Monday, June 9, 2008

Could John "Da' Terror" McCain Beat Barack "Big Brown" Obama For Real?!?

The recent headlines around the globe may say it all too well: "Big Brown Finishes Last, Far Behind Winner Da' Tara". Or this one: "Da' Tara Wins, Big Brown Barely Made It Across Finish Line". Is this an omen? Is this an indication of what's to come in November when Barack Big Brown Obama takes on John Da' Terror McCain?

For weeks now, news about Big Brown's invincibility, his indomitability has dominated the main stream media. Big Brown was even given the title by some as the 'wonder' horse. Pundits had declared him the odds-on-favorite to win––without even breaking a sweat––the Belmont Stakes, to become the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years. This notion was being articulated in certain circles as a foregone conclusion... especially after the nation watched in horror as Big Brown mercilessly ran that filly, Hillary Eight Bell Clinton, literally to death in the recent Kentucky Derby.
[see Blog Archive - May; Hillary The Filly, May 7, 2008]

But, what if...

What if New York Times' William C. Rhoden's interpretation of the dismal loss by Big Brown is a foretelling of Obama's upcoming run for the White House? Rhoden's take in the June 8, 2008 issue may be prophetic:

[Big Brown] blew away the field at the Kentucky Derby. He made the Preakness field look like circus ponies. But on the day that would solidify his legacy and give racing a respite from intense scrutiny, Big Brown crumbled. He crumbled so badly that one could legitimately wonder whether he was nothing but a chemical horse, a paper tiger propped up — and propelled — by steroids.

So to transpose the above comments by Rhoden to political lingo... it may read like this:

[Big Brown Obama] bested all of the candidates to win the 2008 Presidential nomination. He moon walked to victory in his first uncontested U.S. Senate run–– showing up his chief rival, Alan Keys, as the rookie he was. But on the way to solidifying his legacy, he made too many major gaffes, i.e.: pissed off the Democratic women, AND the Palestinians, AND the Jews, AND the white working class voters, AND Black newspaper publishers because he won't purchase ads in Black papers, AND abandoned his Trinity United Church base, AND flip flopped on meeting with despots unconditionally, etc., etc., etc... Consequently, Big Brown Obama crumbled. He crumbled so badly that one could legitimately wonder whether he was nothing but an empty suit, a paper tiger propped up — and propelled — by the media and the Democratic leadership.

One would say it's something to think about. This bears saving. We will revisit this on November 5th!

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