Monday, July 20, 2009

President Obama's Mojo Needs Reworking––Quick!

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll has President Barack Obama’s public approval numbers dropping like a lead balloon. This poll shows Obama' disapproval rating has climbed 11 percent in the last three months and his approval ratings are down ten points.

That is a steep drop by anyone's calculation. With merely 180-days under his belt as Commander-in-Chief, Obama's inner circle of advisors most certainly are concerned about these poll numbers.

Conventional wisdom says Obama's sinking numbers are a reflection of voters now experiencing buyers remorse and also reflects the hundreds of thousands of Independents and Obamacans (Republicans who voted for Obama during the 2008 election) who are especially troubled and disenchanted with his cap and trade and health care reform bills.

"While he still has a majority of America on his side, according to the latest Washington Post/ABC News Poll, when asked specifically about the economy, health care, and unemployment, President Obama’s support is slipping, with a low of 43% approval when it comes to the deficit". ~ July 20, 2009

Another disturbing indicator to add to Obama's poll troubles is that approximately 44 percent of Americans now say they don't trust Obama to handle health care and that number may rise after his budget chief, Peter Orszag, said on a recent Sunday talk show that abortions may be included in the final package Obama signs.

The president seemingly has lost his shine. And in this instant-grits-gotta-have-it-right-now society... if he doesn't get his mojo back working before the August recess, it may be lost forever–– rendering him impotent for the remainder of his presidency!

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