Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hmmm... Obama Sounds Like His Daddy To Me

As an African American woman, an issue that is most puzzling to me regarding Senator Obama is found in the 'telling' Los Angeles Times story, Titled: Obama not quite his father's son... by Edmond Sanders: (,0,3008980.story?page=3)

I don't claim to know a lot... but, there is some truth to the old adage: The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Using that premise let's juxtapose a few statments contained in Mr. Sanders' LA Times article (click on the link above and read it):

The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree:
"In a 2006 speech in Nairobi, Sen. Obama [JR] speculated that his father was unable to reconcile his African roots with the Western ideals he'd come to respect. "He related to women as his father had, expecting them to obey him no matter what he did," he, Sen. Obama [JR], said".

(HMMM… O, Jr. who stabs Alice Palmer in the back to get into politics… disrespects Hillary Clinton during primaries, allows comedian Bernie Mac-Daddy to call women 'Hos' at a recent Chicago fundraiser… pays women in his office less than he pays men…. Uses derogatory Rap song [99 reasons… but a b***ch ain’t one] as his theme song during the primaries. But expects women voters, especially the PUMAs, to “obey him no matter what"??????? Hmm... Sounds like his daddy to me!)

The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree:
"Obama Sr., who got a job as a government economist, had: 1) little patience for politics; 2) or aptitude for diplomacy; 3) publicly contradicting superiors; 4) belittling co-workers and exposing fraud".

(HMMMM… so O, Jr. 1) lacks patience: State Senate (got bored) Ran for Congress (lost) U.S. Senate (got bored after 150 days) Running for President (will he get bored after 1st 100 days and aspire to be Emperor?) Could O, Jr [like SR] be restless and lack patience… He has been running for some office or another for last several years, but seemingly without commitment to serve the people in the office… just step stones; 2) Nor aptitude for diplomacy: O, Jr. moved DNC to Chicago without consulting DC workers, “typical white person, bitter gun, bible clinging comments” "get over it-Hillary lost", "merci beaucoup", "chides Black people to stop feeding your kids Popeyes Chicken"... etc... 3) Contradicts superiors: Moved acceptance speech to Football stadium but Pelosi and gang not informed on front end, Claims surge not working (contradicting Generals on ground) Claims oil drilling is futile (contradicting experts who say explore) Claims capital gains tax is way to go (contradicting noted economists)… 4) Belittles co-worker and exposing fraud: Belittles and exposes anyone who criticizes him. O Jr (through minions and surrogates) allegedly uses full frontal assault on critics... even to the point of 'EXPOSING'/accusing anyone of racism or being an Uncle Tom. "Hmm... Sounds like his daddy to me"!)

The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree:
"Before [in the beginning], he Obama [SR] was everyone's role model," Orwa said. "With that big beautiful voice, we all wanted to be like him. Later, everybody was asking what happened."

(HMMM…. Can we say: Democratic women voters,, his Trinity United Church members, Netroots, Muslims, HAMAs, Black people on Chicago's Southside, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, FISA supporters, anti-Gun supporter, SuperDs, Jews, etc., etc... Hmm... Sounds like his daddy to me!)

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