Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The True Winner: Ms. Carrie Prejean

BY: cheri wells, Memphis, TN.; Guest Blogger

And so, once again Americans can be assured that it is not your honest answer to a question that most people want... but rather, the one that makes them feel most comfortable. Case in point: Miss California, Ms Carrie Prejean, 1st Runner-up to Miss USA 2009.

During the recent nationally televised pageant, she was asked her view on same-sex marriage. Instead of giving a typical nuanced answer, instead of side-stepping the controversial query, instead of hemming and hawing, instead of dancing around that land mine question, instead of giving the judge who posed the question what he wanted to hear, she spoke of her convictions. Ms. Prejean said honestly that she believed what the Bible taught: that marriage should only be between and man and a woman. Period!

She had to know what that answer would mean to her chances of becoming the next Miss USA, but she apparently didn’t care. Ms. Prejean appears to know of whom, and in what she believes, unlike a pastor from her same state, the infamous Pastor Rick Warren, best-selling author of The Purpose-Driven Life and The Purpose-Driven Church. Pastor Warren, who recently appeared on Larry King Live and cowered to popular opinion on the subject of gay marriage, rather than to hold on to his previous position and pastoral integrity.

Unlike Pastor Rick, Carrie remembered Psalm 84:10, which states, "Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my GOD than dwell in the tents of the wicked".

She chose to be a doorkeeper rather than a door-popper. (All the big ballers and shot callers know what that term means.) Seems like Carrie’s hired; Rick’s fired!

Ms. Prejean must have felt for a brief instance like the students at Columbine High, who, when asked by those bent on a killing spree, if they believed in GOD. Ms. Prejean's two-minute answer is surely being likened to the proverbial shot heard around the world today. This young woman did what many have tried to escape... answered a question, and stood on her beliefs 'unequivocally'.

It is not in the least bit ironic that Ms. Prejean's game-changing event would come on the heels of the April 13th Newsweek front cover and article, which erroneously reported the decline and fall of CHRISTianity in America. It seems that Ms. Carrie Prejean has dismantled the hypothesis behind that article singlehandedly.

Oh... by the way, who won the Miss USA 2009 contest? Funny, her name is on no one’s lips or hearts. Hurray for Carrie, the true winner!


Anonymous said...

Andrea M. - DC

good article. She should have won.

Anonymous said...

Harold R. - Milwaukee

Mr. Hilton has set the gay movement back 50 years. He proved that gays are mean, vicious, hateful punks.

Anonymous said...

The comparison of Pastor Warren and Ms California is an angle I had not thought of. He is such a suck up and a hipocrit. I was disturbed when he went on television to back off of his support for Prop 8 last year. He needs to be fired from his church sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Natasha N - Cleveland

LOVE THIS BLOG SITE. Hate this story.

Ms Carrie is NO hero. She knew she was losing the contest and decided to upstage Miss NC by wading into this controversy with that dumb answer. Now she is all over airways like she is the winner or something. BTW I don't believe in gay marriage but the pagent was not the place for her religious opinion.

Anonymous said...

Linda D - New Orleans

Ms Vivian. Your blog has become a must read. Don't start the religious quotes and get all christian on this site or you will loose a lot of us who follow you.

By the way Miss California is a ditz.

Anonymous said...

Geri H - Texas

Miss Perjeans is a precious girl. So good to see someone stand up for what 80% of Americans believe. No Gay Marriage.

Anonymous said...

Anita T - Saginaw, MI

3 cheers for Miss California. We need more leaders to be as bold and stand on moral ground like she has done.

Vivian Berryhill said...

I agree with Harold R. Perez Hilton's over the top insults of the young beauty contestant magnifies how ruthless, mean spirited and intolerant gays and lesbians are. Especially when many of them want others to be tolerant of them, but don't demonstrate same behavior to others. Time will show this to be a MAJOR set back for their rights.