Friday, July 3, 2009

The Barracuda Turns Political World Topsy Turvy

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has dropped one of the biggest bomb shells of the year. On a slow news day and the eve of Independence Day, the 2008 Vice Presidential candidate called, what many had thought to be a routine press conference, and instead announced to the world that she will be quitting her position as Governor effective in two weeks.

Speculations are running rampant throughout the DC beltway surrounding this unexpected announcement... and the bloggers have had a field day trying to guess what the real reason behind her move. According to Jonathan Martin at

"Two of her own GOP allies were told this week that Palin would announce that she was definitely not running for re-election, but the move to outright leave office has caught many of her supporters by surprise".

Governor Palin has suffered some of the severest and cruelest criticism of any candidate in recent political history. Verbal attacks directed toward her children and the constant and continual ethics probes she has faced since she came from obscurity last year as Senator John McCain's running mate, are rumored to have taken their toll on the Barracuda.

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell say her sources revealed that she (Palin) has "had it" with national politics and is sick of it. Mitchell also added that Palin does not plan to pursue the Republican nomination in 2012.

Palin has definitely turned the political world upside-down. As her followers wait and see what her future plans are, those in Republican party need to come up with a strategy and a plan if they hope to stop the party's implosion!

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