Thursday, December 4, 2008

To President-elect Barack Obama - From Citizen Berryhill

Dear Mr. President-elect Obama,

With out a doubt, your history making ascension to the highest office in the land has brought, and continues to bring, unexplainable pride to millions of people of color, not just in America... but around the globe. People are rooting for you, as they want you to be a good President.

But on the other hand... there are also millions of others who do not like you, respect you, or want to see you confirmed as the 44th President of these United States. Please understand that for some in that category, it's personal. But there are many, who have not accepted your position, operating out of fear because there remain 'questions' about your life that have not been thoroughly answered.

I am writing this open letter to you today on behalf of both sides. Mr. President-elect, surely you know that there is a 'tempest in the teapot' brewing regarding the vault version of your birth certificate. And, only you, Sir, can bring closure to this issue.

For months now across bloggersville, and... now the issue is surfacing in main line media outlets as well, American citizens–– yes, the ones who voted for you... and the ones who did not–– are 'bewildered' that you feel the need to pay money (in the midst of a recession) to three major law firms to make sure that the American people, who you wish to serve, cannot have access to your birth records in Hawaii or your college transcripts. Speculation is running rampant that you received aid as a foreign student. So, instead of relishing in your victory, those who supported you are having to confront these allegations daily...without documentation or ammunition to counter the claims.

Americans believe you when you say you 'love this country'. However, to allow this birth certificate brouhaha to reach the Supreme Court on December 5, causes many to question your love for the country you want to lead. Why would you allow this issue to proceed to the Supreme Court, knowing the national scab has not fully healed from the Bush vs Gore election which was decided at the SCOTUS level? Unfortunately, Mr. President-elect, whichever decision is handed down by the Justices, will not make this issue go away. And, quite frankly, a Constitutional crisis may be imminent... which could further divide an already divided nation.

I know this birth certificate issue may seem trivial in the scheme of things: National Security briefings, world threats, picking a cabinet, an economic crisis looming large... but to many of our fellow Americans, 'nothing' is more important than the Constitution of the United States. Consequently, you Sir, are the only one who can bring closure to the issue at this juncture.

So, please Mr. Obama... for the sake of all the people who supported and voted for you... and, also to quiet (once, and for all) the skeptics, naysayers, and people who already deem your presidency 'illegitimate', do like Senator John McCain did, and present your birth certificate to the American people today.

Our prayer is that you will do the right thing, put an end to this nonsense... so America can come together and tackle the real issues that face this country.

God bless you. And, God bless America!

Vivian Berryhill, Citizen


Anonymous said...

Fred K. - Peoria, IL

Thank you for putting in writing what many of us want to say to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Your blog is one of the best out here today.

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Jeanna P - Biloxi, MS

I can't believe Republicans are still raising this issue. And I can't believe Justice Clarence Thomas is allowing discussion on Pres. Elect Obama birth certificate at the Supreme Ct. tomorrow. Let it go. Get used to it. President Barack Obama, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zawdie A - Tennessee

Hi Viv,

What up with the birth certificate issue? Is it possible to get the condensed version?

Anonymous said...

Kevin B - Olive Branch, MS

Read the whole letter – GOOD JOB! I hope for his and the County’s sake all is in order. I hope he is successful and so far he has not done badly. I certainly feared worse.

Anonymous said...

Bernice W. - Milwaukee

Clarence Thomas is an uncle tom. If he stops this black man from being president he will be hated worse than Judus. p.s. I like your thoughts on this blog. You're fair. That is what I like.

Ted said...

Posted in Uncategorized on December 4, 2008 by naturalborncitizen
Below is the text of a letter Leo Donofrio just sent to ABC News:

Dear Mr. Terry Owens and ABC News.

The story you printed today with the headline, “Supreme Court to Decide Obama Citizenship” is riddled with errors. Allow me to correct the record for you. I have said in my law suit that I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, so I have no idea why your story makes it seem as if my law suit is centered on the issue of where Obama was born. You wrote,

“The President-elect has maintained he was born in the United States.”

The main argument of my law suit alleges that since Obama was a British citizen - at birth - a fact he admits is true, then he cannot be a “natural born citizen”. The word “born” has meaning. It deals with the status of a presidential candidate “at birth”. Obama had dual nationality at birth. The status of the candidate at the time of the election is not as relevant to the provisions of the Constitution as is his status “at birth.” If one is not “born” a natural born citizen, he can never be a natural born citizen.

Furthermore, the case is scheduled for conference of all nine Justices, not eight. You should correct that.

