Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hillary The Filly

As the nation watched the recent results of the IN and NC primaries between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, many dreams and expectations for what began as a promising season, were finally dashed.

The similarities between the end of this Democratic race and the recent Kentucky Derby race are stark in their realities.

In the Kentucky Derby race, you had a field of powerful male stallions and one filly, vying for the top prize. Likewise, in the Democratic primaries... in what began 15 months ago with a crowded field of male stallions and one lone filly––all vying for the top prize: the Democratic nomination.

Without a doubt, during the Kentucky Derby the philly showed unusual strength, and bested the bulk of the stallions in the pack. She demonstrated that she could run with the big boys and not miss her stride. Indeed in this Democratic race, in the last leg coming into the home stretch, the lone filly (Hillary) was able to intimidate––and yes almost overtake the stallion who eventually won: Big Brown (Obama).

While all the world watched, hoping she could prove that a female/filly had what it takes to challenge and beat the male/stallion, unfortunately in the end with all the best effort she put forth, Eight Belle, like Hillary, was only able to come in a close second.

So as the nation watched the Indiana and North Carolina primary results, the Kentucky Derby race was again revisited in our subconscious and right before our very eyes. And like the end results of the 2008 Derby, the voters... the grieving, hurting fans in the stands are begging the Super Delegates to bring this tragedy to an end by euthanizing the lone filly.

A painful and awful sight though it was––especially that the euthanizing had to be done in front of the whole world to see––someone had to do it!

The real irony of the story is that while Big Brown Obama did indeed win the prize... his victory lap is at best bittersweet. Because just like the 2008 Kentucky Derby, how many will remember that Big Brown won... but rather will remember and forever talk about the horror of the killing of the filly!

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