Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate: Obama Agrees With McCain Lots

The much anticipated 2008 Presidential Debate has concluded, with Senator John McCain barely edging a victory over Senator Barack Obama on national security/foreign policy, while Obama was the clear victor on the economy.

Obama dominated the first hour, as he demonstrated a sincere passion for the plight of the poor and middle class, and articulated quite clearly, the policies he would put forth to aid suffering to those in America's heartland. Although his smirky facial expressions at times 'took away' from his attempt to appear "presidential", that he had no major blunders compensated for that.

McCain, on the other hand, scored big points and took Obama to school on foreign policy. His tendency to 'talk-down' to Obama may have cost him a few points as it cast him as 'snarky'.

The most telling point of the entire debate, and one sure to raise doubt in the minds of independents and swing voters, was the number of times Obama had to admit that he agreed with McCain on specific points/topics. What contrast was shown that would encourage an undecided voter to pick Obama over McCain if they agree on so many positions and their views run on the same track?

With two additional debates on the horizon between these presidential hopefuls, Americans will have ample opportunity to decide which of them is best to lead America and the free world.

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