Thursday, June 19, 2008

Media Types, Get Out of the Tank... Do Your Jobs!

Bloggers Rock! With the recent death of NBC's Tim Russert, it is becoming more evident with each passing day that main stream media news––and especially these unprofessionally biased newscasters–– are becoming irrelevant. And if they don't watch out... they too will be relics of yesterday. Without a doubt, bloggers have taken their spots, as these bloggers have stepped up to the plate and eclipsed main line media to dominate the new airwaves: CYBERSPACE!

Needless to say that the custom has been: bloggers break a story in the 'virtual' political discourse arena, and the news media guys and gals are being forced to follow-up on the story–– after it has become yesterday's news. Is it risky to give green lights to these thousands of untrained journalists/bloggers? Maybe. But it's the internet news junkies who continue to set the tone and drive the vetting process of this 2008 Presidential election's information train. This trend began early on in this election cycle when the decision makers at CNN, MSNBC, Fox, et. al, turned a blind eye to their station's talking heads, and allowed them to abdicate their journalistic duties.

And what are their duties? To investigate and report to the American public factual information on the candidates... be it negative or assist the voters in choosing which candidate best meets the challenges of this crucial moment in history. Instead, these pundits, who too often out-talk their guests, offer conjecture, and spend priceless interview time spinning the story to champion their particular candidates talking points... blew it.

It is widely reported that Obama says McCain has gotten a free pass from the media... while McCain says that Obama's misspeaks go totally ignored by the media. And, sad as it may be... both camps are dead on!!

Today's media types would do themselves well if they would "get out of the tank for their respective candidates"–– particularly while on camera... and just do their jobs.

To quote one of the highest insult/compliments recently received from a respondent to this blog: "I read your blog each time you post. One day I think you are for McCain, the next time I think you must be supporting Obama. It is hard for me to tell because you attack them both the same."

That is what true journalism is all about. And that my friend, says I'm doing my job. Bloggers Rock!

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