Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Clampets, The Palins... The Oil!

"Where did she come from? Who is She? How did she get selected as Vice President on the Republican ticket," are the questions circulating from coast to coast about Alaska's two year governor, Sarah Palin. Even before her scheduled prime-time speech at the Republican National Convention, Palin has already galvanized the Evangelicals, rural voters from the Appalachian corridor, the Southerns, and lots of women, who like her can... "bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan... but never let their husbands forget he's the Man!" .

Well, here is the answer to the Sarah Palin mystery in song: "The Clampets, The Palins... The Oil!" (sung to the tune of the long running hit show "The Beverly Hillbillies"):
Lemme tell you all a story 'bout a man named Todd,
Whose wife came out of no where...
And his family's sorta odd.
Indeed she is attractive,
And can sure 'dress-out' a moose...
But her value to this ticket
Is her State's bubbling crude.

Oil that is. Black gold. Alaskan tea!

Well the next thing you know,
Old Sarah's tapped for Veep,
With of all her family's "baggage"
She's still headed for DC
This young (granny Clampet),
With her guns, bible and all
Will help McCain "whup"
Barack Obama come this Fall.


bg said...


LOL.. just read your post over at TRBO &
had to come here and say "great song"!!

i give it a woot, hoot, & (thumbsup)!!

i'm now going to link it at Gateway
Pundit so all can "sing a-long".. :D


bg said...


oops, didn't notice you made a slight error..

re: With of all her family's "baggage"

shouldn't that be all of??

but no biggie.. i make the same
typo's sometimes, we all do.. :)