Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barack Obama... Man Up and Close the Deal!!

To find a credible conclusion to any perplexing problem, conventional wisdom dictates finding practical answers to the following questions: WHAT... WHERE... WHEN... WHY... and HOW.

To that end, I am applying those five questions to the following question that continues to echo across the nation: "What is wrong with Barack Obama that he can't close the deal???"

How is he raising all this money via the internet by common folks who are excited about his campaign? Money which allows him to saturate the airwaves and appeal to voters, but at the end of the day, the primary results and all these new donors (and new voters he is supposedly signing up) don't jibe. HOW: can Senator Obama––with a straight face–– claim the title/victory as the Democratic nominee after allowing Senator Hillary Clinton to unmercifully beat him in the recent primaries of Ohio, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia, Indiana (his back yard) and Kentucky? Surely he knows he can't be perceived as a winner if he keeps losing!

Why didn't Senator Obama roll up his sleeves, throw on some jeans, and go into the Appalachian area (Kentucky and W. Virginia) to meet the people and ask for their support? What an embarrassing defeat--especially for a presumptive front-runner. Why would he cede these white, rural, blue collar voters to Clinton? Was he afraid of them? Unable to relate to them? Thinks he won't need them to win in the General? I don't get it...

When will he stop the Mr. Nice-Guy shtick and understand this is "street ball" politics and his opponents are the Clintons––who have no problem tearing his achilles tendon, kneecaping him, and leaving him for dead... all in the name of winning? President Clinton wasn't joshing when he said: "If You Don't Want To Play, Keep Your Uniform Off". (Apr 17, 2008) That's how the Clinton's roll.

Where ...and what day will Obama end this? He needs to "man up"! Call it OVER ALREADY!!! To put forth the effort and stage the big "full-circle" Iowa event last night, then come out and present a nuanced speech to claim victory... but NOT really claim victory ...made him look weak. If Senator Obama allows Senator Clinton to end this race when she gets ready, then he will limp into the Fall election against Senator McCain and the Republicans as the lesser, as a "punk" ... being whispered about in the shadows as one who couldn't even close the deal against a woman! Trust me... Republicans are watching and will follow Senator Clinton's lead––– treating him like a 'punk' all the way to November. And finally, the real bottom line question...

What Mr. Senator Obama is your next move to close this? Wait for the Super Delegates to anoint you in August? Endure another shameful blow-out in Puerto Rico? Let the Clintons drag this on, and on, and on... culminating in a blood bath on the Convention floor? WHAT?!?

Mr. Obama... if you want Americans to believe you to be a leader, one who can meet with Chevez, Putin, Ahmadinejad, Castro and the likes, to close global deals which will keep Americans safe...then demonstrate my brother. Close this deal!

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