Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maverick McCain's Future Hangs in Balance With Bailout Bill

Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, has staked his political brand on a reputation of being a fighter for the American people... both literally and figuratively. Throughout this entire 2008 Presidential campaign he has toured the nation... touting his maverick record. Not a day has passed that Americans have not heard McCain boasting to voters how he has, over the years in both the House and Senate, gone against leaders in his party... and how he is not afraid to buck the status quo.

Well, to many... that was yesterday. And yesterday's victories won't win today's wars! Without a doubt, today, October 1st is clock-reset-day. It's reckoning day for Senator McCain, as he faces the most crucial vote of his entire 25-year political career. Many hard working Americans who live in the heartland of this nation, fiscal conservatives who want to believe McCain is indeed one of them...along with many others who oppose this massive 700 billion dollar bailout, are waiting with bated breath to see––not how Obama or Biden will vote–– but how McCain will vote.

This one issue is indeed complicated and promises ominous repercussions for every household. Unfortunately, to 'bail out' or not "bail out" is further dividing an already shamefully divided nation. And folks don't know who to trust.

More and more tax payers are demonstrating a noticeable distrust of those who have been elected to represent them in Washington, D.C. Talk shows and popular blog sites are being overwhelmed with voices of Mr./Mrs. John Q. Public who are adamant that this bill not pass in its current state. Many see it as rewarding poor performance and aiding bad practices. All across the country, Congressional House leaders, who had the guts to stand up and vote down this bill are being heralded as champions.

People are looking for someone... anyone, who will show true leadership in this crisis, and not fold by co-signing this blank check to Paulson and Company, without regard for everyday Americans. Now... perhaps it may just be a matter of not having enough information passed along to Main Streeters to raise their comfort levels, or maybe more time is needed to allow the public to wrap their minds around giving away "1 TRILLION DOLLARS" of their hard-earned money, that may or may not fix the problem long-term. Whatever it is... there is an obvious disconnect between lawmakers and the regular folks that needs to be reconciled before a vote is taken.

While tonight's vote is regarded as the most important vote for the three U.S. Senators who grace this year's Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket... of the three, John McCain's political future weighs most heavily in the balance.

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