Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Take A Chill Pill and Lay Off Hill!

The recent misrepresentation by the national media of Hillary Clinton's RFK assassination misspeak has given a new meaning to the term "media distortion fed by anti-Hillary forces". After having re-read and replayed Senator Clinton's comments to the South Dakota editorial board, I have to agree with Hillary on this point: it doesn't matter what she says or does. It appears that those in the media–––who are gunning for her... and who are trying to get her out of the race–– are going to misconstrue, spin to the negative... or to be more direct–– blow her words out of proportion.

Careful examination of what Hillary said really boils down to this––as I paraphrase: "Long election cycles are no big deal. If people remember, Bill Clinton was still in the thick of it... as his bid for the nomination didn't end until the middle of June. And, Bobby Kennedy was campaigning for the Democratic primary spot in June, as the world remembers how he was killed during that time."

Now granted, Hillary Clinton has the reputation of being ruthless. And... by her own account she is a whiskey drinking, gun shooting (as a wee girl), brawler. But, how anyone could take the comments in question out of context (to mean Clinton was saying she remains in the race because she hoped somehow that Obama would be assassinated) is outrageous!

I think everybody needs to step back and take a breath for a minute. Assassination talk is too serious for to be used for political purposes. Let's just take Clinton at her word: that she was merely constructing a timeline reference to justify her argument for remaining in the race through June.

As news consumers, it is our responsibility to hold the main line media pundits to a higher standard. When the media fans nonsensical stories such as this, we the public must boycott their stations, send e-mails and faxes, and remind them that their job is to REPORT the news, not give opinions and insert innuendo into the public discourse.

My advice: Why don't we all just take a chill pill and lay off Hill!

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