Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Steele: What Are You Saying?

During a recent meeting with a group of young Republicans, GOP National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele, told the crowd that he would reach out to black voters by offering them fried chicken and potato salad. His remarks were an answer to a question directed at him from the audience on how he planned to woo African Americans to the Republican party.

The exchange with Steel and participants in the audience went as follows::

"My plan is to say 'Y'all come,' because a lot of you are already here", said Steel. Someone in the audience said, "I'll bring the collard greens," and Steele replied, "I got the fried chicken and potato salad."

If this is the strategy the Republicans plan to put forward to galvanize Black voters to the tent, then it will not be successful. These remarks were not funny and can be construed, by many, as quite condescending.

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