Tuesday, September 2, 2008


"Who is this man and can we trust this man with the Presidency"?
That statement in a nutshell, frames the conversation for the remaining 60 days of this election contest. That question... posed by former Tennessee Senator and 2008 presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, about Senator John McCain, was the 'take away' expression of the night, and will resonate in the minds of the electorates all the way to the voting booth.

Using his deft oratory gift to tout McCain's military career and his 25+ years in the U.S. Senate, Thompson reminded Republicans, "Democrats and Women for McCain", and Independents that "Character, judgment and leadership in our president is most important in a President".

Challenging those in the media and the left leaning critics to stop the vicious attacks on Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin's children, particularly the 17-year old daughter who is pregnant with child, Thompson segued into his hardest hitting critique of Obama:

"...we need a President who doesn't think that the protection of the unborn or a newly born baby is above his pay grade. The man who will be that President is John McCain."

Hammering home McCain/Palin's theme: "Put country first"... Thompson shared with Americans that McCain can't salute the flag because he is unable to lift his arms above his head due to the torture he endured as a Prisoner Of War. He admonished voters to "do what is right for our country... and step up and stand up with John McCain".

Following that tough message delivered by Thompson was former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Lieberman. Although not as thunderous in his presentation, Lieberman quietly dismantled Obama's candidacy and looked straight into the eye of the camera to talk straight to the American people... solemnly asking they move beyond voting for Obama... but instead embrace the new McCain paradigm where "Country matters more than party".

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