Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congress Votes To Cut Up Nation's Credit Cards?

In a symbolic vote designed to appease the American people-- who are largely against raising the debt ceiling –– Congress voted overwhelmingly against The Bill.

According to an article in the New American:

"As expected, the bill to raise the federal debt ceiling that House Republicans brought to a quick vote today failed overwhelmingly. The bill, which would have unconditionally increased the debt limit by $2.4 trillion — the precise amount requested by the Obama administration — garnered only 97 Yea votes, all from Democrats. A combined 318 Democrats and Republicans voted Nay, and seven Democrats voted Present.

There was political maneuvering all around. The bill was introduced by Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who then took to the floor of the House to denounce his own legislation, saying his bill “will and must fail ... because it sends a clear and critical message that the Congress has finally recognized we must immediately begin to rein in America’s affection for deficit spending.”

The Obama administration has for some time been requesting a vote on a “clean” bill such as this, so the GOP gave it to them. However, Republicans also handed their adversaries the means of escape in the process. First, they announced loudly that the vote was to be purely symbolic and that the bill would be defeated, even going so far as to call “Wall Street to assure them this was nothing more than theater,” according to Politico. Second, they brought the bill to a vote under a suspension of rules, meaning it would come to a vote quickly and with limited debate — but it would also need a two-thirds vote in favor to pass, something that was most assuredly not going to happen with a GOP majority. Democrats were thus able to dismiss the vote as “a sham” (Connecticut Rep. John Larson), “demagogic” (Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer), and “irresponsible grandstanding” (Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards) and to safely vote against it".

The next few weeks will be critical as all eyes are now on the GOP-led Congress to see if this was a prelude to getting America's fiscal house in order ... or just a ruse to try and fool the American people while those in Washington keep playing games and this nation continues to slide further into bankruptcy.

Beware elected Leaders! Americans are tired of shenanigans. Hear us: CUT UP THE CREDIT CARDS NOW...AND LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS. We are watching you!!!

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