Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John McCain? How Can it Be???

Pollsters, pundits, and political junkies are scratching their heads in bewilderment as this year's General Election campaign defies rhyme, reason, and rationale. This was to have been a run-away year for Democrats to triumph over Republicans and re-take the coveted prize: the White House. But recent polls, conducted by such noted surveyors as: Gallup, Rasmussen, USA Today, Real Clear Politics and the likes, have this 2008 Presidential election virtually tied... and in a dead heat. How can this be?

How can it be that Senator John McCain, the septuagenarian Republican nominee, is polling neck-and-neck with the middle aged, vibrant Illinois senator, Barack Obama? It doesn't add up.

How can it be that Senator McCain, who is running the most unexciting, discombobulated, boring campaign in the history of politics, is within the margin of error in most of these polls... and even slightly ahead of Obama in others? It just doesn't jive!

How can it be that Senator McCain, who has yet to 'fine-tune' a theme, or present one over arching campaign message to the American people that would give reason to vote for him in 95 days, is so close in a head-to-head match up with Obama? Are the masses being bamboozled by pollsters or what?

How can it be that John McCain, who is scrapping almost daily for any media attention or honorable mention of any kind, compared to the media domination (both in paid advertising and media coverage, interviews, etc. of the Democratic nominee) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fail. And... McCain is still able to be competitive in the polls against Obama? What's up with that???

Someone please answer the question: Who are these poll companies polling? Are any of these surveys being conducted via E-mail? Snail mail? or are they being conducted only by telephone?

If the telephone is the mode for gathering survey data ... then what is key, especially with the increased number of folks who now use "cell phones only", is how are pollsters sampling those who don't have or use a conventional land line phone? How, pray tell, are these polls being executed–– particularly since they reflect such a tight, close race?

Who is being selected or targeted for these political surveys... and how can it be that no one has ever contacted me... or for that matter, anyone that I know... to get input on this year's election.

If McCain (who appears to be using Senator Hillary Clinton's failed talking points and the handbook she used in the Democratic primary) is not already blown-out of this year's race... considering all the money, message, and media Obama has to his credit... then perhaps there is something wrong with the polling. But then again, maybe McCain's got a mo-jo that really works, and he is really working it.

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Anonymous said...

D.P. says:

First, stop and count the Republican 'owned' and 'influenced' pollsters and then factor in the 'propoganda'. Americans, the majority, are gullible -- we don't think, we don't research, we don't lead ... we follow and believe what fits our ability to comprehend. Sigh.

You've raised a 'very' important question and I hope that some knowledgeable blogger will give us a plausible response...straight away.

Anonymous said...

I am worried that these polls represent hidden racism. All the more reason for every single African American to get out and vote - and vote for Obama.
-- Spike's Mom

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a puzzlement! Always the optimist, I hope and pray thaqt it is down deep wisdom of the masses that gridlock at the Federal government level serves the people best. God help us all if the dems own it all (and especially if the Senate majority prevents filabusters). The Dems will rape us just like the Republicans did when they had it all.