Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama Gets 'Whacked' From All Sides

What's happening to Barack Obama? That's the 'buzz' question circulating both in cyberspace and across the nation. An admitted fact that the former Chicago South side Community organizer was skinny from the outset... he does look thinner these days, a bit frayed of late, and his hair appears to be getting a tad more gray each day.

Even though he touts himself as being 'tough'... Obama's countenance looks tired and he seems 'gaunt' and in need of rest. Truth be told... this should come as no surprise to anyone, as he has been getting 'whacked' pretty hard from all sides since he was declared the Democratic nominee just over a month ago. Perhaps that's why McCain is content with not being tagged the front runner right now.

Not only has Obama had to rebutt, re-explain and re-define his position over-and-over again on every flip-flopping charge the media mirrors back at him daily, but he also has to bat-down each and every attack and counterattack lobbed at him by Senator John McCain and his camp... 24/7.

It stands to reason why rumors are swirling that Obama has resorted to smoking cigarettes. Just in the past 30-days, Obama has had to deal with: the Women- in-scarves-fiasco (angering the Muslims); him calling that White female reporter "sweetie" (angering the women); General Wesley Clark's dissing of McCain's POW record (angering the Vets); the "it's not-my-job-to-vet-the- vetters" debacle (angering the Super Ds); and alienating his base with his blatant U-turn on FISA.

In addition to reneging on his campaign finance reform pledge, openly agreeing to expand Bush's Faith-based Initiatives, watering down his Gun control stance, opposition to the recent Supreme Court's 'rape' decision, his reversal and re-reversal on his signature Iraq troop withdrawal in 16-months (all of which angered the Move.on crowd and the rest of the left-wing Netroots), the mounting chorus of "why-won't-he- show-his- authentic-birth-certificate" charges (angering the Patriots); and... not to mention Hillary's rich, white, money folks closing their pocketbooks to him, all while the PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) group blowing up the internet to recruit those 18 MILLION Clinton Women/Men voters to support McCain in November. What???

And that does not include 'whacks' from Momar Khadafi, alleging that Obama was 'less-than-a-man-of-African-descent' in his recent (over the top) kowtowing to the Israeli audience; Independent Presidential nominee Ralph Nader all-but calling him an 'Uncle Tom' for not addressing Black issues in his campaign; Green party presidential hopeful Cynthia McKinney coming out-of-the-gate referring to Obama as a 'spineless' fake and fraud; and even Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr piled on... challenging Obama's leadership skills and referring to him as either "Tweedle dee or Tweedle dum":

"When it comes to protecting the people's fundamental liberties, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum," observes Barr. "If Sen. Obama will not confront the Bush administration over years of lawless conduct, why is he running for president?"

All of this... and he hasn't even stepped foot in Iraq and Afghanistan yet. There is no telling what gaffes await him when he arrives there.

Odds makers continue to predict Obama, and his camp, will implode... similar to the likes of racing's wonder horse "Big Brown". Well, one thing is for sure, the General Election climate will be far more gruesome and way nastier than it has ever been in presidential political history. And by then, today's 'whacks' will look like 'love-taps' before it's over!


Anonymous said...

Is possible for you make a comment without it being a negative about Obama. Note that you do it in the very same manner as McCain.

Gosh, is your party afflication bleeding through? "OOPs"

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your insightful and stimulating comments on the candidates. As a former Clinton supporter who will be voting for McCain this Nov., please disregard any and all posts from Kool-aid drinking Obama people like the comment preceding mine. When you tell the truth about lying Obama, his cult followers are going to bully you by saying you are negative! There are so many of the 18 million of us who will not be bullied and will NEVER vote for the likes of Obama. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yep, ignore the Obamabots behind the green curtain and keep on posting! I'm a Clinton supporter who is voting for McCain and I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Soul Voice. I only learned of your site in the last few weeks from surfing Google. You are really good. Ihave emailed all my friends your site address. I too was for Hillary and hate Obama and all he stands for. He has wrecked the Democratic party, wrecked his church, wrecked his former ministers and the muslim religion's reputation, AND set race relations in this country back 100 years. Can you imagine what a woman hater (yes he hates women. he hated his mother. read his book) like him will do with FISA Spying Powers that he voted for after saying he would not? And what about his finger on the nuclear button to be able to distroy the world. Tell everyone NOBama. Not Ever. NOWay!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Gosh, is your party afflication bleeding through? "OOPs"