Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'08 ... Is All About Character, Judgment and Transparency

One irrefutable lesson learned from the Clinton/Obama Democratic primary is that in this election cycle the American public care more about "character, judgment and tranparency" than "Experience". Senator Hillary Clinton test-drove the tired old experience model for several months against Senator Obama's bright, shiny new "Change/Hope" machine and was resoundingly rebuffed. (So, why would the McCain camp double-back with that same old rejected "experience" template in the General Election–– especially after seeing where it got Clinton?) What? So, if a man says he has "experience" it will somehow resonate better than if a woman says it?

Anyway, the experience dog is dead. Bury it!

The mood in the nation now is who–– between McCain and Obama–– has, and will, demonstrate true character, judgment and transparency. Voters on both sides of the political fence are tired of its leaders lying to them... pretending to be one way when they are not... saying one thing to a particular group, then, act or say something totally different to another crowd. People are weary of these behaviors, which is perhaps the reason Senator Obama has not gotten the expected "bump" in his poll numbers since clinching his party's nomination.

These lackluster poll numbers indicate there are questions in the minds of the people as it pertains to Obama. Questions about his 'Character and Judgment' are a major factor. What other reason would explain his losses in white, rural, working class communities, such as Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and South Dakota; and his dramatic loss of appeal in Jewish areas and white suburban bedroom towns since early March.

From feed-back received to this blog, the voting public want more transparency as it relates to this presumptive Democratic nominee. For instance... the blogging community wants to see any, and all, of Senator Obama's Illinois State Senate daily logs, pertinent papers, records, etc.

Because the Senator has literally come out of no where onto the national stage... a request of his State Senate diaries, logs, and records is fair. The excuses from his camp continue to mount... and still limited amount of his records have been produced, and is raising eyebrows and casting doubt. The Republicans are going to hound Obama on this issue until he produces them. So... go ahead and bring the files out now!

And, there are others who repeatedly request he produce an original, authentic, officially-signed birth certificate for the world to see. What's the big deal... and why won't he come clean and show it? All of the "it's-none-of-your-business-drama" surrounding that request is a smoke-screen.

What will the actual birth certificate reveal? That Obama was born illegitimate? So what. He is not the first... nor will he be the last illegitimate birth in the world. That his race maybe listed as 'Caucasian'? Non-issue! His skin tone reflects he's Black... Put the real birth certificate out there–– sooner rather than later–– and let the chips fall where they may.

Transparency is important. And, while Obama's brother, sister, childhood acquaintances, teachers, and veiled references by his own account in his much acclaimed books indicate he was raised Muslim...he says he was not. Therein is a 'red flag' raised. These are the questions folks in bread-basket America want to know before they feel comfortable giving him their trust.

Obama is applying for the highest job in the land, and the American public–– who is his boss and will be his employer (should he be elected) has every right to demand to see and verify any and everything pertinent to the would-be employee. Hemming, hawing, and stalling only fuels rumors... and no amount of smear-debunk websites can kill a rumor once it has legs and starts moving.

Consequently, Obama's policy positions on taxes, energy, education, and would-be appointments to the Supreme court will continue to fall on deaf ears until the character, judgment and transparency issues have been put to rest to the satisfaction of his perspective bosses: the American people.

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Kim M. said...

Well said ! Maybe someone will listen. I am tired of begging people to listen and learn. Hopefully they will learn through defeat

csimon said...

kim m. said:

"Hopefully they will learn through defeat"

Frankly, it is my hope that they will wake up BEFORE defeat.

Over last 17 months, it is clear that a huge part of the population view the election as a popularity contest.

My hope is that they wake up and realize what is at stake!

csimon said...

By the way, read your comments on neo neocon's blog and was impressed so I decided to check your blog out. Have only read a couple articles so far, but I like your writing -- clear, concise, to the point, and WITH a point which many should consider.

Best, I liked your comment where you cited a reader's post as best complement/insult because he said he couldn't tell whether you were for McCain or Obama; you interpreted that as validation that your writing is fair.
And, from what I've read thus far, that is right! Good for you.

(Isn't it a sad commentary when today we find we have to single out fairness, instead of it being the norm?)