Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCain, Obama! You Call Yourselves World Leaders?

The road to the White House is increasingly being littered with carcases of what we Americans once held sacred in this country: women, children and disabled people. Where did civil decency in this country go? What happened to America's value system which included a respect and a safe-zone for the innocent and those who can't fight back for themselves?

This 2008 Presidential election cycle will indeed go down in history as the nastiest, most vile and negative in American history. And... if we don't pull it back NOW, and left unchecked, this negative, acerbic, acidulous climate––which is being fueled on the Internet and by biased main stream media pundits–– will result in a volatile environment which could rent this country in two at the conclusion of this race.

Just recently, in what some on the right are calling a 'direct' swipe at pitbull lipstick-wearing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin... Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama verbalized this crass, less-than-presidential remark during a stop in Virginia:

"You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig".

Name calling... insulting, degradative remarks... and crude public attacks are beneath the dignity of both of these national campaigners. And hurling attacks, especially on the wives and children of candidates has really gone too far, and has no place in decent, civil public discourse. Regardless of what one thinks about the views and positions of Obama or McCain or Palin or Biden... what public good does it serve to refer to Michelle Obama as the "N" word, Cindy McCain as the "B" word... or the most contemptible of all: circulating the most dastardly jokes about 5-month old Trig Palin, the Downs Syndrome baby of Governor Sarah Palin? What kind of nation are we becoming where ridicule of women, babies and children is acceptable and promoted?

It is the responsibility of the candidates to keep out of the gutter, and stay above the fray. Likewise, the voting public must exercise respect for themselves and this country, and stop circulating–– via emails––those unsubstantiated, uncorroborated and blantly false tales from unprofessional individuals on both sides.

Presidential candidates McCain and Obama need to remember that one of them will eventually have to govern and lead all Americans after this election is over. And trying to lead angry folks will make for a steep hill to climb. McCain, Obama... act like the world leaders you hope to be, and get back to debating issues!

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