Monday, May 12, 2008

Election '08: Japanese Arithmetic Numbers In the Equation

The buzz-phrase in the final days of the 2008 Democratic primary that Obama will win because he has the numbers on his side, is catchy––and to some extent true. But remember... these numbers only matter in the Primary.

While talking to a group of grassroot African Americans recently, it became apparent that there are still too many people who are not familiar with how the Presidential election process works in this country. While it's a fact that Obama has won the most votes in states like Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana... in the Primary... but, Obama has only completed half the battle. The real "war" to determine whose-finger-will-rest-on-the-nuclear-button-in-America... is set to begin as soon as someone puts Hillary "The Filly" Clinton to sleep. ( 05/07/08)

It will take an act of God, an act of Congress––or some Japanese arithmetic numbers to somehow be injected into the Electoral College equation––for Obama to win many of those States he has won in the primary...come November.

Without a doubt, the African American presumptive nominee, Obama, has done a super job getting African American votes to date: 90%+ on average. But realistically, it is the Electoral College votes that determines the occupant of the Oval Office. And to that end, it is in the General Election where the "numbers game" really matters. Unfortunately in America, the numbers game hasn't always proven to be lucky for African Americans on the State-wide and national playing field, as historically, whites (and other ethnic groups) have been hesitant to vote in large numbers for African American candidates.

The below referenced numbers show a dismal reflection of the number of national and State-held offices by African Americans in 2008.

How many elected African American U.S. Senators: 1 out of 100 total
How many elected African American U.S. Congressmen: 42 out of 439
How many sitting African American U.S. Governors: 2 out of 50 (only 1 Governor was elected; the other ascended to office by default).

So, if I were to use those numbers of Blacks elected by whites, hispanics, and other ethnic groups to national or State-wide offices to gauge Obama's electability to the highest office in the land this Fall, I would say: "Obama... keep your day job".

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Sancha S said...

Thanks for the insightful post and giving others an opportunity to "voice" our positions. No doubt that no matter what your political persuasion is, we must stay informed and engaged. I have a responsibility to my family, faith and community to help shape mindsets that correlate with not only my Biblical worldview but also the practical applications of leveling the playing field. Frankly, I'm tired of being up to bat and either they won't pitch over the plate, (I walk) or I get hit (and I walk). Either way, I take a base. However, since I came to play and win, I want to hit that ball so I can RUN!!! My point: Obama has taken grassroots to a new level. We have more players in the game now. Greater numbers will help us level the field. We'll take more "bases", hit more homeruns (get elected) and hone our defensive strategies against the opposing team. (my kids play baseball, forgive the continual reference). Numbers will add up if we continue to step to the plate. I know you feel me.