Thursday, April 2, 2009

Queen May Have Needed A Hug From Michelle

The chatter surrounding the hug Michelle Obama gave to Queen Elizabeth during her recent visit to Buckingham Palace seems much ado about nothing. Granted, hundreds of years of established protocol was breached by the now-infamous 'touch'... but it may have taken a woman of African descent finally being invited to the palace to debunk that age old 'don't touch the Queen' tradition.

The Queen didn't seem to mind, as it was she who reached out first and touched Michelle. As a matter of fact, the Queen, who far too often appears void of emotion... may have needed a hug from the touchy feely, 1st Lady Michelle to help her reconnect to every day people!

So, bloggers and international press corp members move on from here. Go sister-girl Michelle.


Anonymous said...

Ellen N. - Ohio

What a crock of sh**. Meechelle touching the Queen. OMG. This tacky woman lacks class and so does her husband. What an embarrassment to the US.

Anonymous said...

Kay R. - NY

Miss Soul Voice. I cannot believe you went there with this line:

"but it may have taken a woman of African descent finally being invited to the palace to debunk that age old 'don't touch the Queen' tradition".

This shows that Black people do not have to follow rules is all this shows. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Jerri T. - SC

I agree with Kay. Obama has broken every tradition and social tradition and is destroying this country. AND NOBODY IS SAYING A DAM THING ABOUT IT CUZ HE IS BLACK.

Is is one set of rules for black people and a lesser set of rules for white people now or risk being called RACISTS? I want you to reply Ms Vivian.

Anonymous said...

Edgar S. - VA

Ms Obama is a amazon. She towered over the Queen and the Prince. And she is ugly. America is the laughing stok of the world with these 2 Chicago rejects.

Anonymous said...

Touching the Queen of England is a huge NO NO. Someone should have given the FLOUS a lesson in protocol before she left. But I hear she nor her husband take advice too well. They have thrown tradition and protocol to the wind. A long 4 yrs ahead.

Anonymous said...

The Obamas are wrecking our nation and our values on purpose. Remember they sat in that hate filled God Da__ America church listening to that Black religion message for 20 years. They are on a mission.

Anonymous said...

Danielle L - KY

As a black woman, I am proud of Michelle getting the chance that no other black woman has ever had (except maybe the maid) to be in the presence of the Queen. She hugged her. So what? Black people are huggers and are affectionate. Not cold and mean like white people are.

Anonymous said...

Anita I - TX

I am African American too. I am glad Michelle is representing at that global level too.

Forget about hugging the Queen. My beef is that she is wearing all these white designer clothes. She could have really given one or two black designers a international boost. What a missed opportunity that black designers may never get again.

Anonymous said...

Edgar hit the nail on the head. Mrs Obama is too big and she is ugly and she looms so large she makes her husband look like the little boy that he is. The Obamas are not ready for prime time.

Anonymous said...

Gladys H.

Put a sock in it all you nay sayers. The Queen touched our first lady 1st. She returned the touch. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

Randi B.

MO hugs Queen, BUT President Obama bows to a Saudi King. Take a look at this shameful act:

(cut and paste this link)