Friday, August 14, 2009

Americans Direct Anger At Obama

Gee... I go on vacation for 2 weeks to enjoy my grand babies, when I return to bloggersville, it seems as if America has gone completely 'postal'. There is this explosively charged atmosphere and vitriolic anger that's hovering in the air. And quite frankly, it is very dangerous.

Are these angry Americans true patriots or are they mean hate mobs? Well, from what the pictures depict, this anger is not only real... but it appears that it is not going away anytime soon. What seems to be at the root of this anger is that people who gave President Obama the benefit of the doubt and voted for him back in November are finding out the following each day:

- that his promises or his 'word' is only good for that moment;
- he is less than truthful when talking to the American people on key issues––often misrepresenting the facts or just boldly fibbing;
- his style (which sometimes includes ridicule of opponents, public chastisement of groups of people; portraying himself or his beliefs as one way, but representing or acting out his true core values and beliefs completely opposite of what he says) is offensive

It's time President Obama's inner circle of advisors speak truth to him... and do it quickly. But not only that... he would do himself well if he listens to them, get his ego in check, and move back toward governing the nation from the center. If he does not, he will lose the rest of the Independents and those who bit the bullet and voted for him over McCain, and never get them back.

Another point he needs to consider and do it post haste: stop pissing off Israel and Bibi Netanyahu. Every U.S. leader who has supported Israel... has been blessed with God's favor, and the nation as well. Israel is our ally and we don't need President Obama jeopardizing the years of harmonious relationship by alienating the Jews!

President Obama has time to either turn his presidency and legacy around now... or continue on his present path: the fast track to becoming a lame duck President for the remainder of his term, and a one-term president come 2012. He needs to decide his course of action during his summer vacation.... because from all indications, those 'bitter, bible thumping, gun toting patriot/mobs' are only going to get bigger, louder, and more angry!

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