Saturday, September 20, 2008

Americans Are Sick and Tired!

Americans are sick and tired of the juvenile games being played by both Barack Obama and John McCain in this election cycle. Both candidates need to Stop talking about what the other guy is NOT doing or hasn't done... and tell the American people what he will do, what is his value add, and why we need to vote for him!

Americans are sick and tired of the 'race card' being played. Racism exists in this country, and it is not about to go away because Barack Obama jumped in the Presidential race. Everybody knows that Obama is part Black. Some people in this country will not vote for him PERIOD because of that fact, and some people in this country are voting for him ONLY because of that fact. Tossing racism accusations/charges around has gotten old and trite. Put a sock in it from now until November!

Americans are sick and tired
of the main line media trying to influence this Presidential election. The more attempts by main stream media to ram Obama down the throats of the American people... the more votes he loses. Haven't they figured that out yet? The more these news anchors attack Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and magnify the small, home-town, family saga "trooper-gate" story, and dig into her children's dirty drawers... but NOT dig further into and report on what influence did and does Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayres, Saul Alinsky and others have on Barack Obama, the more the voting public will write Obama off.

Americans are sick and tired of the whole McCain P.O.W. shtick. Give it a rest already. McCain is a hero. Anybody who does not know the sacrifice John McCain has made for this nation has been living in a cave for the past 18 months. Everyone knows it and everyone appreciates him for it. But right now, today, people in real time America want McCain to give them a 'good' reason why they need to vote for him as the next President of the United States, beyond the fact that he spent those years in the Hanoi Hilton.

Americans are sick and tired
of this do-nothing Congress-- of which Obama/Biden and McCain have been an integral part of. It was under their watch (Obama/Biden and McCain) that this Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, mortgage meltdown, bank closures, Wall Street greed, out-of-control spending, lobbyist driven take-down of the American financial system has been allowed to fester. It doesn't matter if you have been in Congress one day or 100,000 days... Obama/Biden and McCain are equally to blame to those of us in middle America. So stop the finger pointing and give the voters your plan to get us out of this mess. (As of this blog entry, McCain has offered his plan... Obama called a press conference to announce that he was not prepared to announce his plan). Oh well.

And lastly... the first face-to-face debate between the two candidates will occur this week. Americans are sick and tired of hearing canned phrases and regurgitated "stump speeches" in place of real, authentic answers from your hearts. Leave the politico-speak for sound bites... and give the electorate honest, frank, forthright answers to the debate questions! Voters will be tuned in and listening.

So... President McCain or President Obama consider this your one and only job interview, and give us your best. Remember you work for us... we don't work for you!

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