And your reporting, which could have been complete with a simple phone call to the Public Information Office, is also deficient in that it wasn’t Justice Thomas alone who distributed the case for conference of December 5, 2008. That was a decision taken after consideration of the full Court.

There are two docket entries for Nov. 19. One of them shows that Justice Thomas referred the case to the full court. The other indicates that the full court distributed the case for conference of Dec. 5. I suggest you call Patricia McCabe Estrada, Deputy Public Information Officer for the United States Supreme Court. She will set you and your story straight.

The case could have easily been denied after Justice Thomas referred it to the full court. There was no requirement that it be distributed for conference. In fact, the normal procedure in referred applications involves no public mention of such cases until after the full Court has taken some action. There is an official Supreme Court Publication entitled

“A REPORTER’S GUIDE TO APPLICATIONS Pending Before The Supreme Court of the United States”

You may find it here:

It will guide you with accuracy to the actions involved in the case you are reporting upon. On page 3, it states:

“The Circuit Justice may act on an application alone or refer it to the full Court for consideration. The fact that an application has been referred to the full Court may not be known publicly until the Court acts on the application and the referral is noted in the Court’s order.“
Now go back and check the docket url for my case.

Another misleading element of your story is the headline. The Supreme Court will be focused on the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be President, not on his citizenship status. Just being a “Citizen” is not enough to be President. I have no doubt, and I’m sure the Supreme Court concurs, that Obama is a United States citizen.

But the Constitution draws a direct distinction between “Citizens” and “Natural Born Citizens”. Citizens may be Senators and Representatives, but it takes something else to be President. So, your headline is wrong as well as your story.

If you would like to respond to this letter, which I have just published in my blog about the case, feel free to do so and I will publish your response as is.

My blog URL is

Yesterday, a reporter from the Kansas City Star wrote an equally misleading report about my case. After readers of this blog confronted him, he had the decency to call me and apologize for the wrong treatment my case received in his report. We struck up a good conversation and I gave him proper respect for his admission. I am here to talk any time you like. I understand the concepts are technical and non-lawyers have problems with them.


Leo C. Donofrio

Anonymous said...

This is a sad on-going situation but an important one. So Obama should take control of this today and not let the voters draw the wrong conclusion. This is not about CT or Media, or white or black but complying with the rules. Keep in mind if you want to work for O administration you must produce "clean life records" otherwise NO APPOINTMENT for you. Ms Berryhill i commend you on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Vivian,

If Obama can't verify he is NATURAL BORN citizen, becuz lets say he lost his BC, what will that mean? Will he be robbed of serving as prez? Will Biden become prez? Or will Bush stay in power until this is sorted out? Why are we just hearing about this? Will you plz find out these answers and post on your blog so the American people will know. Thank you Marilyn

Jim Kearns said...


First a complaint. It is not just people of color who take pride in the election of Mr. Obama. Why the restrictive qualification?

Second, where have I been? I read several papers every day and missed this matter entirely. Thanks for enlightening me. Yes he must be natural born to serve as President. Remember that McCain went through this questioning and overcame it. I can't believe it wasn't raised during the campaign or if raised that I missed it. Thanks for opening this up for me and perhaps others. What a disaster it would be if he turns out to be unqualified.

Jim Kearns said...

PS to my previous comment. I like your new blog graphic. Really neat.

Vivian Berryhill said...


Thank you for following my blog. Let me do my best to answer your questions.

I personally don't think President-elect Obama will have any problems being confirmed by the Electoral College on Dec.15...and I have no doubt he will be the next POTUS. The birth certificate issue has been circulating among bloggers since earlier this year. There are many lawsuits on the books challenging Obama's eligibility. But it is difficult to believe that NO BODY in the CIA, FBI, White House, etc., has looked at Obama's original birth certificate and found him to be eligible.

I think the Supreme Court HAD TO bring the issue to discussion BEFORE the Electoral College meets to finally put this to rest. There is NO WAY the SCOTUS will rule against Obama and the will of the people. Hope that answered your questions.

Jack Everest said...


Thought you would like to know that your article was posted today at FreeRepublic ( I posted a link at that site to your blog.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Jack Everest (Dark Skies Blog)

Democratic Disaster said...

Thank you. Many of these people would be behind Obama if he just would the right thing and present the documentation. He has spent so much money to 3 law firms to keep from doing this? Why

Now with the IL governor info and Fox news having a tape that goes what against what Obama said, the electrs need to know the truth before they vote.

Message to electors says it all: