Friday, May 9, 2008

McCain vs Obama: 180-Day Verbal Beat-down

Even though the McCain and Obama presidential camps have pledged to the American public to keep the 2008 White House race clean, issues-focused and will represent the highest gentlemanly conduct toward one another, the opening salvos between the two... reflects anything but.

If the May 8th negative tit-for-tat (where McCain repeated in a news feed the Hamas leader's recent glowing adulation of Obama; and Obama referring to McCain as "losing his bearings"--a perceived reference to McCain being old or senile) is what either of these president-wanna-bes call a clean race... well, we are in for a 180-day "verbal beat-down" that is going to be ugly.

What would make anyone believe them––knowing that McCain and Obama already have a turbulent history of documented terse communications. Everyone remembers the nasty "Flak Jacket" memo-swap between the two Senators. If not, you owe it to yourself to read what Mark Silva wrote here:

And, the very public Obama McCain Ethics Reform collaboration debacle that ended after only a week. See Paul Kane's account here:

No... my hunch is that the next 6-months is going to be brutal. The prevailing wisdom: suggests there remains bad blood from the Ethics Reform break-down and the Flak Jacket heated exchange. And any promise by these two of rising above the usual divisive, negative, detrimentally damaging politics of destruction was just the same-old-same-old Washington, DC political posturing in an effort to look noble!

The eyes of the nation now watches...

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