Wednesday, October 22, 2008

13 Days Left: Andy Martin Tries To Take Down Obama

The Chicago street brawl that has apparently been brewing between Senator Barack Obama and his chief nemesis, Andy Martin, for quite a few years... is no longer just a neighborhood gang war. This long running feud between these two has spilled over unto the national presidential politics level... with no good end in sight for either. Exactly what has the calm, mild mannered Obama done to cause Chicago attorney and founder of the 'Stop Obama Coalition' national movement, Andy Martin, to be so furious?

What is the root of anger that would direct Martin, author of "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask", to dispatch an investigative team of dirt diggers to Obama's hometown in Hawaii with only thirteen days remaining in the contest? And, moreover... what is it that Obama fears of this man's dirt digging findings that would cause him to suspend his campaign for 2-days and go to Hawaii? That seems odd, and raises questions in the minds of middle Americans.

Now... the main stream media may attribute Martin's actions to racism, since he is white... and Obama is part white, Arabian, and African. But, what if racism is not the underlying cause of this acrimonious behaviour? It's convenient for most people to want to criticize, dismiss or even be skeptical of Martin. Indeed, he has been labeled a 'crack pot' and a nut case by many in the media for his relentless pursuit to take-down and destroy Obama.

But on the heels of one of the most important elections of this generation, wouldn't it be fair for Americans to want to examine this hypothesis:
"Perhaps Martin knows something that the rest of the nation needs to know about this man who would be the leader of the free world before the November 4th election".
Are we Americans not broad enough in our thinking to say what if, in this one instance, Martin's motivations are not driven because of his need to settle an old personal Chicago-street score... but could he possibly be compelled to unearth information about a virtually unvetted candidate that may actually be for Obama's good... and the good of the nation in the long run?

Leave the Martins, Attorney Bergs, and others who it may appear, are out to uproot the Obama train... alone. If there is nothing there to find... they can't find anything. However... if there is something that has gone missing, it's better to know what's out there on the front end... than to find out on the back end, and risk prompting a Constitutional crisis that may split this fragmented nation in two.

There is an old adage that seems appropriate in this case. It says:
"If the dirt in your linen doesn't come out in the wash cycle, it will come out in the rinse cycle. But better the dirt comes out "before" hanging the laundry on the clothes line. Then all the world will see your nasty stains."

With 13-days left in this election process, anything is bound to happen!

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