Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Back in the Saddle

My how the world has changed since my last blog post in October 2009. Having spent the past eighteen months dealing with some health challenges, it is so good to be well and back in the saddle again.

Until I get my strength back full force... I will only post new editorials twice per week. But as I get better, I will increase my postings accordingly.

So, let's recap the top issues and where we stand in this nation and world.

First and foremost... this economy is a mess. Unemployment numbers are high, gas prices are high, foreclosures and people who are just walking off leaving their homes--high, U.S. debt is unsustainably high, and taxes, taxes and more taxes on average Americans are ridiculously high! We need help.

The Tea Party movement has highjacked the Republican Party and holding its leadership hostage. The Democratic Party continues to lose credibility by the day. At this juncture, the American people are by and large distrusting of both parties, and most of its elected officials in Congress.

President Obama is on the verge of making history as the only Black man who (in two years time) has successfully neutered, removed, marginalized and/or murdered every male leader-of-color in the world. Both of the Jesse Jacksons--neutered, Mubarak of Egypt--gone, Saleh of Yemen--marginalized, Bin Laden--dead, al-Assad of Syria--well?, Chavez--marginalized, Jeremiah Wright--under the bus, and the list is increasing daily. Talk about "Change"... Obama is on a roll!

And, speaking of Osama Bin Laden... I wonder since he has been officially declared dead now, does that mean the troops will no longer be needed to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq? Enquiring minds really want to know.

Well enough of the bad news. The good news of the day is: We have had no terror attacks on our soil since 9/11, no major tsunamis, earthquakes or other catastrophic disasters in America... such as other countries have had. So as we lay our heads on our pillows tonight, be glad things are as well as they can be. And be thankful that we can all live another day.


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