Sunday, August 23, 2009

Martha's Vineyard Vacation May Seal Obama's Fate

Whoever advised President Barack Obama to go on a week's vacation in elite's-ville a/k/a Martha's Vineyard, especially in the midst of the worst economic times evah... must have really hated the president's guts. Now another day or another time... there would be nothing wrong with the Obama's going wherever they wanted to go for vacation.

But what? With so many Americans feeling the impact of this brutal economy: either someone in their family or someone close to them out of work; credit cards–– which often served as mini-loans that helped keep the family budget afloat from month to month–– now maxed out and financial ruin on the horizon; daily reports of run away government spending that may mean an increase in their taxes; the hundreds of thousands of Americans losing, or walking away from their homes and living in uncertainty from week to week... not knowing how, or if they are going to make it... just which of Obama's advisers suggested to him to spend his vacation in a luxurious, expensive, hotty-totty, Republican-owned home in the richest neighborhood in the nation? While most folks in the U.S. couldn't even afford to take the grandchildren to grandma's house this summer, or buy a steak, or take their family to a movie because many are 'broke'... the president should have sacrificed this vacation spot this year to show he is in sync with the majority of the nation.

The spot: the Blue Heron Farm, a 28-acre retreat in the town of Chilmark, once deemed one of the most expensive towns in America, is among a stable of resorts that fetch $35,000 to $50,000 a week. It has been widely reported that the Obamas "are paying their own way", and that taxpayers will not pay for his, and his family's, portion of the rental property. But taxpayers will have to pay for the space being occupied by his huge entourage.

Granted, this vacation spot decision was probably made to allow him, and his family, the opportunity to attend the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, slated on Martha's Vineyard next week. But... wisdom should have kicked in and the president's better 'judgment'–– which was emphasized during his campaign as a strong suite of his–– should have made him realize that this is neither the right time, nor is this the economic or political climate to appear extravagant, elitist, or in any way 'above-the-hurting-people' he serves.

Perhaps, he should have taken his family to a Motel 6 in middle America, and spent his week eating burgers and fries, visiting homeless shelters and distributing food to the new poor. A vacation such as that would have shown that he "gets it", that he relates to the masses in America... and just may have helped his 'sure-to-continue' plummeting poll numbers.

Martha's Vineyard. Not a good idea. Not now!

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Anonymous said...

Stupid blog post. 1) Martha's Vineyard isn't elitist. Prices for house rentals are comparable with the Jersey Shore and other seaside destinations. The Blue Heron is pretty pricey, but it's also probably easy to defend and protect (as is most of the island, actually). 2) It has a long history of interracial vacationing. Great African-American spot. 3) It's a sweet family vacation location. There aren't a lot of bars, it's totally family-friendly -- beaches, bike paths, games, kites, water sports and some history.

Give it a break. You were going to pay for the whole entourage wherever it went. He's vacationed there before, as have the Clintons. Don't be a hater just because you haven't been there, or think you could have come up with a "better" location.