Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain Accepts, Then Postures As A Statesman

On the final night of the Republican National Convention, Senator John Sydney McCain stepped before the American people and accepted his party's nomination for President of the United States. Gone was the rabble-rouser, snide/wise cracker McCain, and a more subdued, conventional, boring, statesman McCain stood instead.

McCain began his remarks with gracious recognition of Senator Barack Obama's historic candidacy. It was obvious the crowd wasn't sure whether to clap or "boo", as McCain's apparent heart-felt words of kindness were in sharp contrast to the biting, mocking attacks hurled at the first man of color and Democratic nominee, by speakers who preceded McCain on the various nights. Again, the Arizona Senator's aim seemed to be to exhibit a presidential statesman-like demeanor. But make no mistake about it, he did however, inform the Obama camp and all those in the listening audience, that he 'fully' intended on winning the election in 60-days.

Although his speech was interrupted by protesters––who somehow managed to get in to the controlled environment–– the new statesman-acting McCain just took it in stride... demonstrating a maturity level not indicative of the former, short-tempered McCain.

Without tipping his hand to reveal what his actual policies or plans to lead this nation would include, McCain's message was directed more to Independents and swing voters. He told them he could be trusted, that he was a proud American hero, and Obama was not. He touted himself as a well-tooled, well-informed leader who understands the dire challenges we face, and is familiar with other world leaders and how to deal with them. He assured the voters in television land who were uncommitted and still sitting on the fence, that he, and only he, was ready and able to be America's Commander-in-Chief. And, Obama was not.

But, it was in the last five minutes of his speech where John 'Wayne' McCain finally showed that old passion reminiscent of the maverick McCain. With a rise in his voice and in the tenor of his presentation McCain offered a compelling and powerful ending. He urged–– no, he begged the American voters to: fight with him for what's right for the country... fight with him for justice for all... stand up and fight as Americans... Fight as Americans who never give up or quit!!!

Perhaps the pivot to this new statesman posture is just the start of the 'change' he promised to deliver if Americans send he and Palin to the White House.

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