Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Republican Brand In Tatters...

The aftermath of a grueling 2008 election finds the Republican party in tatters... and teeter-tottering on the edge of the abyss. Not only did Republicans lose key House and Senate seats, but the thumping they received on November 4th, were voters soundly rejecting the broken brand of the Grand Old Party.

The expected finger pointing and blame-game antics are running amuck amongst the party rank and file. Unfortunately, there is very 'little' time for such futile Monday morning quarterback exercises, as the 2010 mid-term elections are literally 'around the corner'. Realizing that reality... the Republican VIPs and party leaders are busy holding meetings across this nation in an effort to re-tool or reinvent their brand... and find the new face of the party. Voters in this election cycle seemed to overwhelmingly repudiate the image of the older White-gray-haired-men's club that the Republican party continues to promote... and are demanding more diversity.

To that end, former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, an African American, is being batted around as the potential RNC Chairman. Other names being considered include Vice Presidential nominee and Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, who proved to be quite a fund-raising, base galvanizing force, and also Mrs. Renee Amoore, Pennsylvania State Deputy Chair, a powerful African American woman.

According to Mrs. Amoore, in order for the Republican party to move forward and reconnect with the American people, it first has some deep soul-searching to do, and will need to begin the process by addressing the following questions:
"Who is the real Republican party? Where are we now? Where do go from here and how do we get there? [Renee Amoore, Nov. 12, 2008]

That President-elect Barack Obama and the Democrats were able to syphon off a sizeable number of Evangelical electorates, and quite a large block of the Hispanic/Latino voters during this historic race, is an indication the Republican's message has been muted and is no longer resonating with those groups that have long made up the party's base.

These eye-opening losses which occurred this year should open the door for new party leaders such as Governors Jindal of Louisiana and Sarah Palin, and Jewish American Eric Cantor, a Congressman from Virginia, emerging to the forefront to help shape the party's agenda for the future. If not... then it will be a long drought before Republicans can see any meaningful change in the grim picture being presented today.

The people have spoken. And, it would be wise for those in Red State America to adhere to GOP presidential nominee John McCain's words, as he clearly and appropriately explained this year's massacre during a recent visit to the Jay Leno Show:
"...our party has a lot of work to do. We just got back from the woodshed". [John McCain, Nov 11, 2008]


Anonymous said...

Arlender J of Memphis: I just want you to know how much I have enjoyed your blogs. I think they were very fair and unbiased. I’m happy that you have decided to keep blogging because we will need someone to keep us up to date on how the new administration is doing.

Anonymous said...

Sandy of New York:

Newt has it right. If this pathetic party has a hope, it is by picking real issues carefully and avoiding the generalized divisiveness.

Anonymous said...

Vita N of Connecticut:

Sarah Palin is one important reason why the party is teeter-totting. Why would her name be suggested to head up the party?

Virtues that are political in nature (fund raising skills, galvanizing the base, etc.) is why she was selected in the first place. To get things straightened out, you have to stop thinking about what is politically correct, and start thinking about who and what is good for the country.

Sarah Palin and all she represents is why you lost.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer P of Dallas:

I am happy you will keep your blogging going. The women at my job have become used to checking your blog and discussing it. Keep up your good work of holding both the Ds and the Rs feet to the fire. You need a radio show.

Anonymous said...

Miss Soul Voice. The Republicans may be down but they are not out by any means. The downturn in the economy sunk John McCain's candidacy. (IT WAS NOT SARA PALIN. SO TO THE SARA BASHER FROM NY. SHE WAS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO THE TICKET AND THIS COUNTRY). You will see in 2012.

Glad you will keep this wonderful blog up and running.

Anonymous said...

Deborah L of Tampa,

Love your blog. Love your new look. It is real classy. Hate Obama won. He is going to be the worst thing ever happen to this nation. Mark my words.

Many PUMAs hope we can keep depending on you to continue calling him out on the egregious acts we know he will keep on committing. We will keep forwarding your excellent comments from your blog around to other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Ken B of Mississippi:

I told a group that we have become “our father’s Republican Party”: predominately aging white males. I told them if we don’t start embracing some new ideas, recruit youth and minorities we are going to be in for a long time of disappointments. I am not saying give up our values but I think if we continue to lean all the way to the right versus finding a way to tilt toward the center to increase our popularity we are going to face a series of defeats.