Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama Blazes New Trail … Offers Ride Of a Lifetime!

by Guest Blogger - Marianne Spraggins, Atlanta, GA

It is time to accept the fact that everything Senator Barack Obama is doing is shattering old paradigms and breaking new ground. And while the elders and sages within the Black, White, Jewish, Native American, and Latino communities can give counsel, support, and prayer… this is all new territory, and no one of color has been down this particular road before.

Senator Obama saw–– and has tapped into–– something no one else on the political horizon had recognized. Certainly he has the wind at his back!

Will he make missteps as he blazes this new trail? Surely he will. For as he often says: he is an “imperfect person” and an imperfect candidate. But what is so refreshing is that this presumptive Presidential nominee is open to––and welcomes–– advice, suggestions, ideas … as well as constructive criticism.

Now granted, the recent rolling out of that seal was not a great idea. But, it was a mere 'hiccup' in this process, and he had the wisdom to correct it immediately.

On another note: Senator Obama’s decision not to take public campaign financing was a good strategic move. He would have been unwise to limit his ability to fight back against the forces that will surely gear up against him in the General Election. Time will tell... and in the long run the flak he may now take will be worth it!

This 2008 Presidential race promises to be a major battle… and Senator Obama’s, campaign, must be prepared for what will be one of the most high-stakes political races in recent memory.

Every day, from now through the conclusion of this election, history is being made. And we are all fortunate to be along for what will be an exhilarating… although sometimes bumpy, and yes… sometimes breathtaking–– but foremost and always––history-making ride of our life time!

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