop it already! The voters are sick of these juvenile, school boy antics, and demand that both candidates begin providing substantive answers on the issues that matter most. For the next few upcoming blogs, issues which are critical to "Ms. Shanay-nay", "Mr. John Q.", "Mrs. Buffy", and "me" will be outlined here... beginning with the number one issue impacting the nation at this moment in time: Gas prices.

Today, gasoline costs 4-dollars-plus a gallon in most places! People are hurting because gas prices are draining their pocketbooks. Many are having to choose between putting gas in their cars to drive to work (or go look for work), or buying groceries, washing powder or toiletries. While both presidential nominees are 'rich' compared to the working... or nonworking masses, we need to hear from them what they plan to do about this pressing problem.

Truck drivers, who haul our food and other goods over-the-road each night, are suffering. Exorbitant diesel fuel costs continue to cut into their profit, which in turn causes higher prices to be passed on to the consumer in the purchases of milk, bread, cereal, etc. If the reason for this increase in gas prices is greedy speculators driving the prices up for personal profit, then what is your plan as president McCain/Obama to remedy this? Which one of you will be bold enough to reach across the partisan aisle and encourage legislation to curb this kind of action?

But more importantly, what long-term plans will be executed in a McCain/Obama Administration to provide alternate fuel sources in the next 4-5 years? Who has the guts to stand up to the special interests groups and begin drilling for oil in those places that have formerly been off-limits? What about hydro? Coal? Nuclear energy? Tell us before we elect you what is your plan. And, don't placate us with dodgy answers or stump speech rhetoric. But rather... outline your plan––in simple terms––in town-hall style debates, on national television during prime time, as many older people and those in poorer neighborhoods don't have computers or access to Internet, thus, can't go to your websites and READ your complex plans.

This election year will certainly be different from all others in the past, as neither presidential hopeful has secured the backing or confidence of their traditional base voters. Why? Because voters are tired of being hoodwinked every four years and have decided this year to liberate themselves from labels, those tried and true party scare-tactic-platforms, and from their usual party affiliations.

That means all chips are on the table this season. And this election will be decided on which candidate is most trustworthy, and can––and will deliver on all the promises they now make. It is that man who will gain the favor of the people, and be entrusted to govern this nation from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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