Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama/McCain: The Devil They Do Know vs The Devil They Don't Know

You can take this to the bank: Elections are won or lost in back-rooms and living room discussions. Electorates may look at the slick, smooth political ads which are produced for television by the respective campaigns designed to sway opinion... but all in all, most people vote on candidates based on information they hear from church members; bowling team, card-playing, square-dance-going-partners; trusted drinking buddies, and folks they 'hang around with'.

If an effective 'whisper campaign' can catch hold in the public domain... it matters not how much money candidates spend on radio or television ads, most folks will believe the 'whisper campaign' information as gospel truth if it is uttered from the lips of someone they trust... before they will believe the contents of a McCain or Obama advertisement.

This is particularly true as the majority of the American public focuses attention on this year's Presidential election. In Small-town U.S.A. and suburban communities–– where elections are generally won/lost... people are just now talking, and the following theme is emerging as the conclusion of this 2008 U.S. Presidential election cycle is immenent: 'Obama is not electable because of too many unanswered questions about his past that he has been untruthful about or less than fully transparent about'.

In spite of his truth squad teams patrolling communities 'setting the record straight' about the junior Senator from Illinois, the chatter surrounding the electability of Obama–– from every day folks–– continues... and no amount of information on Obama's "fight the smears" website can change it.

This underlying thread of this year's 'whisper campaign' remains largely unnoticed and undetected by the main line media and to those useless daily poll trackers. It's no secret that folks in bread-basket American don't read, listen or believe-for-one-minute the data from pollsters or pundits, as it has been proven time and again that most voters 'intentionally lie' to them. To most Americans, these poll takers are outsiders... and it is none of their business how a voter is leaning.

The truth of the matter is that the following "hush-hush" undercurrent is running rampant about Obama which will cost him the election::
1. He's lying about being a Muslim; 2. he needs to come clean on how long and how deep in-bed he is with former terrorist William Ayres; 3. he's the Oak Tree from which the ACORN organization was hatched and allowed to fester; 4. he's a Manchurian candidate; 5. he is a by-product of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, regardless of his speech that he never heard any of those controversial sermons; 6. why won't he release his elongated birth certificate, or his Columbia college transcripts, etc., etc., etc."
Like it or not... these are real issues for regular folks. And, contrary to what some Democrats believe... many voters will not give up the last hope they have, which is the foundation of this great country... and 'sell-out' their vote on a pocketbook or an economic platform only! But rather... broke folks, who have been broke all their lives, and are used to being broke... and who know how to make it in lean times if they have to, will NOT vote for a leader with as many "iffy variables" hanging over their head as Senator Obama has right now.

So, the time for presidential nominee Obama to come clean, produce those essential documents that John Q. Public wants to see... and answer those 'whisper campaign' questions that linger in the minds of the American people... is now. If not...reminiscent of the elections of 2000 and 2004, voters will march in droves to the ballot box on November 4th, and pull that lever for John McCain: the devil they do know instead of the devil they don't know!

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